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How to Prevent Nazar with Spiritual Healing

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It’s quite sad that few people know how to prevent nazar.  Nazar is a spiritual problem that thousands around the world battle with every day. You probably know nazar by its popular terms, “evil eye” or “Eine’.

The evil eye is widely regarded as a superstitious belief of a curse cast by a malevolent glare or thought. However, the concept is quite popular in cultures around the world. Mentions of nazar date back as much as 5000 years ago, when it was recorded in clay Mesopotamia tablets.


The fear most cultures had for the Nazar starting thousands of years ago spawned the many protective measures and preventatives still in use today. The most popular is the traditional blue evil eye symbol. You can find this in popular markets around the world. The symbol is usually with concentric colors of blue, white, and black often strung on a leather cord.


Many people around the world wear this gem religiously every day. Some do it for the protection they believe it offers, while others do it for the symbolism. Many place it on their belongings such as their cars and pieces of luggage. Prominent people have been sighted wearing the symbol.  


But why do people go to these lengths?


Is the Nazar all a myth, or should you take it more seriously?

What the Nazar Truly Is

This is one instance where an ancient myth is proven to be a fact. A nazar curse is exactly what people fear it is but can be far more horrible than anyone can imagine. While literature seems to paint it as a trivial issue resulting from glowering at people with hate or envy, it’s anything but. 

A nazar, indeed, materializes when someone glares at you with negative intent such as hate, jealousy, and envy. We, humans, are powerful in our own right and most people are unaware of their spiritual strength. Since God creates us, we have the power to enforce our will. Nazar is a result of evil and a personality trait of selfishness. 

By focusing intently on someone else negatively, a nazar curse can be created that wreaks havoc in that person’s life. Most victims of the evil eye are kind and successful people. The reason being that these people tend to attract hate and envy from others.

There are many reasons for someone to put a nazar curse on you. If someone is after your success or out for revenge for something you did, they can start glaring at you with jealousy. In most cases, the perpetrators of nazar are unaware of the consequences of their actions or even that they are doing it. However, many people intentionally seek out these harsh feelings to place nazar on you.

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What Nazar can Lead To

The signs of nazar are nothing short of terrible. If you know about black magic symptoms, they are like that. The signs vary depending on the creator of your evil eye and its intent. We will consider the signs before learning how to prevent nazar.  Below is a list of common symptoms. 


Your relationship could suffer if someone’s placed a nazar on you because of it. You can start having issues with your partner or a close friend. It may start with little disagreements that evolve into quarrels over time. 

You can undergo complete personality changes and start treating your loved ones badly. Depression and anxiety can also set in. And getting angry at loved ones for trivial things can become the norm. Soon, your loved ones may be forced to leave you due to your negativity. 

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Bad luck

Are your evergreen garden plants dying when they should be blooming?

Is your business crumbling, and you can’t seem to save it? Are you about to lose that pet that you love? 

Does everything seem to be going wrong for you?  Are you in financial trouble and unable to stem the tide? 

When people think of bad luck, they have no idea how bad it can be until nazar comes along. When you start saying yes to all the questions above, then you’re likely a victim of nazar. And that’s why you must know how to get rid of the nazar. 

Bad luck is indeed a part of life. But once bad luck becomes ever-present and impossible to shake, it’s abnormal. Bad luck is a common symptom because of the intent of the curse creator. Most people creating evil eyes do it because of hate. They want something bad to happen and the curse makes it so. 


Nazar also comes with physical symptoms. Nazar can mess up your physical appearance. You can become unpleasant to be around and irritating. Have your skin take on an unhealthy-looking tinge. You can develop a nasty body odor. 

These changes can become so bad that people start to avoid you. It can similarly get to the extent you become ashamed to step out. The hallmark of this change is that you’ll be unable to fix it. No amount of skincare products will reverse the changes. These changes can be a result of someone envious of your looks. 


The mental signs of the nazar are the most serious. Common signs are anxiety, depression, paranoia, and agitation. As a victim, you can start making terrible life choices. You may be unable to control yourself from drinking and using drugs. In time, your choices can start affecting your finances and relationship.

Victims of Nazar can become uncontrollably negative and emotional. You may be angry one minute and happy the next. This can send confusing signals to loved ones, and they can start avoiding you.

The Wrong Way to Prevent Nazar

As we mentioned earlier, there are many beliefs out there surrounding the evil eye. Many people have practices and talismans they believe in. There’s no shortage of similar things online either. You must be careful of this. 


Nazar curses can be unbelievably powerful. And obscene rituals popular in cultures around the world won’t do a thing. Here are some rituals you should try to watch out for:


  • Planting and hanging mistletoe at the front of your eyes.
  • Pinching yourself repeatedly.
  • Rubbing saliva and certain fluids on your body and into your hair.
  • Burning incense in and around your house.
  • Bathing with special blue soaps.
  • Putting on protective totem bracelets.

Although the evil eye symbol is popular internationally, it’s nothing but a symbol. It offers no protection, and it’s the same situation with other objects. Although our lives would be easier if protective charms work, the truth is that they don’t. 


The only way to prevent and break a nazar curse is through spiritual healing. A true spirit healer can break any nazar on you and offer lifetime protection. Only true healers know how to prevent nazar.

How to Prevent Nazar with a True and Experienced Spiritual Healer

As we’ve said, wearing a beautiful pendant won’t ward off any evil eye. There are some ideas for finding protection though. One is to cultivate a closer relationship with God. When you pray to God for protection, at times this alone can be powerful enough to work. God is powerful and can prevent evil eye curses from latching onto you. Only God knows why some prayers are answered and some are not. 


Protection can be offered by a true healer. God placed true Spiritual Healers (“black magic healers”) on earth for the same reasons God placed doctors. Therefore, Talal offers evil eye protection. For over thirty years, Talal Zoabi has been helping protect people from the evil eye and black magic.

Talal's Spiritual Healing Service

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It’s better to take preventative measures and be protected from getting a disease, compared to treating the disease. By opting for the life protection service, you can have the assurance that you can’t be a victim. And while there’s no 100% protection from evil eye, people will always send bad energy to others. But Talal will make it so that any nazar never lasts for more than 3 days. 


Here is a free black magic check that you can take before opting in for protection. This examination will reveal if you have any curse on you. If you have an evil eye curse or black magic on you, it must be removed first. Talal can also help with this. And once he has removed the curse, he’ll proceed with lifetime protection. 


Depending on the extent of the Nazar, it will take him a certain number of nights working in the night. After, he will send you simple instructions to follow in the privacy and comfort of your own home. This is how to prevent nazar for good.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Prevent Nazar - FAQ's

To prevent nazar effectively, the most reliable approach is through spiritual healing. Simply wearing protective symbols or charms won’t suffice against the power of nazar curses. Seek the help of a true and experienced spiritual healer like Talal Zoabi, who has the expertise to break nazar curses and offer lifetime protection.
While traditional charms like the blue evil eye symbol are popularly believed to offer protection, they are merely symbolic and lack the true power to prevent nazar. True protection lies in the hands of a genuine spiritual healer, not in objects.
Nazar manifests through various symptoms, both physical and psychological. Some common signs include relationship issues, persistent bad luck, physical changes like an unhealthy appearance, and emotional turmoil like anxiety and depression. Recognizing these signs can help you identify if you are a victim of nazar.
Praying to God for protection can be a source of strength, but God does answer prayers. Only God kows the answer on why he answers some prayers and not all. While God’s power is immense, nazar requires specialized attention from a spiritual healer. True spiritual healers are akin to doctors, specifically trained to deal with these spiritual afflictions.

The duration to remove a nazar curse depends on its extent. A skilled spiritual healer like Talal Zoabi will work diligently during the night to break the curse’s effects. Afterward, they will provide you with simple instructions to follow at home to ensure lasting protection against nazar.

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