Spiritual Healing Privacy Policy: Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers

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This document provides detailed information about the privacy policy, terms, conditions, and disclaimers relating to the services offered by Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, a reputable spiritual healer. As a user of our website or our spiritual healing services, it’s essential to fully understand these terms and the privacy policy. Talal Zoabi maintains the right to alter these terms, conditions, and disclaimers at any given moment, subject to his discretion.

Understanding Life’s Challenges and The Role of Spiritual Healing

In the enigmatic journey of life, we face varied experiences – joys, trials, victories, and tribulations. The ebb and flow of such experiences, divinely designed, ensures that every individual grapples with both highs and lows. While spiritual healing is a potent tool, it’s not a cure-all solution for life’s typical downturns. The effectiveness of our spiritual healing services relies heavily on both parties – Talal and the client, a seamless team working in harmony.

"With every challenge you face, you're sculpting a masterpiece of resilience."

Spiritual Healing and Traditional Medical Treatments

Spiritual healing should not be mistaken as a replacement for traditional medical treatments. While certain spiritual dilemmas might manifest as physical health conditions, differentiating between health and spiritual issues can be challenging due to our complex human bodies’ nature. The ultimate knowledge of the reasons behind these health issues lies with God. In our black magic blog, we further explore the links between health issues and spiritual problems, including discussing the symptoms of black magic.

Responsibility towards Physical and Psychological Health

If you encounter medical conditions that remain undiagnosed or untreated by your doctors, it’s your responsibility to persist in seeking specialist medical treatment. Not all physical or psychological issues originate from spiritual dilemmas. The readings provided by Talal Zoabi are spiritual in nature and are not intended as medical advice. You must continue to seek medical assistance if symptoms indicative of a medical condition appear, even if these symptoms could potentially be linked to spiritual issues.
At Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, we strive to help you remove black magic, get rid of jinn, and clear negative energy from your life. Yet, while Talal is skilled in a range of spiritual healing techniques, he is not a medical doctor. However, if you are grappling with medical and spiritual issues simultaneously, a combined approach of medical treatment and spiritual healing could guide you towards the path you seek. The spiritual healing testimonials on our website provide numerous examples of successful healing experiences.

"Hope is the anchor that keeps you steady when life's seas get rough."

Addressing Mental Health Concerns

Please note that Talal is not a psychiatrist. If you are battling mental health issues such as suicidal thoughts or depression, it is vital to consult an appropriate medical professional. Long-term exposure to spiritual dilemmas can lead to serious psychological conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression. These medical conditions need to also be treated by a doctor.

The Role of Talal Zoabi

If, during the course of your healing, Talal identifies signs of psychological distress and suggests you seek professional help, you should comply. Talal, while not a psychologist, has the knowledge to identify signs of psychological distress in some instances.
Information and services offered by Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, be it online, via telephone, or in-person, cannot replace or substitute the services of trained professionals in various fields, including finance, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, or law. Talal’s role is strictly as a spirit healer.

Unintended Consequences of Healing

In some cases, individuals may unknowingly accept healing from a practitioner who uses black magic. It’s important to be aware that your healing process can be compromised by such interventions. At Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, we aim to remove black magic, but the process is not an overnight one. Spiritual healing requires patience and dedication, and you are expected to respect this fact.
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Communication and Responsibility

As our valued client, you are encouraged to communicate effectively with our office but advised against overuse of email communication. Providing concise, significant updates on your situation is beneficial. Since we do not charge for reading or responding to emails, sending excessive messages or repeating the same questions may result in delayed or no response.
Your spiritual problems may not always be as they seem. Only God knows why certain challenges are placed in our paths. To help you better understand and navigate these issues, we offer a free black magic check and a generational curse test on our website.
You alone are accountable for your decisions, actions, and their outcomes. By choosing to use our services, you agree not to hold Talal liable for any decisions, actions, or results that you make or experience due to your participation in the services.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. We commit to keeping all your personal information secure and ensuring that your healing sessions are strictly confidential with our privacy policy. If you encounter or place false information published online about Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, rest assured that we reserve the right to present evidence to protect our reputation.

Our Commitment

At Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing, we sincerely hope to facilitate your journey towards well-being. We stand committed to aiding you, drawing on our past experiences with clients and the successes they have achieved. After receiving our services, we urge you to make reasonable and responsible life choices. Should you have any questions or doubts about the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our role is to provide spiritual health help, assist you in how to resolve marriage conflict, and guide you in how to fix a broken marriage, among many other services.
Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of every client.  We do not distribute or share any personal information that is collected on our site to any third party in our privacy policy. The only people that see the information submitted on the forms are Talal and his assistant Kristen.
We anticipate that we will never be put in a legal situation that requires us legally to share personal information.  We make every effort to preserve our client’s privacy.  We may be required to disclose personal information when demanded by law if such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order, or legal process. 

Payments and Shipping privacy Policy

We use an outside payment company for billing and receiving payments.  We also use an outside shipping company to mail our products and services. These companies do not share, retain or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes.

We also follow The Data Protection Act 2018 in our privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing operates. It provides guidelines on how we use our services and explains the boundaries of our role as spiritual healers.

Yes, Talal Zoabi specializes in spiritual healing techniques designed to help remove black magic and clear negative energy from your life.


No, spiritual healing is not a replacement for medical treatment. It serves as a complement to traditional treatments, especially when health issues seem to have spiritual roots.

Healing that uses black magic can potentially jeopardize your healing process with Talal. If this is the case, you need to inform us promptly.

Your personal information is treated with the utmost care. All your data is kept secure and confidential. It is never shared with anyone else.

While Talal is not a psychiatrist, he has some knowledge of the field. If he recognizes signs of psychological distress during your healing, he may recommend seeking help from a professional mental health practitioner.

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