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Having good luck is a highly celebrated trait anywhere in the world. Lucky people are more successful, and their lives inspire everyone. However, as much as we despise it, occasional bad luck happens to everyone. All around the world, some signs have been noticed to attract either good or bad luck. In this article, we will cover the top signs of bad luck around the world.
Some of these signs are common, while others are more unknown, but they all have one thing in common: they can bring misfortune to those who encounter them. You might want to avoid some of these signs that are considered unlucky in different cultures around the world. Here are the top 7 international signs of bad luck that you should know.

1. Breaking a Mirror

Breaking a mirror is one of the well-known signs of bad luck in many cultures. It is said to bring seven years of bad luck to the person who breaks it. The origin of this superstition dates to ancient times when mirrors were considered to reflect the soul of people. It was considered that breaking a mirror damages the soul and invites evil spirits into one’s life. 

2. Black Cats

Black cats are associated with witchcraft and signs of evil eye in many parts of the world. It is believed that crossing paths with a black cat can bring bad luck, especially on Fridays. This superstition may have originated from the Middle Ages when black cats were persecuted as companions of witches and demons. However, not all cultures view black cats as unlucky. In some places, such as Japan and Britain, black cats are considered to bring good luck and prosperity.

3. Walking Under an Object

Walking under an object such as a ladder is another common sign of bad luck that you should avoid. It is thought that doing this can cause misfortune or even death to the person who does it. The reason behind this superstition is related to the shape of a ladder, which forms a triangle when it is leaning against a wall. In ancient religions, triangles were considered sacred symbols, and walking through them was seen as disrespectful and blasphemous.
Furthermore, opening an umbrella indoors is considered bad luck in some Western cultures. It is said that this can bring bad weather, illness, or even death to the household. The origin of this superstition can be traced back to the 18th century when umbrellas were first invented. They were made of metal and had sharp points that could injure people or damage furniture if opened indoors.

4. Spilling Salt

Spilling salt is another sign of bad luck that many people fear. It is believed that spilled salt in a home can cause quarrels, losses, or even effects of black magic on the person who spills it or those around him or her. The reason behind this superstition may be linked to the value and importance of salt in ancient times. Salt was used as a preservative, a currency, and a symbol of friendship and loyalty. Spilling salt was seen as wasting a precious resource and betraying one’s trust.

5. Number 13

The number 13 is widely regarded as an unlucky number in many cultures, especially in Western ones. It is often associated with bad luck, misfortune, and evil. There are many possible explanations for this superstition, the major ones being the presence of 13 people at the Last Supper, the date of Friday the 13th, and the 13th card in a tarot deck (Death). However, not all cultures view the number 13 as unlucky. For instance, the number 13 is considered lucky in China and Italy. 

6. A Bird Flying into Your House

A bird flying into your house is considered a sign of bad luck in many cultures, especially if it is a raven, a crow, or a magpie. It is said that this can indicate an impending death or misfortune to someone in the household. The reason behind this superstition can be traced to the symbolism and behavior of some blackbirds, which are often associated with death, darkness, and ill omens. 

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7. An Itchy Palm

An itchy palm is a sign of bad luck that many people believe in, especially in Western cultures. It is said that this can mean that you will lose money or have financial troubles soon. The origin of this superstition can be traced back to the practice of palmistry. Palmistry is the art of reading one’s fate and fortune from the lines and shapes of the palm. An itchy palm may indicate a change or a disturbance in one’s financial situation.
These are some of the most common and popular signs of bad luck that you may encounter in different parts of the world. Whether you believe in them or not, it is always good to be aware of them and respect the beliefs and traditions of other cultures.

How to Get Luckier in Seven Simple Ways

The fact remains that a person’s luck is not fixed or predetermined. Studies have repeatedly indicated that luck can be created and influenced by people’s actions, inactions, and habits. So, don’t let the signs of bad luck discourage you or stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams. 
Instead, learn to use the signs of bad luck as motivation to work harder, smarter, and better. Do this and you will surely attract good luck and success in your life. Here are seven ways to get luckier despite signs of bad luck in your life. 

1. Maximize opportunities 

The very first step anyone can take to become luckier is to maximize opportunities. In most instances, lucky people are lucky because they work smarter than others. Lucky people succeed more often because they are prepared for any opportunity. Ask yourself how many opportunities you have missed because you weren’t prepared enough or ready. This is the greatest secret of how to get luckier. 
To be luckier in your relationship, home, and business, you must work both harder and smarter. The first step is to improve yourself and your skills. Set big goals and follow up with massive actions. Reach out to more people and always say yes to opportunities. In conclusion, be ready to always maximize any opportunities that come to you. 

2. Eliminate bad habits

The second way to get luckier is to eliminate bad habits causing bad luck. You may be having signs of bad luck in your life because of some bad habits. These habits include laziness, procrastination, ignoring bad luck signs, pessimism, selfishness, and social isolation among others. These habits have been proven to induce or worsen bad luck in people’s lives. If you want to become luckier, start by eliminating these bad habits. 

3. Change your mindset

Your mind is your most powerful asset and how it works determines your luck. Lucky people are generally people who believe they are lucky. They genuinely believe that their actions influence their lives. A pessimistic mindset can only take you so far. If you believe that you are unlucky regardless of what you do, that mindset can attract bad luck. A negative mindset can lead to what we call self-actualizing prophecies. In these instances, you may end up quitting too early because you believe you are unlucky. After failing due to not giving your best, you then start blaming your losses on your bad luck. This circle then goes on and on in your life. 
This is why changing your mindset is key to clearing the dark energies of bad luck in your life. By believing that you are lucky, you will start radiating positivity. A positive mindset will also help you remain resilient in the face of setbacks. As a result, you will start having more good luck in your life. 
Additionally, you can improve your mindset by making use of lucky symbols. There are many good luck amulets and items in many cultures. By making use of a good luck charm that you believe in, you can improve your luck. Remember not to take signs of bad luck too seriously. Having bad luck in the past or experiencing any of the cultural signs of bad luck doesn’t mean you will be unlucky. 

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4. Do good deeds

Another way to break curses of bad luck is to do good deeds. A common trait among lucky people is that they are generous individuals who are in the good books of many people. You can also improve your luck by helping people around you. By helping others, you accumulate good deeds and favors from your personal network. Accumulating good deeds improves your luck because it makes a lot of people want to help you. People readily recommend you and spread positive words about you and your business. 

5. Pray to God

In some instances, bad luck may be a sign of black magic, an evil eye, or may signify the presence of evil spirits. Prayer can be immensely helpful in instances like this. Even if it sounds cliche, prayer remains a powerful spiritual practice. Praying involves conversing with the Almighty and inviting his healing power into your life. Spiritual healing prayer is how to get rid of evil spirits. You can remove black magic and get powerful evil eye protection from God by praying. Prayer also infuses your life with positive energy which helps to attract good luck. 

6. Cleanse your home

Another way to improve your luck is to carry out a spiritual house cleanse. You can have bad luck if your home is filled with negativity. This is because living in a negative environment can tilt you towards developing a pessimistic mindset, which subsequently attracts bad luck. Therefore, by ridding your house of negativity, you can indirectly direct more positivity into your life. 

7. Eradicate spiritual influences

As stated earlier, spiritual conditions such as ancestral curses and evil eye curses can bring about bad luck. To become luckier, you have to begin with clearing dark energies such as real black magic in your life. Although prayer helps, there are more definitive steps that you can take. 
The very first step is to confirm if you are really under any spiritual force. You may have truly horrible luck, but that can happen to anyone. How to know if you are cursed is to undergo a magic check. Magic checks or spiritual assessments are spiritual investigations offered by genuine spirit healers worldwide. You can take this free black magic check offered by our office. This test is accurate and free and all it requires is some personal details to help locate your spiritual aura. 
After confirming the presence of a curse, you can take the next step which is to secure energy healing. A magic healer can provide this service and help eliminate all signs of bad luck in your life. True magic healers know how to break spells and can help in warding off the evil eye and spirits. The good news is that spiritual cleansing and healing can be done remotely. After taking our free magic check, you can request a spiritual healing service which is offered by Talal Zoabi. By taking this step, you can ensure that positivity and good luck flow back into your life.

Further Exploration on Belief of Signs of Bad Luck

Seeing a Single Crow:
Often, the sight of a single crow is considered one of the signs of bad luck, especially in many Eastern cultures. This belief might have originated from the crow’s association with ominous events and death in folklore.

Hearing an Owl at Night:
In some cultures, hearing the hoot of an owl at night is another one of the signs of bad luck, believed to foretell death or misfortune.

Dropping a Fork:
In some regions, dropping a fork is seen as a bad omen, possibly indicating a future loss or a betrayal by someone close.

A Ring of Coffee or Tea:
Leaving a ring in your cup after drinking coffee or tea is often considered one of the signs of bad luck in various cultures, symbolizing a cycle of misfortune or an unbroken series of unfortunate events.

A Hat on a Bed:
Placing a hat on a bed is also seen as one of the signs of bad luck in some cultures, believed to bring misfortune to the person who sleeps in that bed.

Owning a Green Car:
In some parts of the world, owning a green car is considered bad luck, possibly due to its association with envious feelings or because of historical accidents involving green cars.

Opening a Gift Before Your Birthday:
Opening birthday presents before the actual day is sometimes considered one of the signs of bad luck, as it’s believed to bring misfortune or prevent the wish from coming true.

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Additional Ways to Get Luckier

Positive Affirmations:
Regularly practicing positive affirmations can help shift your mindset from focusing on signs of bad luck to attracting good fortune and opportunities.

Feng Shui:
Implementing Feng Shui principles in your home can harmonize your living space, potentially reducing the effects of bad luck and enhancing good energy flow.

Carrying a Lucky Charm:
Whether it’s a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, or a special coin, carrying a lucky charm can provide a psychological boost and a reminder of positivity, helping to ward off perceived signs of bad luck.

Maintaining a Gratitude Journal:
Keeping a record of things you’re grateful for can shift focus from negative events or signs of bad luck to positive aspects of life, fostering a luckier mindset.

Engaging in Volunteer Work:
Engaging in altruistic activities not only benefits others but can also enhance your sense of well-being and, in turn, influence your perception of luck.

Building and maintaining a strong network can open doors to opportunities that might seem like good luck, reducing the impact of any signs of bad luck.

Learning from Failures:
Viewing failures as learning opportunities rather than signs of bad luck can lead to personal growth and improved chances of future success.

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FAQ's -

Common signs of bad luck include breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, encountering a black cat, and spilling salt. Different cultures have various beliefs, so these signs can vary globally.

Yes, in many cultures, animals like black cats, crows, and owls are often associated with bad luck. However, these beliefs vary, and in some cultures, these animals might symbolize good luck instead.

While in many Western cultures, the number 13 is regarded as unlucky, this is not universal. In countries like China and Italy, 13 can be considered a lucky number.

Strategies to counteract bad luck include positive thinking, engaging in good deeds, using lucky charms, practicing gratitude, and seeking spiritual or energy healing if needed.

Most signs of bad luck are based on superstitions and cultural beliefs rather than scientific evidence. However, the psychological impact of believing in these signs can influence a person’s perception and experiences.

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