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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a black magic check. If that’s the case, you’re at the right place. This article is mainly about detecting witchcraft through spiritual evaluations. These days, the phrase “black magic” will either strike scorn or laughter in most conversation circles.

However, this does not mean black magic is no longer real. Spiritual problems such as voodoo, evil eye, and possessions are as real as the air we breathe. And right now, just as millions are dealing with infectious diseases and cancers, millions are also dealing with these spiritual problems. This is why having access to a magic check can be life-saving.

What Exactly is a Black Magic Check

The easiest way to describe a magic check is a medical test for spiritual diseases. Remember the last few times that you were sick and you visited your physician. I’m sure your doctor didn’t just pounce on you and load you with drugs. You were probably asked a lot of questions and asked to run some tests.

For instance, if the doctor suspects an infectious process, your blood samples can be taken to the laboratory. You can be asked to do an MRI or CT scan if your doctor suspects a tumor. This is the exact process that occurs with the magic check but on the spiritual side.

Physical problems are not that different from spiritual distress. The major problem people have is that they do not know they have spiritual problems. They spend time and money embracing physical and medical solutions for spiritual problems. But it never works and it never will.

The only solution to spiritual problems is spiritual solutions. And the first step to solving a spiritual problem is detecting it. A magical check is a tool designed for this purpose. It is a special service offered by true healers worldwide.

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Spiritual Solutions for Spiritual Conditions

By undergoing a magic check, you would realize whether you truly have a spiritual problem or not. You would know if there’s black magic, evil eye, or demonic possession in your life. In the past, you had to meet a healer physically to get this done. The good news is that true healers now offer this via distance.

The way it works is that you supply some specific personal details about yourself. With these details, a healer would be able to isolate your spiritual essence and detect if you have a problem. The personal details often required for this check are:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Mother’s first name
  4. Your physical location
  5. Picture

What can be detected?

The black magic check is an evaluation for spiritual problems. But what problems exactly? Three major types of spiritual problems can be picked up by a this tool. Let us dive in.

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Demonic Possession

Of all spirit problems, demon possession is the most common in the media. There are countless horror movies and novels about demonic possessions. As a result, possession has been trivialized somewhat to the detriment of many.

Most people these days doubt that demons exist. But they do and they possess people. Demons are intelligent beings just like us, but they are far older. Before God created humans, entities known as Demons or Jinns existed. They were wrought out of the fire and currently exist in an alternate dimension similar to ours.

However, unlike what you read in movies, all Jinns are not bad. They are intelligent beings and have both good and bad individuals. Within the general population, some sets of Jinns are known as Demons. These sets are loyal to Satan and his crusade against humans from time. It is this particular set of entities that cross over to our realm to possess people.

Possession happens to both good and bad people. But certain factors tend to attract demons. These include being of a young age, practicing uncleanliness and evil deeds.

So, what about the signs?

The signs of demonic possession vary from one person to another. Before you take a black magic check, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Claiming to hear the voice of God. 
  • Predicting the future with alarming accuracy 
  • Sudden change in personality 
  • Having full knowledge of events that happen to people while not physically present.
  • Becoming unclean and unkept
  • Believing that you’re on a crusade for God. 

If you notice these signs in anyone in your circle, a black magic check is necessary.


Witchcraft is by far the most common spiritual problem out there. It’s also known as hex, jinx, voodoo, and many other slangs. Most of what you know as magic is probably false. Black magic is an ancient art popular in cultures worldwide. It’s an art that involves spell-casting, rituals, and sacrifices. Although it’s known by different names in different cultures, the core practices remain the same.

The rituals are usually carried out by people known as black magicians. These evil-doers make use of rituals and sacrifices to make dark curses. These curses damage people’s livelihoods, relationships, health, and more. The sad fact is that even today, people still engage in this art to wreck other people’s lives. And those that don’t know how often seek out magicians that can do it for a fee.

Signs of witchcraft, book with pentagon on it and cow skull.

So, What About the Signs?

Black magic is a horrible problem that can affect every aspect of one’s life. A magic check becomes essential when you notice any of the following signs of witchcraft:


    • Terrifying and unending nightmares that disrupt your sleep.
    • Sudden change in personality to a completely different person.
    • Sexual issues such as impotence, irregular periods, and miscarriages.
    • Developing serious headaches that make you unable to concentrate on tasks
    • Having constant issues in your relationships for intangible reasons.
    • Developing mental problems such as depression and anxiety that are resistant to treatment.
    • Experiencing bad luck at work and home for a long time.
    • Developing bad body and mouth odor.

    "Your spirit is a force of nature, unyielding in the face of life's trials."

    The Evil Eye 

    Evil Eye is a unique curse created when an individual directs negative energy toward another person. It’s created by the power of human intention. As such, many evil eyes have been created both intentionally and unintentionally.

    An evil eye is created when someone looks at you or thinks about you with hate, envy, and jealousy. By focusing on dark emotional energies for extended periods, these curses can damage people’s lives. The harsh reality is that anyone can be a victim of the evil eye. However, most victims tend to be good and successful people. This is because these people tend to attract the hate and jealousy of others.

    So, What About the Signs?

    Evil Eye curses are just as bad as black magic curses. These curses can affect every aspect of the affected person’s life. You should see a spiritual healer if you notice the following evil eye symptoms:

    • Debilitating bad luck in every aspect of your life.
    • Irritating change in physical appearance
    • Losing self-esteem and becoming depressed.
    • Developing crippling anxiety and not being able to function
    • Having sudden problems in relationships to the extent that everyone avoids you.
    • Appliances and cars malfunctioning suddenly.

    A Black Magic Check is Required for Healing

    The importance of a magic check is that it helps in seeking healing. However, taking a black magic check is only the first step. The next and most important step is to seek true healing. Sadly, people often make mistakes here.

    As we often say on BBM, there are tons of scammers lurking online. Many claim to be true healers but they are not. You can identify these people by checking if they offer a free black magic check. Usually, a true healer requires a magic check before commencing healing. This is logical if you come to think of it.

    No doctor will treat you without proper examination and investigation. So be wary of any healer who sells custom-made cures like charms and eBooks. Also, black magic checks are done by true healers. At the office of Talal Zoabi, we offer both black magic checker services and healing. All the healing that we offer is unique and comes with lifetime magic protection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ'S

    A Black Magic Check is a spiritual assessment tool designed to identify spiritual problems in individuals. It works similarly to a medical test but focuses on spiritual diseases, which can include black magic, the evil eye, and demonic possession.

    For a Black Magic Check, the following details are typically required:


    • Your first and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Mother’s first name
    • Your physical location

    A recent photograph of yourself

    Different spiritual problems may manifest in different ways, but common signs can include sudden changes in personality, experiencing unending nightmares, having constant issues in your relationships for intangible reasons, developing serious headaches, having bad luck, and more.

    After the Black Magic Check, if you are found to have a spiritual problem, the next step is to seek healing. This healing is specific to the type of spiritual problem identified and is typically conducted by a true healer.

    You can get a Black Magic Check from true healers like Talal Zoabi. Keep in mind that true healers will require a magic check before commencing healing and won’t sell you ready-made cures like charms and eBooks without proper examination and investigation. You can fill out your free magic check here.


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