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Being able to differentiate fictional ideas from signs of demonic possession can be life-saving. We live in a time that society has completely suspended belief in supernatural things. If you ask most people about signs of real demonic possession, they’ll probably refer to scenes they saw in a popular catholic and horror movie.

The horror movie industry is the genre that popularly showcases demonology and exorcisms. Famous movies in this genre include The Shining and The Conjuring. Movies like these have drastically influenced the populace’s understanding of demonic possession and exorcisms. In these movies, the main themes are scary scenes and priests doing exorcisms.

This is a far cry from what happens in real life, however. Although some cases of possession may manifest similarly to what occurs in movies. In most instances, the major symptoms will be completely different. Therefore, relying on the themes in movies and novels is a wrong approach to identifying signs of real possession. So, let us start by discussing what a demonic possession really is.

Demonic Possession: Real or Mental Condition

Humans are pretty intelligent and special beings. We are the apex species on earth and our massive brains give us an edge over every other species. It made things such as language, culture, and technology possible. As a result, we’ve conquered the earth and beyond. These great achievements are why we often think that we are the apex species. But that is not true.

There are other intelligent entities in the universe. Now we do not mean aliens. The holy spirit exists. Angels exist and then we have the Jinns. The Jinns are creatures created by God out of fire. And they were created long before God decided to create the first man. These beings exist on another plane of existence just like we do. Because we don’t have access to their realm, we can’t see them.

However, these beings can cross over to our side and can cause serious problems. But they are not all bad. They have both good and bad sides. The bad Jinns are loyal to the devil and they are referred to as demons. They operate against God’s purpose just like their master. These sets can cross over to our reality to possess people. This is what we call a demonic possession once it occurs. There’s a lot documented about demons in the bible.


"When you're walking through fire, remember that you emerge refined and stronger."

Why Does Possession Happen

One more thing to understand is that demons do not possess objects. Demons do not possess dolls or ancient clocks like in the movies. Some wandering demons might rest in this object for a day, but then they’ll most likely leave shortly after. Demons only possess living things.

In the past, the common belief is that demonic possession is a punishment from God. However, demons don’t just possess bad people and leave good people alone. It’s been well-documented that both good and bad people are possessed by demons. With that said, demons prefer to attack certain people.

Demons are particularly attracted to filth and uncleanliness. Demons also prefer to possess younger people compared to older people. They do this for several reasons. The major reason is that younger people have minds that are still friable and developing. Additionally, negative mental states such as anxiety, sadness, and grief tend to attract demons. So people going through these emotions are also at risk of possession.

That said, even in the absence of these factors, possession can still occur. Now that you know more about demons, what are the signs of real demonic possession?


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Signs Of Real Demonic Possession

The signs of real demonic possession are dreadful, sometimes even worse than that of black magic. However, these symptoms are quite specific. They are easy to identify if you know what you are looking for. But, because many can’t identify these symptoms, they end up living with evil entities for years. The new signs discussed below are the commonest signs to look out for.


1. Personality changes

A common sign of possession is a sudden personality change. People do change, but sudden change is most likely pathological. For instance, a hardworking individual suddenly quits his job and starts drinking. A religious individual who is always regular in the church can stop and claim to be an atheist.

When you notice people practice cruelty to others, it can be a sign that they are possessed. If your friend suddenly becomes hostile and pushes loved ones away. It might be an evil entity instructing the individual to change suddenly.


2. Skin illness

Our body is meant only for our souls. When another entity moves in, one of the things that happens is skin alteration. The affected person’s skin tone becomes sickly. Their skin can turn pale and become reddened with rashes and the like.

When you see these people, you just get the sense that something is off. Additionally, they can develop terrible body and mouth odors. This can be irritating, and no amount of deodorant can cover the smell.


"In the darkness of adversity, you're forging the path to your own light."

3. Mental illness

The commonest misdiagnosis of possessed people is mental illness. This is because the most prominent sign of real demonic possession is mental. A possessed person can suddenly develop a phobia of things like water and open spaces. They can easily develop depression and become bed-bound.

They can start behaving inappropriately in public. The possessed can start laughing awkwardly publicly or indulge in childish acts repeatedly. They can also become paranoid and unable to trust anyone. A voice will keep telling them to trust no one and they can start pushing people away. They act like this because they believe the demons are speaking to them.


4. Prophesying

A key feature of demonic possession is prophesying. This occurs because usually, the demon communicates with the possessed. As a result, the individual will claim to be hearing the voice of God or that of an angel. They can also start making prophecies. The individual will be able to predict the future or tell what other people are doing with shocking accuracy.

They’ll be able to give accounts of things that happened when they were not present. For instance, such a person may be able to say where their spouse went and how long they spent. They may also recall conversations. The person can do this because evil whispers to them. They can even perform magic tricks to make people believe that they are prophets.


5. Recurrent Blackout

Another prominent sign of real demon possession is unexplained blackouts. This is simply what happens to people with dissociative identity disorder. The affected person keeps on waking up in places with no memory of how they got there. This occurs because the demon completely takes over their body. Once you notice this, it’s a sign of possession and not a medical or psychiatric problem.
Real demonic possession

6. Self-defeating Behaviors

A demon has nothing to gain by seeing the possessed doing well. This is why demons drive the possessed to engage in dangerous activities. It’s common for possessed individuals to suddenly take up criminality, drugs, and adultery. They keep engaging in activities that will hurt their physical and mental health. A striking feature in these instances is the suddenness. Usually, the affected person would not be fond of these activities. However, the demon residing in them will keep forcing them to engage in the acts.


7. Temperament Problems

Possessed individuals have problems keeping their emotions in check. They are prone to episodes of angry outbursts and cruelty towards friends and coworkers. Because nobody likes buzzkill around, soon everyone starts to avoid the affected person.


It can be a big problem in maintaining productivity at work and healthy relationships. There are many instances of individuals losing their jobs and marriages as a result of this. The fact is that people can only take so much. It is impossible for a temperamental coworker to function well in a team. Soon, the companies will need to choose in-between the individual and the progress of the company.


Similarly, no relationship can last if one partner keeps lashing out. Sooner or later, partners will choose to leave to protect their mental health.


The Solution To Demonic Possession 

There is only one cure for demon possession and it’s exorcism. There are many popular solutions online. Many bloggers have charms, holy water, and eBooks that claim to cast out demons. We urge you to avoid any book on exorcisms. Although many of these so-called DIY solutions are harmless. Many are dangerous because they involve witchcraft that can worsen your situation.

The first step is to pray to our Almighty, as he has the power to cast out demons. Lead with prayer and ask for strength from God. Have faith in God and follow that faith spiritual healing prayer. You don’t have to go to a certain church or be a regular at any church to pray. You don’t need to study or read any books either. Just pray to God and he can answer your prayer.

The second step to take is to undergo a spiritual check. A true spiritual evaluation will reveal if an individual is possessed or not. Our office offers a free black magic check that you can take for free. After confirming your status with the evaluation, the next step is to seek an experienced exorcist or a spiritual healer. Only a true spiritual healer can get rid of demons. So when seeking a healer, look out for positive reviews and word of mouth. There are many scammers out there so we advise caution.

Because there is little room for errors during an exorcism, only skilled healers do exorcisms. So try to avoid any DIY ritual or rite. During exorcisms, the possessed can start speaking in voice and experience agitation. They can also threaten and try to harm anyone around them. This is why real exorcisms shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Life After Demon Possession

After a successful exorcism, the possessed will revert to their old self. Based on the possessing entity, the victim might remember the event and forget the entire experience. Once you notice the signs above, kindly contact a healer as soon as possible. The office of Talal Zoabi is always open to helping everyone in distress. In addition, we provide psychological assistance to aggrieved family members during the process of healing.



In the realm of spiritual healing, few practitioners have earned a reputation as illustrious as Talal Zoabi. With over 30 years of experience in the field and a track record of over 700 successful exorcisms and 3000 permanent spell removals, Talal Zoabi’s expertise shines as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the enigmatic and often terrifying world of demonic possession. In this conclusion, we’ll delve into the significance of Talal’s spiritual healing services, emphasizing how they offer a lifeline to individuals in dire need.
Talal Zoabi’s spiritual healing services extend far beyond conventional boundaries. His unwavering commitment to helping those ensnared by the malevolent forces of the supernatural is nothing short of commendable. One of the most prevalent and alarming issues in this domain is the signs of demonic possession. 
As mentioned in the preceding sections, the signs of real demonic possession are dreadful and can wreak havoc on a person’s life. From personality changes and mental illness to skin ailments and prophesying, the manifestations of demonic possession are deeply unsettling. It’s during these darkest moments that Talal Zoabi’s services shine brightest.
Talal Zoabi’s approach to healing is rooted in faith, spirituality, and a profound connection with the divine. His recommendation to start with prayer, seeking strength from a higher power, resonates with many who believe in the transcendent. This spiritual healing prayer is accessible to anyone, regardless of their religious affiliations or backgrounds. It offers a ray of hope amidst the darkness of possession.
Moreover, Talal Zoabi’s insistence on a thorough spiritual evaluation is a testament to his commitment to precision and accuracy. Determining whether an individual is indeed possessed or facing other challenges is a critical step in the healing process. His office offers a free black magic check, a gesture that reflects his dedication to assisting those in need without financial barriers.
Crucially, Talal Zoabi recognizes the importance of seeking experienced exorcists or spiritual healers when the signs of demonic possession become evident. In a world teeming with charlatans and false promises, finding a genuine healer is a daunting task. Talal’s emphasis on seeking out those with positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations is invaluable guidance for those in search of authentic help.
The gravity of exorcism cannot be overstated. It is not a matter to be taken lightly, as it often involves intense and challenging encounters. Possessed individuals may exhibit agitation, speak in unnatural voices, or even pose a threat to those around them. In these trying moments, the presence of a skilled and experienced exorcist like Talal Zoabi becomes indispensable.
Life after demonic possession is a topic that is seldom discussed but crucially important. Talal Zoabi’s approach extends beyond the exorcism itself. He understands that the journey to recovery encompasses not only the possessed individual but also their loved ones. The provision of psychological assistance to family members during the healing process demonstrates Talal’s holistic and compassionate approach.
In conclusion, Talal Zoabi’s spiritual healing services stand as a bulwark against the horrors of demonic possession. The phrase “signs of demonic possession” is not just a set of keywords; it represents the dire circumstances faced by those in need of help. Talal Zoabi’s dedication to offering solutions, his unwavering faith, and his commitment to authentic healing make him a beacon of hope in a world overshadowed by darkness. If you or someone you know is grappling with the signs of demonic possession, remember that help is just a prayer away, and Talal Zoabi is there to guide you toward the light.

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FAQ's - Signs of Demonic Possession

Signs of demonic possession include sudden personality changes, skin ailments, mental illness, prophesying, recurrent blackouts, self-defeating behaviors, and temperament problems. These manifestations are often accompanied by severe disturbances in a person’s life and behavior.
Exorcism is a complex and potentially dangerous procedure. It is advisable to seek the services of an experienced and skilled spiritual healer or exorcist like Talal Zoabi. Attempting a DIY exorcism can lead to further harm and harm to others..
Faith and prayer are essential components of the healing process. Starting with prayer and seeking strength from a higher power can provide comfort and guidance. It’s a spiritual journey that can help individuals find the inner strength to combat possession.
Look for positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations when seeking a spiritual healer or exorcist. Genuine healers will have a track record of successful cases and a reputation for their authenticity.
Family members and loved ones often suffer alongside the possessed individual. Talal Zoabi recognizes this and offers psychological assistance to help them cope during the healing process. It’s essential to address the holistic well-being of everyone involved.
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