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The Life of Spiritual Healer Talal Zoabi

Discovering the Cure and Protection From Black Magic

Talal Zoabi learned at a very early age that he was born with a spiritual healing gift. This can best be described as extreme supernatural powers. Talal was born and raised in the Holy Land of Nazareth, Israel. At only seven years old he started having frequent visits by an evil presence on many nights. This evil being did not appear to be human. It looked like a demon with the face of a dog and it had an unusually long tail. Little did Talal know this would be the beginning of his spiritual healer journey on breaking black magic and performing real exorcisms worldwide. Protection from black magic would soon be spread globally with his spiritual gift of healing.

"When life hands you difficulties, respond with the courage to overcome."

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Talal Zoabi's Story

Little Talal was terrified each night when an evil presence would come and visit him. This led to many sleepless nights. All he could do was place his head under the covers and pray that this ugly evil presence would go away.


One night, Talal’s prayers were answered. When the evil presence appeared again, Talal could see a bright light behind the creature. A man dressed in white with a flowing white beard appeared. The evil presence was instantly defeated as it was then transformed into embers and slowly left the room in ashes.


After this incredible experience, Talal never saw the evil presence again. Receiving the Spiritual Gift of Healing from God after this life-changing experience, Talal realized he was blessed in a way different from other people.


Occasionally, he would experience visions of the future and then have these visions come to pass. Young Talal started having regular visits from the white-bearded man.

The positive presence taught him about the underworld and about spiritualism. Talal knew that over a thousand years ago he had spiritual healer ancestors. These relatives had been proclaimed saints and were gifted by God with the ability to heal others and also provide protection from black magic. The white-bearded teacher explained that this gift had been passed down to Talal as well. Talal spent many years studying ancient and modern texts on spiritual healing. He also did much research on the world wide web and learned what information was true and what was completely false. Through years of personal studies, Talal has expanded his spiritual gift of healing. This helped him learn about the symptoms of a black magic curse. He knew how to remove black magic, how to identify demonic possessions and perform exorcisms, and about the other wonders of the spirit world. While yet a boy, the wisdom and the spiritual healer work Talal provided spread across the land. People from different towns and cities started consulting him about their disturbing dark experiences resulting from black magic and evil entities. Talal would experience dreams that showed him how to break these spells. Over the years, he learned how to create his own custom talismans to provide protection against black magic. News of his spiritual gift of healing and his work continued to spread to other parts of the world.

When he was fourteen, Talal started working in a private office in Haifa, Israel. A woman claiming to be a spiritualist owned the office and said she broke black magic spells. Talal partnered with the woman but soon grasped that she was actually having him do the work that she herself could not perform. Soon after, he learned that she was practicing her own black magic on her clients. The woman would perform black magic and then afterward offer her “services” to take the spell off for a fee, of course. Remember, anyone who performs black magic cannot break black magic. After realizing what the woman was doing, Talal knew he could not work there and needed to work solo. As he ventured on his own, Talal’s name and reputation spread by word of mouth in many parts of the Holy Land.

Talal was different. Something about him made clients feel at ease and this made them able to trust him with spiritual healing. His charisma, talents and skills were recognized and appreciated, and he developed a wide clientele. Clients came from different cultures, races, and religions. Muslim sheiks and Christian clergymen alike have sought Talal’s help for exorcism rites. Over time Talal became so popular that his name became known far and wide. As did the power of good over black magic and protection from evil. His mission was to help people by breaking black magic and helping with other evil problems. Talal also helped others know how to avoid black magic.

After helping many people in the Holy Land, Talal decided to visit his sister abroad. What started off as a family trip grew into an academic and cultural journey lasting 12 years and spanning 3 continents. In Florence, Italy that summer, the young man developed a love for film making. Imagina University helped cultivate Talal’s talents and skills and gave him an outlet for creating short films and other unpublished works. Talal then traveled to America to study various scientific disciplines at De Paul and Harold Washington Universities. In Chicago, everything seemed so huge – so very unlike his humble community in Nazareth. 


Pondering the similarities and differences of his past and present life further developed the strength of character and clearness of mind. Talal then moved to California. There he studied massage therapy and other learnings at Bryman College and DeAnza. Shortly after an opportunity opened for Talal to manage several day spas in San Francisco. Here he met his future wife, before returning to Israel.

Talal returned to Nazareth with a new vision and determination to create the city’s first-ever day spa La Luna Spa. This venture, including a fitness center and a Turkish Hammam, took all of Talal’s waking hours. It left little time to spend with his family, and even less to practice his spiritual healing. After six demanding years, Talal closed the business. It was becoming clearer that he was born to be a spiritual healer. Increasing demand for his deliverance prayer followed, including many clients abroad.

His unmistakable love of learning and fervent compassion for people drew Talal back to the Holy Land where his family has always been rooted. He drew his strength from being close to people and close to the world. He knew there was something important he was being called to do. Over the years, Talal has gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom, based on experience. He has studied many courses and learned diverse skills. He has also harnessed his amazing talent of spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing, breaking black magic, exorcisms and breaking curses. With his ability to speak fluently in a variety of languages, it was natural that Talal should grow to help numerous people. With his experienced spiritual healer capability, he has healed many people around the globe. He classifies himself as a Citizen of the World and feels at home everywhere he goes.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, even if you're walking through the darkest night."

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Frequently Asked Questions About Talal's Life FAQ's

Talal discovered his Spiritual Gift of Healing after a profound childhood experience where he encountered an evil presence that was subsequently defeated by a benevolent, white-bearded figure. After this event, Talal began receiving visits from this figure and started having visions of the future that would come to pass. This marked the beginning of his journey as a spiritual healer.

Talal spent many years studying ancient and modern texts on spiritual healing and researching extensively on the internet. He learned how to distinguish true information from falsehoods. His studies helped him understand the symptoms of a black magic curse, identify demonic possessions, perform exorcisms, and navigate the spirit world. He also learned to create custom talismans (Hirz) for protection against black magic.

At fourteen, Talal initially partnered with a woman who claimed to be a spiritualist. However, he soon discovered that she was using black magic on her clients and offering to remove the spells for a fee. Recognizing the deception, Talal decided to work solo, and his reputation grew as he provided genuine help to those affected by black magic.

Talal’s sincere dedication to healing and his unique spiritual abilities quickly gained him recognition. He helped people from various cultures, races, and religions, including Muslim Sheiks and Christian Clergymen who sought his help for exorcism rites. His name spread far and wide, along with the power of good over black magic and protection from evil.

Talal’s journey overseas began as a family trip but evolved into an academic and cultural exploration. In Italy, he developed a love for filmmaking. In the United States, he studied various scientific disciplines. Living in diverse settings and comparing the differences and similarities between his past and present life developed his strength of character and clearness of mind. These experiences, along with his subsequent study of massage therapy and his management of day spas, complemented and broadened his spiritual healing practice.

"THANK YOU, for helping me get my power back. My Energy back. My life. I lost so much, this time it feels weird to know, what is for me, its actual mines now and for me."​

30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing