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How to Get Protection from Evil Eye

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Even though it’s one of the most important things a person can know about, getting protection from evil eye isn’t common knowledge. There’s far more than meets the eye in our current world. There are lots of spiritual problems out there and the evil eye meaning is a prominent one. 



Suffering from the evil eye isn’t a great affair. Have things been going wrong for you lately? Are your precious pets falling ill? Is your business suddenly performing poorly, and you don’t know why? Are your appliances breaking down for no reason? 


These experiences are manifestations of the evil eye symptoms. To most people, an evil eye isn’t seen as serious. It’s considered a myth that having people glower, stare or glare at you causes bad luck. But most people don’t even believe it. Most people think it’s a joke and that the evil eye isn’t real. But the harsh reality is that evil eyes are real, and it causes terrible bad luck leaving you seeking for protection from evil eye. If you are a victim, you need the right help. Most importantly, you need to know how to get protection from evil eye. You shouldn’t wait until you become a victim to get evil eye protection.

The Office of Talal Zoabi Can Help

Spiritual matters require spiritual help and that’s where we come in. Doctors are best suited to physical ailments. Similarly, true Spiritual Healers are best suited for spiritual ailments. With that in mind, Talal can help provide protection from evil eye. 


Talal is an accomplished healer of over 30 years of proven experience. He possesses the God-gifted talent of healing and the skill to get rid of the evil eye for those who seek his help. So far, he has helped hundreds of grateful clients break evil curses on their lives. And he has offered protection to even more people. 


So, if you’re having symptoms that point to having been given the evil eye, we can help give you protection from evil eye. But before we go on, let’s learn more about the evil eye symptoms and possible interventions.

"When faced with adversity, your spirit rises like a phoenix."

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What is Evil Eye

What is the evil eye meaning, and why should you take it seriously?  



The evil eye is an ancient curse of humans. It arises when someone stares at you with evil intent such as hate, jealousy, and envy. It arises due to the negative energy sent by people wishing you unhappiness. 



This is what makes the evil eye so tricky. Evil eye curses can be created unintentionally by people. It arises from energy and intent and not everyone is careful about this. So, if you have people who hate you, they can place this curse on you without meaning to. 



However, in most cases, the curse is created intentionally, where the initiators are well aware of the power of their channeled intent. They spend time channeling their feelings to create evil eye curses. Others unable to initiate this curse themselves, seek specialists to do it for them. But, regardless of the cause, protection from the evil eye is vital.

The History & Different Beliefs

The evil eye is not new. Evil eye is commonly mentioned in human history starting from way back when. The earliest mentions date back to prehistoric Mesopotamia clay tablets.

The term “evil eye” is used pretty much across the globe. However, how different cultures view and interpret it varies widely. 

Cultures all around the world have given birth to various methods to defend against the evil eye. As a result, you’ll find no shortage of protective rituals and charms against it. The most popular is the international symbol of the evil eye. 

This is often seen as a blue gem with concentric circles of blue, white, and black. The innermost circle is black. The blue and white circles of the gem signify good energy encircling the blackness (evil eye). This gem is particularly common in Mediterranean and Asia countries like Turkey and India. Other protective symbols include amulets such as the clay hamsa, jumbie beads, Kitab, and kilims. 

There is no shortage of protective beliefs either. Here are some common ones listed below: 

  • Rubbing saliva into one’s hair as a form of protection
  • Reciting Surah Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, and Surah Al-Nas from the Quran.
  • Wearing blue clothing and jewelry and using blue soaps.
  • Bathing naked in the sea.
  • Drawing a black dot on a baby’s forehead known as “tikka”.
  • Performing jharays ceremony which involves brushing a person from head to toe.
Evil Eye Symptoms - How to Get a Cure

The Manifestations

Now, let’s get to the serious part. What are the effects of the evil eye? How does it manifest? How can you tell if you are a victim?

It’s unrealistic to say all bad luck has spiritual causes. Of course, bad things happen. But, if you’re cautious, you should recognize random bad luck from sudden ongoing problems that could indicate you’ve been given an evil eye curse. It isn’t one form of bad luck but many. The manifestations of bad luck are often sudden and persistent. Things keep going wrong until everything falls apart. Here are the common signs to watch out for:


  • Sudden bad luck at work and in business.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Falling out of favor with superiors and mentors.
  • Sudden irritating physical changes such as graying of the skin and eyes.
  • Uncontrollable anxiety, depression, and agitation that messes with relationships.
  • Feeling compelled to engage in self-defeating acts.
  • Pets falling sick and appliances spoiling repeatedly.
  • Not being able to focus and losing out on opportunities as a result.

"When faced with adversity, your spirit rises like a phoenix."

How to Get Protection from Evil Eye

As you can see, the signs of the evil eye are not to be joked with. The evil eye is a serious spiritual problem that warrants attention. Knowing how to get protection from the evil eye is necessary! Here is our recommendation. 

Take Talal's Spiritual Evaluation

The first step to getting cured of a disease is confirming the presence of the disease. Therefore, your first step must now be confirmed if you are under an evil eye or some other form of black magic. You can do that by taking our free black magic check


This accurate evaluation was developed to identify your unique spirit signature and identify your problem. It would show if you were under an evil eye curse and what type. Additionally, this check can also reveal if you’re under other attacks such as black magic and witchcraft. 


By taking these steps, you’ll know the next steps forward. If no curse is revealed, you can do nothing but pray more, or opt-in for protection or a Spiritual Cleanse. However, if a curse is revealed, you may need the help of a true Spiritual Healer like Talal. 

Contacting Talal

As stated earlier, Talal Zoabi is an experienced spirit healer who can break any evil eye that has been placed on you. Once the evaluation confirms an evil eye curse, using his prayer work Talal can help destroy that curse. By choosing to work with Talal, he’ll communicate his requirements with you. Depending on the situation, he will need to work a certain number of nights.  After that he will send instructions for you to follow in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 


By providing the requirements and following the instructions, Talal will begin to destroy the evil eye. This process takes an unspecified amount of time. The duration will depend on the type of spell, the energy expelled, and other factors. 


Once this is broken, you would be free from the afflictions. Your life will be free to proceed once again. All the manifestations will disappear, and you can start rebuilding your life once again. After the healing, Talal gives free protection for his clients.  Although the evil eye can’t be completely prevented, this protection stops curses from sticking with you. This means that if another evil eye is placed against you in the future, it cannot last for more than 3 days before it is forced to leave.


As stated earlier, this protection service is also available even if you don’t have a curse on you. The best way to understand this is like taking a preventative health measure. By opting in for this life magic protection service, you protect yourself from ever falling a victim to lasting black magic. Talal’s protective service also prevents any evil eye from staying for more than three days. After three days, the evil eye automatically disappears from your life. This is one of the only ways to truly get protection from the evil eye.

Frequently Asked Questions - Protection From Evil Eye

The evil eye is a curse that arises when someone directs negative energy towards you with feelings of hate, jealousy, or envy. It is considered serious because it can cause terrible bad luck and negative manifestations in various aspects of your life. Protection from evil eye is a must in these situations.

Victims of the evil eye may experience sudden and ongoing bad luck, relationship problems, physical changes, anxiety, and more. Persistent negative occurrences in various aspects of life may be a sign of an evil eye curse.

There are various protective beliefs and rituals to defend against the evil eye. True protection from evil eye can come from prayer and also an experienced spiritual healer.

Talal Zoabi is an experienced spiritual healer with over 30 years of expertise. He can break any evil eye curse that has been placed on you and provide protection to prevent future curses from sticking with you.

Talal’s Spiritual Evaluation is a tool to identify the presence of an evil eye or other spiritual problems. It can reveal if you’re under an evil eye curse and determine the type of curse. This evaluation is essential in deciding the appropriate course of action.

"I would not trust anyone else besides Talal to look into anything related to this for anyone I know in the future. I am so grateful I found him and have asked him to look into another family member’s situation now which again, he described perfectly and was right about everything."

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