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Breaking curses can be a life-saving skill because spiritual misfortunes can happen to anyone. You have probably heard of terms such as demonic possession, black magic, and evil eye before. You have seen effects showcasing these phenomena in movies. But do you know that these spiritual curses and magic are real? Although spiritual forces can’t be seen with the naked eye, they are real and can manifest in people’s lives.
As you are reading these, thousands of people around the world are dealing with one spiritual problem or the other. Many of these individuals are at a disadvantage because the rules that govern spiritual matters are only understood by a few. As a result, many folks suffer unnecessarily because they don’t know the right steps to take to solve their problem. In this article, you’ll learn 20 cold and hard facts that will assist you in breaking curses over your family. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. There are different types of spiritual problems

The first fact to understand is that there are different types of spiritual curses and problems. The major problems in the spiritual realms are black magic curses, evil spirits, demonic possession, and evil-eye curses. 


Black magic curses are also known as witchcraft, voodoo, and hex. Black magic is spiritual curses created through dark rituals and sacrifices performed by black magicians. Demonic possession occurs when evil entities cross over to our plane and possess people. Lastly, evil eye curses are spiritual curses created spontaneously when people gaze at you with strong negative emotions such as hate or anger.

It’s vital to understand that these spiritual problems are different and require different solutions. That said, these problems often tend to manifest with similar symptoms, making them difficult to differentiate.

2. You can inherit black magic

Focusing more on black magic, it’s essential to understand that black magic curses come in different forms and types. It’s easy for you to think that you don’t know anyone who may be a black magician. Although this may be true, certain types of black spells can be inherited. This is known as an ancestral curse!
It manifests similarly to how some diseases run in families. The original victim may be a grandparent long dead but the curse will be very much alive. You can see that dark curses can be quite horrible. You must remove black magic from your generation. If you don’t, it’ll keep getting stronger and keep passing on to the next generation.

3. Your success can attract curses

Success is that highly desired outcome coveted by many. Everyone desires success in their relationships, careers, homes, and business. However, there is a downside to everything. A little-known fact about success is that it attracts envy. As you become more successful, you will automatically begin to attract the envy and ire of those around you.
While many people will be genuinely happy for you, many will be envious instead. The result of this envy and jealousy in many instances can be magic curses. People who are envious of your success can take steps to drag you down by placing a curse on you. They can do this by either creating a black magic curse themselves or hiring a magician to do it for them. Furthermore, envious people can place evil eye curses on you by sending negative emotions in your direction.

4. Black magicians are not extinct

Another fact about breaking curses is that our technologically advanced world is still spiritual. Spiritual forces still flow around the world invisibly, similar to gravity and other forces. Although black magic is indeed an ancient art, it is not extinct.
The knowledge of black magic exists in various cultures across the world and it still exists today. Even though black magicians are not as common today, due to the dwindling interest in spirituality globally. These people still exist and they can still create powerful curses. Therefore, don’t be skeptical about the possibility of a black magic curse on your life. Black magicians still exist and they are not that hard to find for people who seek them.

5. Signs can be physical

Breaking curses in your life depends on your ability to recognize the symptoms of a curse. As mentioned earlier, the signs of evil eye and the signs of black magic are similar to each other. The commonest of these signs are physical signs that affect your body and health.
One common manifestation of curses is changes in your appearance. A curse can make you look different and hideous. Your face can lose its shape and your skin its color. You can suddenly become obese or skinny. Additionally, any other part of your body can be affected negatively. You can start having vision problems or start vomiting or getting tired easily. Other black magic symptoms include body and mouth odor, convulsions, and recurrent body pains.

6. Signs can be mental

The effects of black magic and evil eye can also be psychological and mental rather than physical. A curse can drag the victim into depression and anxiety. As a victim of a curse, you can suddenly find it difficult to concentrate on tasks. This can be disastrous at work because it can ruin your productivity and reputation. Additionally, you can experience sleep problems, either sleeping for too long or not at all. You can also develop memory problems, constant headaches, and terrible nightmares.

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7. Signs of curses are usually sudden and unexplainable.

As mentioned above, you can see that the effects of black magic and evil eye span multiple domains and mimic a lot of ailments. Since these signs mimic a lot of ailments, it can be difficult for an average person to recognize these signs as black magic. However, there is one feature that gives these signs away and that’s the way they occur.

Unlike medical and mental illness that often progresses over time, magic curses manifest suddenly.

One moment the victim is fine and in a short time, they become unrecognizable because of the manifestations. The manifestations are also unexplainable. Doctors and psychologists will run all tests and will be unable to find a cause for your problems. Once this occurs, it means you probably have a curse to break.


8. Signs can be infertility

While most of the manifestations of a curse are obvious, that is not always the case. Sometimes black magic can manifest with the subtlest of signs and that is infertility. A magic curse can make it impossible for a couple to conceive or lead to repeated miscarriages. Therefore, start considering the possibility of black magic if you’re experiencing infertility and doctors can’t find a cause.

9. Spiritual curses can affect your luck

Is luck real? Luck is a topic that has been discussed extensively on the blog and it’s an area often targeted by magical attacks. Both black magic and evil eye curses manifest prominently with bad luck. If you find yourself going through an extended period of bad luck, then it’s most likely a curse at work. Breaking this curse starts by being observant and taking the necessary steps.

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10. Spiritual Healing Starts With You

Usually, people become eager for spiritual healing when they start suffering from a curse. However, it is critical to understand that healing begins with you. The fact is that not everyone can access spiritual healing. The type of person that you are matters.
If you are an evildoer yourself, who is fond of hurting others or casting spells, it’ll be difficult to access the positive energy necessary for healing. Breaking curses requires a clean and good heart. Therefore, you may need to make amends to be able to undergo true spiritual cleansing.

11. Black Magicians Can’t break curses

Logically, it may seem obvious to seek out black magicians for undoing black spells because they are responsible for creating the spells in the first place. However, the spiritual realm does not respect human logic. The arts of black magic and healing operate strictly on the intentions of the practitioner.
It takes an evil intent to create black magic and evil eye curses. Alternatively, it takes a clean heart to break curses. Therefore, it is practically impossible for black magicians to break curses, even those they created. So, do not seek out black magicians for breaking curses in your family.

12. Astrologers and Psychics can’t break curses

Another common error people make is to seek out astrologers and psychics for breaking curses. Astrologers can divine the future by reading the positions of celestial bodies, while psychics possess extra-sensory abilities like mind-reading, clairvoyance, and telepathy. However, these individuals, although spiritually gifted, are not gifted with spiritual healing ability. They don’t know how to get rid of evil spirits and they cannot break curses, know how to break spells or offer black magic protection.

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13. Most Popular Spiritual Practices are Fallacious

The internet is rife with various popular spiritual practices such as smudging, affirmations, yoga, crystal healing, and so on. Sadly, none of these practices can break curses. Ironically, these popular practices are also the reason people linger with spiritual problems. Subscribing to practices such as smudging and crystal healing help in building positivity but that’s about all they do. They are not powerful enough to help in breaking spells.


14. Curses Don’t Resolve Spontaneously

It’s critical to note that curses are often permanent unless you do something about them. Unlike negativity and some infections that your body can fight off on its own, curses are vastly powerful. For this reason, people can have curses in their lives for years and experience recurrent manifestations. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms will resolve only to resurface after a while. This will keep going on until they eventually do something about it. The takeaway from this is you have to take steps if you suspect a curse in your life.

15. Buying Healing Amulets can be dangerous

Spiritual healing amulets charms are dime a dozen around you. You’ll find numerous online blogs and spiritual stores selling protective charms. However, you are recommended to avoid these spiritual items. They are not how to break a spell and they don’t offer powerful evil eye protection.
Although many of these amulets are harmless, the fact is that curses cannot be broken by any amulet. To make matters worse, some amulets contain real black magic. If you are unlucky enough to purchase these charms, they can place you under a new curse and worsen your situation.

16. Spiritual Assessment is the first step to healing

An indisputable fact is that before a problem can be fixed, the problem has to be confirmed in the first place. Think about the time you took your car to the workshop, before commencing the repair, the mechanic would probably assess the car for a fault and wouldn’t take your word for it. This fact is also true in the spiritual realm.
If you’re following closely, you would realize that curses mimic a lot of ailments. Therefore, the only way to be sure is to check for the presence of a curse. The good news is that spiritual assessment is possible and can be assessed remotely by contacting a true magic healer. A magic reading is a comprehensive spiritual test that reveals if you have a curse or not. This is how to know if you are cursed!
This service is offered either freely or for a price by true spiritual healers. Our resident healer Talal Zoabi offers a free black magic check for everyone interested. By opting in and submitting some vital personal details required for the reading to work, you will be able to know if you’re cursed or not. Then, you will know if you have to seek energy healing or not.

17. Spiritual Healing Prayer Works Wonders

Whether you are cursed or not, an ancient practice that has always proven effective against curses is prayer. Praying, although simple, is one of the most powerful spiritual activities in existence. Prayer for healing involves exercising your faith in the Almighty. It’s an extremely uplifting and positive practice that invites God’s power into your life. You can start praying today as God can help in clearing dark energies in your life.

18. Magic Healers are gifted to heal

God placed different types of people on earth to solve different kinds of problems. Right from ancient times, there have always been artists, farmers, artisans, healers, and so on. The point we are driving at is that God has created some individuals to help solve problems including spirituality.
Spiritual healers are unique individuals created by God to solve spiritual crises. Therefore, these are the best people you have to seek out if you have a spiritual curse. They have the gift and skill to perform energy healing, break spells, and offer spiritual protection. You can find credible spirit healers from far and wide who offer a black magic remedy. However, do your research and read spiritual healing testimonials before working with any healer.

19. Lifetime spiritual protection is possible

Instead of waiting for a curse before acting, you can protect your family and yourself by seeking spiritual protection. Spiritual protection is a unique service offered by Spiritual Healers. This helps to protect your family, home, and business from harm from spiritual influences. Although it may sound cliche, it’s one of the best steps you can take for yourself. The good news is that some services offered by the Office of Talal Zoabi come with free lifetime protection from magical influences.

20. Reading is Easy

Lastly, reading is easy, and taking action is hard. If you made it to this point, it means you are truly interested in breaking spiritual influence in your life. The good news is that you have been empowered with all the facts. Now, you have to take a leap of faith and take that spiritual assessment. Then, after that, take steps to look for a credible healer and undergo spiritual cleansing and healing. It all starts and ends with the decision you make right now!
Breaking curses, a vital skill for spiritual well-being, is surrounded by misconceptions and mysteries. This article has illuminated 20 facts about breaking curses that are essential for safeguarding your family’s spiritual health for generations.
Firstly, understanding the different types of spiritual problems, like black magic curses, evil spirits, demonic possession, and evil-eye curses, is crucial in breaking curses. Each of these has unique characteristics and requires specific approaches to tackle. Particularly, black magic, often inherited as ancestral curses, can manifest in various forms, affecting not just the individual but generations.
Success, paradoxically, can attract curses due to envy and jealousy from others. This underlines the importance of being vigilant about the spiritual implications of success. Additionally, the existence of black magicians in the modern world, though less common, serves as a reminder that breaking curses is still relevant today.
Recognizing the signs of curses is a critical step in breaking curses. These signs can be physical, such as changes in appearance or health issues, or mental, like depression and anxiety. The sudden and unexplainable nature of these symptoms often differentiates them from ordinary medical conditions.
Infertility and consistent bad luck can also be indicators of curses, emphasizing the diverse ways in which these spiritual problems can manifest. Understanding that spiritual healing starts with the individual, and that black magicians and astrologers are not equipped to break curses, is essential in seeking the right help.
Contrary to popular belief, many common spiritual practices like smudging or crystal healing are ineffective in breaking curses. Curses do not resolve spontaneously and require proactive steps for resolution. Also, caution is advised against buying healing amulets, as they can sometimes exacerbate the problem.
The first step towards healing is a spiritual assessment to confirm the presence of a curse. Spiritual healing prayers are powerful tools in the fight against curses. Seeking help from gifted magic healers, who are uniquely equipped to deal with spiritual crises, is often the most effective course of action.
Moreover, obtaining lifetime spiritual protection is a proactive step in safeguarding oneself and family from future curses. Lastly, it’s important to remember that while gaining knowledge about breaking curses is straightforward, the real challenge lies in taking action against these spiritual afflictions.
In conclusion, breaking curses is a complex process that requires awareness, understanding, and proactive steps. By acknowledging the existence of curses, recognizing their signs, and seeking the right help, one can effectively protect themselves and their family from spiritual harm.

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FAQ's - Breaking Curses

The signs of a curse can be physical, like changes in appearance or health issues, or mental, such as depression and anxiety. They often manifest suddenly and are unexplainable by medical professionals, which is a key indicator of a curse.

Yes, success can attract curses due to envy and jealousy from others. This is why it’s essential to be aware of the spiritual implications of success and take measures for protection.

No, black magicians are not capable of breaking curses. Breaking curses requires a clean heart and good intentions, which are contrary to the practices of black magicians.

No, common practices like smudging, crystal healing, and affirmations are not powerful enough to break curses. They may build positivity but are not sufficient for dealing with curses.

Protecting yourself and your family involves being vigilant about the signs of curses, seeking a spiritual assessment, and consulting with a gifted magic healer. Additionally, obtaining lifetime spiritual protection from a credible spiritual healer can safeguard against future curses.

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