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Complete Guide to a True Magic Reading

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In this article, we’ll be talking about the unique topic of Magic Readings and Talal’s free black magic check. This isn’t your common dinner table topic, but it’s no less important. Knowing how to obtain a proper magic reading can be lifesaving because in the world we live in, everything is not physical and visible.


Many things go unseen in the spirit realm. Thousands of people deal with bewildering situations in their life. And many of these unexplained circumstances have spiritual causes. Many people toil with bad luck, debilitating diseases, physical changes, and so on.


The mistake many people with such afflictions make is assuming these are always physical problems and looking only for physical solutions. But there’s no physical solution to spiritual problems. This is where a magic reading comes in. A true spiritual reading/evaluation is the only means of confirming if one is a victim of black magic or not.

Talal Zoabi's Magic Reading

If you have a spiritual problem, the right step is to seek spiritual healing. But you don’t go directly for that healing without confirming the problem. Think about it, surgeons do a lot of screening before commencing any operation. If a patient is suspected of having a tumor, he or she must undergo many scans and tests before the diagnosis can be confirmed. The doctor will order CT and MRI scans and multiple blood and other tests on the patient to confirm the presence and extent of the tumor.

This applies to spiritual healing too. There’s no one cure-all for spiritual healing. There are different types of spiritual problems, and they require different types of healing. Problems must be diagnosed before choosing the right help. Luckily, Talal can help with this.

At Talal’s office, he offers a free black magic check that you can take. This evaluation is designed to reveal if you have a spiritual problem and what kind. His check is super accurate and free and has no strings attached to ever have you feeling pressured.

This evaluation requires information for locating you in the spiritual realm and conducting a search if anyone has entered your section there. The information required for the test includes the following:

1.    Your full name.
2.    Your mother’s first name.
3.    The day, month, and year of birth.
4.    Location.
5.    A clear picture of your face.

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How The Spiritual Reading Works

As stated earlier, the magic reading is designed to detect spiritual problems. Below are the three major spiritual problems that this evaluation can detect.

Black Magic

Black magic – including demon possession – is by far the most important spiritual problem of humans. It’s widely known about and experienced in numerous cultures worldwide and is otherwise known as Witchcraft, Hexes, and Voodoo. It’s an ancient art related to Satan’s prehistoric crusade against humans. 

The art is practiced by evildoers called black magicians and witches. And although black magic varies across cultures, the central theme is the same. Black magic involves various complex spell castings and rituals. Practitioners summon dark entities from other dimensions into ours with these rituals. With the same rituals, they bind these entities and demons to their wills. These rituals aim to access the power of entities.

With these powers, black magicians can conduct their evil wishes. They can cause harm to people’s lives, marriages, and so on. People engage in black magic for reasons such as hate, jealousy, and self-interest. Black magic is an immensely powerful action that can damage anyone’s life.

Black Magic Symptoms

The common symptoms of black magic can include the following:

  • Relationship issues for no reason.
  • Irritating transformation of the skin and eye.
  • Bewildering bad luck occurrences in every aspect of one’s life.
  • Sudden and treatment-resistant body and mouth odor.
  • Reproductive issues such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, lack of menstruation, and so on.
  • Sudden mental issues such as psychosis, depression, personality changes, and irritability.
  • Paranoia and the sense that one is being always followed.
  • Sudden development of seizures and headaches.
  • Personality changes such as sudden alcoholism, violence, and so on.

Evil Eye

Most people believe the evil eye to be a myth, but it’s not. The idea that people’s hateful glares can construct life-destroying forces sounds far-fetched. Ironically, it happens, and many people suffer from the evil eye daily. 

Human intent is incredibly powerful. Negativity is nearly as powerful as positivity. Evil eye results from people casting hateful or envious glances or thoughts at you. It’s often as simple as that. By channeling such negativity, people can create curses that can damage a life. The evil eye is far more dangerous because it can be created unintentionally. 

Most victims of the evil eye are successful and good people, the reason being that successful people often attract envy and hate like no other. However, some people who create an evil eye know exactly what they are doing when they do it.

Many are aware of the power of channeled intent. They engage in casting negative thoughts and emotions towards you to create the curse. The motivation people have for creating the evil eye includes hate, jealousy, love, and personal ambition. 

Evil Eye Symptoms

The symptoms of the evil eye vary. And they tend to match the intent of the person creating the curse. For instance, the symptoms might show up stronger as problems in relationships for some people. For others, the manifestation may be greater in their business. Here are the common evil eye symptoms

  • Sudden agitation and anxiety at home or work.
  • Bad luck at things you expect to succeed. This may span through relationships, careers, and so on.
  • Becoming emotionally unstable to the extent that people start avoiding you.
  • Pets dying or becoming ill and appliances malfunctioning suddenly.
  • Deterioration of physical appearance to the extent that people start avoiding you. You may even stop going out as a result.
  • Feeling alone and depressed as side effects of other manifestations.

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession Demonic possession is not new. Humans are not the only sentient creatures in existence. Before God created man, beings known as Jinn walked the earth. These beings were forged from fire like how man was made from earth. Right now, these beings exist in other dimensions like ours. All Jinn are not inherently evil. Both good and bad Jinn exist. They possess their own cultures and religions like man.

However, there are a set of Jinn known as demons. These are Jinn loyal to Satan or who are spawns of Satan. Satan himself is a type of Jinn. All the children he has, and his followers are regarded as demons. Demons and other Jinn can cross over to our dimension and possess people.

No one really knows why some people get possessed. Since possession happens to both good and bad people. However, the belief is that non-evildoers are less likely to become possessed. Certain things such as young age, and filth also tend to attract demonic entities. Possession is another aspect where magic reading is required.

Many people stay possessed for far too long. By taking a magic reading, you’ll get to know if there’s an entity in you or someone close to you.

Demonic Possession Symptoms

Here are some signs of demonic possession:

  • Developing prophetic abilities and claiming to get instruction from God or an angel.
  • Undergoing a sudden change in skin and facial appearance.
  • Having intimate knowledge of other people and circumstances.
  • Becoming filthy, refusing to bathe, and enjoying dirty places.
  • Hoarding.
  • Developing a new personality and behaving like someone else.
  • Believing that they are on a mission ordained by God or an angel.
  • Engaging in self-harmful behaviors and encouraging others to partake.

True Magic Reading and Healing

As you can see, the spiritual problems discussed above are all nasty. Most importantly, each problem requires a different type of spiritual healing. Breaking a black magic curse will require a different process from casting out demons. As a result, magic readings and healing are intertwined.
Therefore, you must be careful about the spiritual help you seek. There are a lot of fake healers out there. Many people market themselves as healers of all spiritual problems. They claim to have a charm or ritual that heals everything.
But can this really be true? Is there a drug or surgical procedure that cures every ailment? I don’t think so. You must be careful of healers that don’t offer magic reading. Magic reading is the most essential aspect of true healing. It’s the only way true healers can know how to help.

If anyone tries to sell their service without first doing a black magic assessment check, avoid them. The office of Talal Zoabi has a lifelong mission to help everyone with spiritual problems. Talal is a spirit healer of over 30 years with the God-given gift and talent of spiritual healing. He has helped thousands of people with spiritual troubles.



Our office doesn’t offer any pre-packaged services. All healing services must be uniquely tailored to the afflicted person and the problem. That’s why taking Talal’s magic reading is mandatory. Talal requires the results of the evaluation to choose the appropriate healing approach. That’s how important a spiritual reading is. Getting true healing isn’t possible without it. So, if you’re having any of the symptoms discussed above, take his free black magic check and check out his clients’ spiritual healing testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions - Magic Reading - FAQ's

A magic reading is a spiritual evaluation aimed at detecting and diagnosing various spiritual problems such as black magic, evil eye, and demonic possession. It helps individuals understand if they are affected by any spiritual afflictions that may be causing issues in their lives.

A magic reading can be lifesaving as it uncovers hidden spiritual problems that may not have apparent physical causes. By identifying the root cause of issues such as relationship troubles, bad luck, and emotional instability, individuals can seek the appropriate spiritual healing and find solutions for their problems.

Talal Zoabi’s magic reading is a free black magic check designed to provide accurate results. By providing your full name, mother’s first name, date of birth, location, and a clear picture of your face, Talal locates you in the spiritual realm and conducts a search for any negative influences. This evaluation is essential in tailoring the right approach for your spiritual healing.

Yes, magic reading can indirectly help with good luck in business by identifying and removing any spiritual obstacles that might be hindering your success. Sometimes, the evil eye or black magic cast by jealous or envious individuals can negatively impact your business ventures. By addressing these spiritual issues through healing, you can enhance your chances of experiencing good luck in business.

If you are facing unexplained challenges in various aspects of your life, such as relationships, career, health, or mental well-being, a magic reading could be beneficial.


Common symptoms like persistent bad luck, sudden personality changes, and feelings of being followed or cursed are indicators that you may need a spiritual evaluation to determine if a spiritual problem is affecting you.


Remember, getting a true magic reading from a genuine healer like Talal Zoabi can be the first step towards finding the right spiritual healing and improving your overall well-being, including good luck in business.

"“My heart and soul need to share the world and for anyone who put his special situation into Talal and Kristen hands. One night I pray with my heart to God, I was leaving a hell because someone else took advantage of my situation. I knew God would listen to me and that night, I was praying near the ocean and I asked God to send me help or just guide with someone that could help me break the black magic. The same night I found the web page of Talal, I knew something in my soul was telling me he was the person that I asked God for help."

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