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How to Unblock Your Chakra - Spiritual Cleansing

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Learning how to unblock your chakras is vital to your well-being and happiness. Our chakras help in storing and channeling spirituality in our lives. Chakras recently became more popular, with the increasing popularity of meditation and New Age philosophies in general. Our Chakras are a complex and ancient energy system originally discovered and further developed in India. Chakras date back to ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge that were used from around 1500 to 1000 BC.

Chakras refer to energy points in our body. Some believe there are 114 different chakras. But seven main chakras run along your spine. Each of these seven chakras has a unique attribute. This includes a number, name, color, specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head, and health focus. 

Our chakras are meant to be free and to conduct energy. When our chakras are free, positive energy flows through us and our lives progress normally. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. As we go about our days, we often come across circumstances that alter our chakra. Negative people and circumstances can block our chakra. Once this happens, chaos happens.

Why Our Chakras Gets Blocked

We all know negativity should never be left standing for too long. But at times we can’t avoid it and our chakras get blocked. When this happens, we can start manifesting all sorts of terrible symptoms. Let’s consider some of this. 

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One of the first symptoms of a blocked chakra is depression. Too much negativity can make people lose interest in life. Doing anything becomes a chore. We start filtering everything that happens to us negatively. In a little time, we become cynical and start expecting the worst.  
And since we expect the worst, we fail to do our best. As a result, we may start suffering from self-fulling prophecies that worsen the depression. This depression can spiral out of control if nothing is done on time. 

Low Productivity

Our career and business are not spared from negativity. One of the core symptoms of negativity is a lack of interest and weakness. Our productivity suffers as a result of this. We fail to concentrate as we should, and it shows. If this continues, it becomes difficult to produce anything. We can get suspended at work or even get the pink slip. And if you own a business, it can start suffering too. Since it’s not getting the attention it should, financial crises will set in. 

Relationship problems

Blaming and cynicism are other big issues. Blaming others sets our relationship on a course of destruction. By blaming others, you’re sowing the seeds of conflicts and resentment. But negativity doesn’t really make us think straight.


Social withdrawal is another negative symptom of blocked chakras.        

Healthy relationships thrive on communication and acts of affection. We’ll be able to do none of this by withdrawing. As a result, we end up hurting those closest to us. 

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Our health isn’t spared from the brunt of negativity either. Prolonged bouts of negativity can result in serious health problems. Negativity sends our body into stress or ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. Some of the negative health effects of a blocked chakra include: 


  • Recurrent headache
  • Upset stomach and peptic ulcer
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Chest pain
  • Food addiction
  • Worsening of chronic conditions

None of these conditions are pleasant. Their presence makes things worse and blocks chakra further. It’s therefore paramount to learn how to knock your chakra.

Bad luck

Extended negativity can spiral out of control and lead to bad luck. When our chakra is blocked, positive spiritual energy can flow through us. In the absence of this, things can start going wrong. The effects of this can span through our lives, relationships, and career. The occurrences may become so worse it mimics black magic. When this happens, you must take steps to release your chakra.

How to Unblock Your Chakra

We’ve covered the negative impacts of a blocked chakra. Now let’s look at the top five methods to release your chakra. Let’s get started. 

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1. Pray and meditate

Praying and meditating are the first steps to take to release your chakra. Praying and meditation raise our spiritual signature. We start to vibrate on a higher frequency and the blockages start to loosen. 

This is in contrast to negative energy that makes us vibrate at a lower frequency. It’s this low frequency that causes the blockage. So, learn to develop these two habits. Fortunately, praying is easy. All you have to do is believe in God and talk sincerely to Him. There’s no written rule about praying right. The key element is sincerity and faith. By praying with your whole heart, God can respond and cleanse your spirit.

Meditation helps too. Mindfulness meditation is practiced in numerous religious traditions. It has become even more popular in recent times in both the eastern and western cultures. Meditation is the practice of training your attention and awareness. Most people don’t have enough control over their awareness. This is why we often get carried away by negativity. By training your mind, you’ll be able to focus less on negative things. The effect of this is unblocking of our chakras. 

2. Talal's Spiritual Cleansing Work

Utilizing Talal Zoabi’s spiritual healing services is the second step to unblocking your chakras. One of the works of a spiritual healer is unblocking the chakras. Talal is a skilled healer with decades of experience. He has helped hundreds of people over the years. He has provided spiritual healing for thousands, and you can be next. We invite you to read some of the Spiritual Healing Testimonials from a few of the many people Talal has helped. 


Talal’s services keeps you as the main priority and directs positive energy to you. As this service is going on, you’ll feel positivity flowing into your life. Talal will identify the blocked chakras and commence in freeing them. Once they are freed, relief will be restored in your life. All the symptoms of negativity will start vanishing. In time, your life will be back on track once more. 

3. Take our Spiritual Reading

Apart from offering spiritual healing, Talal offers a free black magic check. Take this to rule out afflictions such as black magic and the evil eye. There’s more to our world than meets the eye. At times, the blocked chakras are side effects of something more sinister. 


Black magic and evil eye symptoms can bring negativity into one’s life. They can bring bad luck, bad health, and more. Unfortunately, these afflictions can’t be solved by just unlocking your chakras. If left alone, the chakras will get blocked again. 


You have to find a permanent solution and that’s spiritual healing. This is why you should take the free black magic check. This test will reveal if you’re a victim of any curse. If that’s the case, you can work with Talal to break the curse. After clearing off the curse, you can then proceed in unblocking your chakra permanently. 

4. Live in the moment

Learning to live in the moment raises our energy levels. Our greatest mistake is dwelling on the past and being scared of the future. Doing this for too long brings too much negativity into our lives. This is how our chakras get blocked. 

The only way out of living blindly from day to day is consciously living each moment of life in the present. Focus on the task at hand, and avoid thinking of past mistakes or future fears. Stop worrying about things beyond your control. Notice what comes into your mind and let it go.  Do this again and again whenever you’re feeling stressed. 

5. Practice Positivity

We all need to practice more optimism every day. It’s impossible to have too much happiness. Therefore, make it a habit to seek positivity. Engage more in positive habits. Engage in activities that cultivate happy thoughts — like hobbies, spending time with loved ones and meditation. 

If you can, spend more time with optimistic people. Emotions are contagious. So, watch the people you spend time with. Don’t catch the pessimist bug from someone else! Instead, spend more time with those who seem to be genuinely happy. These people will leave you feeling enlightened and uplifted. This is how to unblock your chakra.

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Why wait?  You can also take a Generational curse test today to find out whether a negative dip in circumstances or health is actually a Generational curse initiated in the past. 


If you are suffering or having constant symptoms of poor mental or physical health, take a Generational curse test today and seek a spiritual healer for a spiritual evaluation. True healers can carry out a free black magic check that serves as a Generational curse test. They will be able to verify if you are having a generational curse on you or not. You will need to fill out a separate form for each person in the family. 


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Talal Zoabi offers this black magic assessment for free and with no strings attached. If it comes back positive there is never any pressure or scare tactics to do any spiritual work. Consult with Talal for a generational curse check if you start noticing any symptoms. Also, if you see reoccurring patterns of bad luck that seems to be happening with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Unblock Your Chakras - FAQ's

 Chakras are energy points in our body that play a vital role in channeling spirituality and positive energy. How to unblock your chakras is essential for maintaining overall well-being and happiness, as blocked chakras can lead to various negative symptoms affecting our physical, mental, and emotional health.
Negative emotions and circumstances can create energetic blockages in our chakras, disrupting the free flow of positive energy. When we encounter negativity, such as depression, low productivity, relationship problems, or health issues, how to unblock your chakras becomes crucial, as it can hinder our progress in life.
There are several effective methods to unblock your chakras. Some of them include praying and meditating, which raises our spiritual vibration and loosens blockages. Utilizing the spiritual healing services of experienced healers like Talal Zoabi, who can identify and free the blocked chakras. Additionally, living in the present moment and practicing positivity by engaging in happy thoughts and spending time with optimistic people are helpful ways for unblocking your chakras.
 Yes, generational curses can have a negative impact on our chakras. These curses can cause long-standing patterns of bad luck, poor mental or physical health, and other afflictions. It’s crucial to take a Generational curse test and consult with a true spiritual healer to break the curse and learn how to unblock your chakras for the entire family.

Yes, Talal Zoabi offers a free black magic assessment with no strings attached. If the test indicates a generational curse, there is no pressure to undergo spiritual work. Talal’s spiritual healing services have helped numerous people, and he provides lifetime black magic protection after removing curses, ensuring recipients are shielded from future black magic influences while they learn how to unblock their chakras.

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