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Resolve Marriage Conflict with Spiritual Healing

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Learning how to resolve marriage conflicts is difficult but it can be done. Marriages are beautiful things. The companionship and emotional support that comes with a partner are invaluable.
Fighting with your partner is inevitable in a relationship. You are two adults with two different backgrounds, habits, and temperaments. Eventually, something will lead to conflict.
You can argue about the right way to park the car or fold the clothes. Your partner may be too talkative, while you enjoy silence. They may be fans of a different football team from yours. Basically, any difference can lead to marriage disagreements. This makes learning how to resolve conflict a marriage-saving skill. Before we delve into solving conflicts, let’s take a look at what makes or breaks a relationship.

What Makes or Breaks a Marriage

Marriage is the union of two grown-ups with the aim of companionship and starting a family. It looks simple, but it’s anything but. For a marriage to work, elements such as attraction, connection, compatibility, and consent must be present. These elements stand as the foundation for all marriages. Let’s consider these ideas.


When was the last time you felt attracted to your partner? If it’s been a long time, that might be the problem. Attraction is one of the first things that draws us to a person in the beginning steps of a relationship. A person can be physically attracted to someone or even attracted to a personality trait or sense of humor.
It’s the sum total of our innate urges, feelings, and fast heartbeats. When we are attracted to someone, we will wish to always be around them. With that said, you should know that attraction is more subconscious than conscious. We don’t really have that much control over it. Most times, we don’t choose those we get attracted to.
It doesn’t seem to always last either. The biggest disadvantage of innate attraction is it doesn’t last. In little time, the novelty of a relationship wears off, and boredom can set in. Therefore, many couples are in crisis. Far too many couples bank on attraction to sustain a relationship, which is impossible.
This is where intentional attraction comes. As much as we want those instinctual feelings, we must work to develop an intentional attraction. Intentional attraction is choosing to love and care for your partner even if you don’t feel it. This isn’t subconscious. It’s a decision you make. Attraction is just one leg that can add to the foundation of a relationship when you are getting ready to build.
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Connection is the second and deeper element required for a relationship to thrive. Connection, in its simplest form, is the feeling of love and intimacy between a couple. Far too many relationships are filled with passion, but there’s no connection.
Both partners don’t feel at ease when together for long. There’s no intimate understanding of each other. They don’t feel heard, loved, or prioritized. It’s not a surprise because cultivating connections is difficult.
For connection to exist, partners must feel heard, cared for, and listened to. Passion can only take you so far. With time, the facade of love will come crashing down. Connection requires the following:

•    Empathy
•    Communication
•    Commitment
•    Acceptance
•    Vulnerability and many more.
This is hard work, but nobody said marriages are meant to be easy. If these things are lacking, problems start creeping in. Partners start developing bad feelings like anger, resentment, revenge, and fear.

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For marriages to thrive, both partners need qualities that complement each other. Working on attraction and connection is great, but it isn’t everything. For instance, if both partners in a marriage are hot-headed, they won’t last together. Partners need to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually compatible.
People pay less attention to spiritual compatibility, but it’s no less important. Spiritual incompatibility brings about manifestation you can explain. Both partners may work hard on other aspects of their marriage. However, they won’t move forward unless they work on their spiritual compatibility.
Without adequate compatibility, the friction will lead to quarrels. The good news is that compatibility can be worked on. By taking certain steps, couples can become more compatible. Talal Zoabi can help with this. By taking our love compatibility test, you can get your compatibility score and learn how to get better. As you improve your compatibility, the conflicts in your marriage will automatically lessen.


Another vital aspect of a marriage is consent. Many times, spouses don’t want to be in the marriage. For instance, some cultures still force people into marriages around the world. Also, many people get into marriage for reasons other than love; for example, for money, fame, citizenship, and the likes.
These types of marriages are often one-sided. There’s zero love, attraction, or connection to be found. If you’re in such a relationship, you have your work cut out for you. You’ll need to start working on the elements above. This is how to resolve marriage conflicts.

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How To Resolve Marriage Conflicts in 5 Steps

Now, we know what makes or breaks a marriage. We’ll get down into the practical details of improving your marriage. Below are 5 ideas on how to resolve marriage conflicts for good.

1. Rule Out Black Magic

The very first step in resolving marriage conflicts is ruling out spiritual attacks. There’s more to our world than we can see. As stated earlier, spirituality is a huge aspect of relationships. Apart from compatibility issues, black magic and spiritual problems exist. These afflictions can damage any marriage beyond repair.
Black magic can generate bad luck and change people. And anyone under a spiritual affliction isn’t truly themselves. So, you must get rid of all spiritual problems to move forward. The only way to do this is by working with an experienced knowledgeable Spiritual Healer. Only true healers can break curses.
No matter what state or country you live in, you can receive spiritual healing by working with Talal. Unlike other healers, Talal is exceptionally experienced and has helped thousands of people. To rule out black magic, you can take our free black magic check. By doing the check, you’ll confirm if there’s a spiritual aspect to your marriage conflicts. If that’s the case, Talal can help you break that problem if you wish.
After dealing with the spiritual problem, you can go ahead to work successfully on your marriage.

2. Talk about it

After ruling out spiritual problems, the next step is creating an atmosphere of open communication. If couples don’t constantly talk about how they feel, they won’t move forward.
Resentment is the greatest destroyer of relationships. Therefore, try as much as possible to commit. Promise each other that you’ll find time to communicate and listen to each other.
Ask your partner, “What did you have in mind when you did X and Y the other day? I was hurt by your actions.”
Commit to seeing things from each other’s perspectives and have an open mind. To avoid unnecessary emotional escalation, take turns speaking and listening. Refuse to keep any preconceived notions about your partners. Always bring everything out and talk about it.

3. Keep an Open Mind and Listen

Couples often make the mistake of not listening. This is not how to fix a relationship conflict. If you want a good relationship, you must develop the ability of empathetic listening. This requires times when you must only listen and keep your mouth shut.
Always try to see things from their perspective, even when you’re not comfortable. Try to understand why your partner did what they did. You don’t have to agree about what they did, just understand it. Don’t be quick to judge and point fingers. By developing this attitude, you’ll be more caring and resolve more conflicts.

4. Take Responsibility for your actions

At times, you might be the cause of conflicts. As much as we always wish to be right, it’s not possible. At times, you’ll be at fault. You must develop the habit of owning up to your mistakes.
Don’t be pushed by your emotions and ego. Apologize and make amends. Remember that you both have equal rights. Therefore, learn to take responsibility when you’re at fault. Therefore, listening is such a valuable skill.

5. Find Solutions and Compromise

The only way forward is to come together to work on your marriage. Conflicts will always happen. However, learn to embrace your differences and keep working towards solutions.
Be more open, identify issues and always seek solutions. Avoid blaming and cultivating resentment. Always aim for a solution and move forward. Pay more attention to being a good partner. Take steps to care for your partner and go the extra mile for them.
Work on your compatibility by taking our love compatibility test. Then, work with the results to be more compatible. How to fix a relationship isn’t easy, and it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be hard because it’s worth it. Therefore, cultivate a cheerful outlook and focus on solutions. Promise each other to be more forgiving and accepting of mistakes. This is how to resolve marriage conflicts. This will help the relationship lead you to search for answers on how to fix a broken marriage.

Spiritual Healing Services to Resolve Marriage Conflict

Life can get busy and so much can happen during a time period. When things get chaotic it can put a lot of stress on a marriage. There can be so much going on it leaves you no time to think about your partner or feeding the relationship. This spiritual work helps to bring the good thoughts and feelings a couple has for each other, and to focus on those feeling more. This helps to focus more on the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Resolve Marriage Conflict - FAQ's

Resolving marriage conflict effectively requires open communication, active listening, and empathy. Couples should make time to discuss their feelings and concerns, seeking compromises without blame. Professional help, like marriage counseling, can be beneficial if conflicts persist.
To resolve marriage conflict, consider these practical tips:
1) Stay calm and avoid escalating arguments
2) Take breaks to cool down before revisiting the discussion
3) Focus on the issue at hand, not past grievances
4) Use “I” statements to express feelings without blame
5) Seek professional help if needed
Active listening promotes understanding and empathy in resolving marriage conflict. By giving full attention, maintaining eye contact, and nodding, couples create a safe space for open communication and finding solutions to their differences.
Yes, unresolved conflicts can lead to emotional distance, communication breakdowns, and even more severe issues like infidelity or separation. Addressing conflicts promptly and effectively is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

Couples should consider professional help when they struggle to resolve conflicts on their own or when conflicts impact daily life and emotional well-being. Marriage counseling can provide guidance, teach communication techniques, and facilitate the healing process for a stronger relationship.

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