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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what causes bad luck in your life? It’s certainly not easy being the unlucky one among your peers. Yes, sometimes life happens and things go wrong. People get sick, fall victim to accidents, or lose money due to poor financial decisions. Sometimes people get divorced or you can lose your job and loved ones. These difficult instances are normal in life. They help us grow and teach us resiliency in various aspects of life. 
However, these instances stop being helpful if you start experiencing them on a daily or weekly basis. When you constantly have bad occurrences in your life, that is definitely not life being life. There is probably a sinister reason behind your persistent bad luck and that’s what we’ll be exploring together in this article. In this guide, you will learn how luck works and what causes bad luck. Let’s get started. 

What Causes Bad Luck In Life

1. Your mindset determines your luck

It’s easy to conclude that lucky people are born under a lucky star. But this is far from the truth. According to extensive research conducted by Dr. Wiseman, a prominent luck researcher, it was discovered that people’s mindsets played a crucial role in influencing luck. After studying hundreds of people over ten years, Dr. Wiseman discovered that lucky people believed that they were lucky and they listened to their intuitions. Not believing in luck is what causes bad luck. 
Regardless of what transpired in their lives, they believed that they were lucky and that their luck would eventually prevail. As a result, these individuals don’t quit early or take no for an answer. Although they experienced bad occurrences just like any other, they kept going and eventually their luck prevailed. This is the secret of how to become luckier. 
You have to convince yourself that you are inherently lucky to harness luck in your life. You may be responsible for your bad luck if your mindset is negative. Ironically, you can be oblivious to this. Your conscious thoughts may be positive but that’s rarely what drives the show. Your unconscious thoughts and mindset are what truly matters. If you truly believe that you are unlucky and you don’t deserve good things, luck will be hard to come by. You have to work on your mindset and convince yourself that you are lucky. You are worthy and you deserve a great life. 

2. Bad decisions bring ill luck

Another discovery made by Dr. Wiseman is that our decisions have far-reaching consequences. The reason you may be having ill luck is because you make bad decisions. There are many reasons why this happens including faulty belief systems, habits, and social influences. If you are fond of avoiding opportunities, taking the wrong job, and entering the wrong relationships, you’ll keep having bad luck. 
Lucky people are individuals who constantly evaluate themselves for any errors in their judgment. They can recognize their bad decisions and learn from them. Doing this helps them in making better decisions which translates to good luck. You can learn a thing or two from these people by constantly evaluating yourself. Learn to stop making easy or simple decisions. Consider the long-term repercussions before making important decisions in your home and business

3. Selfishness repels good luck

In life, many factors play into the success of any individual. No matter how smart or talented you are, you can only go so far without the help of others. You need others to assist, recommend, hire, and work with you if you want to succeed. Lucky people subconsciously understand this. This is why they are usually great team members, who help others readily. What causes bad luck in other people’s lives is greed.
If you are only about furthering your ambitions and you don’t care about anyone, no one will care about you either. The only way to improve your luck is by helping others. Help out your friends, coworkers, and colleagues as much as you can. Doing a lot of good deeds creates a scenario in which you are owed favors by many. You can call on these favors when you need to. For instance, your colleagues will readily recommend you for a promotion or a high-paying gig if you have helped them in the past. They are less likely to do so if you have never done any favor to anyone in recent memory. 

4. Your circle matters

The quality of the people you surround yourself with matters. What causes bad luck in some people’s lives is their poor and small circle of influence. If you don’t have a large network of loving friends and colleagues recommending you and assisting you, the sad fact is luck will be hard to come by. Likewise, if you surround yourself with negative and selfish people who thrive on bringing you down, they’ll only increase your misery. If you have been struggling with luck lately, it’s time to become intentional about your circle. Take steps to make new friends and broaden your existing networks by going to conferences, and workshops. You can also volunteer more often to meet new people. 

5. Bad habits attract bad luck 

Another reason you may be experiencing bad luck is if you have bad habits. Although you may blame luck, your habits are directly responsible for a lot of what transpires in your life. If you are hardworking, social, and very intentional about your purposes, you’re more likely to be luckier than people who procrastinate and are unsocial. Habits such as social withdrawal, procrastination, laziness, and selfishness have been proven to attract bad luck. You should consider changing your habits if you are guilty of any of the bad habits listed above. 

6. Ancestral curses

So far, we have discussed the natural factors that cause bad luck. However, bad luck can be due to spiritual causes in a lot of cases. Persistent bad luck is one of the most common signs of black magic. Yes, black magic curses exist and they can cause a lot of damage in a person’s life. Black magic is an ancient practice of creating magical spells with dark rituals and sacrifices.
Although the world has gone digital, virtually every culture on Earth has a history of black magic. Therefore, black sorcerers still exist who create black magic spells. Some black magic spells can be inherited and are known as ancestral curses. Therefore, you should start thinking of a real black magic curse if you are having debilitating bad luck despite your best efforts. To become luckier, you have to learn how to remove black magic and how to get rid of evil spirits

"With every challenge, you're carving a path to a brighter future."

7. Demonic possession

Another spiritual cause of bad luck is demonic possession. Evil entities known as jinns or demons sometimes cross over to our world and possess people. When this occurs, these evil entities bring about various nefarious signs which include bad luck. Although there are other signs of demonic possession, bad luck is quite prominent and easily recognizable because it is severe. This is because possessing entities are evil and they are a magnet of bad luck. People subconsciously sense the taint in possessed people and they avoid them at all cost. If you are experiencing signs of demonic possession in your home, your next aim should be how to get rid of evil spirits. 

8. Unchecked negativity

It shouldn’t be surprising that positive people are luckier than their negative counterparts. Positive people spontaneously lift the spirits of those around them. As a result, people generally associate better with positive individuals because of their happy spirits. If you are too negative or critical of others, few people would want to have anything to do with you. Therefore you have to look out for unchecked negativity in your home, life, and business. 
How do you approach things? What topics are you fond of talking about? Are you fond of criticizing or complimenting others? If you have too much negativity in your life. It can spill over to your behaviors and start manifesting in other areas of your life. And once it does, it can cause bad luck. Clearing dark energies in your life is essential to getting your luck back. 

9. Evil eye curses

About spiritual causes of bad luck, the top spot goes to evil eye curses. If you are not familiar with this term, an evil eye curse is a spiritual curse spontaneously created when others look at you with hate or envy. Ironically, these curses are quite common because they can be created unintentionally by anyone. 
As you are reading this, millions of people around the world are suffering from evil eye curses. With that in mind, bad Luck remains the most common sign of evil eye. This is why warding off the evil eye and getting powerful evil eye protection is essential if you always want your luck intact. 

10. Staying in your comfort zone

Lastly, what causes bad luck in people’s lives is often the lack of urgency about the bad luck. The reason you may be having ill luck is because you are comfortable being a victim of bad luck. It’s easy to associate oneself as the unlucky one to curry favor from others. On the other hand, it’s much more difficult to maximize opportunities, live a purposeful life, and remain resilient in the face of repeated failure. It can also be challenging to take steps to eradicate spiritual influences causing bad luck in your life. 

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What next?

Now that you know what causes bad luck in people’s lives, the next step is getting your good luck back. To do this, you can start by asking some big questions: Is your luck due to your actions? And how to know it you are cursed with bad luck. 
The very first step is to adopt a better mindset and develop better habits. Believe that you are lucky and that you deserve good things in life. Start doing selfless deeds, socialize more, and maximize opportunities by developing better habits. Also, start setting purposeful goes and work your hats off to achieve them. Don’t be discouraged by failure, keep innovating and trying until you succeed. 
Next, if you suspect a supernatural background to your bad luck, take steps to confirm if that’s the case. You can confirm if you are under a curse by taking a spiritual assessment or magic check. This is a service offered by a magic healer. You can take this free black magic check offered by our office. Once the check reveals a curse, the next step is seeking spiritual and energy healing. This is also another service provided by true Spirit healers worldwide. Only true magic healers know how to break spells. As you are doing this, you can also pray and engage in spiritual cleansing practices to invite positivity into your life. This is how to get luckier once again. 
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Interesting Facts About What Causes Bad Luck In Life

While we’ve delved into the various aspects of what causes bad luck in life, there are some fascinating and lesser-known facts related to this topic that can shed more light on the subject:

The Luck Paradox:

Did you know that some cultures believe in a luck paradox? It’s a phenomenon where people who seem to have a string of bad luck often end up having an exceptionally good stroke of luck. This intriguing concept suggests that bad luck may, at times, be a precursor to an upcoming fortunate event.

Superstitions Around the World:

Different cultures have their own superstitions when it comes to bad luck. For instance, in some Asian countries, the number 4 is considered extremely unlucky due to its similarity to the word for “death.” Meanwhile, in Western cultures, Friday the 13th is often regarded as an unlucky day.

Lucky Charms:

Many individuals carry lucky charms or trinkets to ward off bad luck. These can range from a rabbit’s foot to a horseshoe. While there’s no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness, the belief in these charms is a fascinating aspect of human psychology.

Psychology of Luck:

Psychologists have studied the concept of luck extensively. They’ve found that people who consider themselves lucky tend to be more open to new experiences and opportunities. They also tend to be more optimistic and resilient in the face of adversity.

Randomness and Probability:

In some cases, what appears to be bad luck might simply be a result of randomness and probability. Life is filled with unpredictable events, and sometimes, unfortunate outcomes occur purely by chance.

"Your spirit is a phoenix, rising from the ashes of adversity."

Lucky Numbers Worldwide:

Just as certain numbers are considered unlucky, some are deemed incredibly lucky. For instance, the number 7 is often regarded as lucky in many cultures, including Western societies. It’s associated with good fortune, perhaps due to its prevalence in nature (the seven days of the week, seven colors in a rainbow, etc.).

The Butterfly Effect:

The concept of the butterfly effect suggests that a small change in one part of the world can lead to significant consequences elsewhere. This notion applies to luck as well; a seemingly minor event or decision can have a cascading effect on your overall luck.

The Role of Serendipity:

Serendipity, often described as a fortunate accident, plays a significant role in luck. Many breakthroughs and discoveries throughout history have happened by chance, highlighting how luck can sometimes be the driving force behind innovation.

The Influence of Astrology:

Some individuals believe that their astrological sign can impact their luck. Astrology enthusiasts often consult horoscopes and astrologers to gain insights into their future and potential areas of good or bad luck.

Lucky Symbols in Nature:

Animals and symbols from nature have been considered lucky by different cultures. For example, in some cultures, seeing a ladybug is thought to bring good luck. Similarly, a four-leaf clover is seen as a symbol of good fortune due to its rarity.

The Power of Visualization:

Visualization techniques are often employed by people aiming to improve their luck. The idea is to vividly imagine positive outcomes and visualize success, which can help create a more optimistic and lucky mindset.

Lucky Colors:

Colors are often associated with luck in various cultures. For example, in Chinese culture, the color red is considered lucky and is often used in celebrations and festivities to attract good fortune.

Beginner’s Luck:

Have you ever heard of beginner’s luck? It’s a phenomenon where people who are new to an activity or game experience unexpected success. While it may seem like luck, it could be attributed to reduced pressure, enthusiasm, or a lack of overthinking.

Lucky Charms in Sports:

In sports, athletes often have superstitions and lucky charms that they believe bring them good luck. These can range from wearing a specific jersey or socks to following a pre-game routine.

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FAQ's - What Causes Bad Luck In Life

While some instances of bad luck are indeed a result of chance and randomness, others can be influenced by factors like mindset, decision-making, and even spiritual beliefs.

Yes, studies have shown that adopting a more positive mindset and believing in your own luck can lead to improved outcomes in life. A positive attitude can help you seize opportunities and overcome obstacles.

Various cultures have rituals and practices to ward off the evil eye and curses. These often involve protective symbols, prayers, or seeking the help of spiritual healers.

Absolutely. Luck is not static, and it can change based on your actions, decisions, and mindset. By making positive changes in your life, you can improve your luck over time.
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