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A common question we get from our audience is how to know if you are cursed. This is a valid question because we all experience unpleasant things from time to time. Many times, our cars will refuse to start, we will lose some money, or we fall sick.


How do you differentiate a streak of bad luck from a supernatural affliction? This is a perplexing question due to the nature of our present time and day. Some decades ago, terms such as witchcraft, hex, magic, and voodoo were taken seriously. Today, scientific principles direct our core belief systems. Advanced technology surrounds us and we’re told not to believe anything we can’t see.


It takes a spiritual mind to even consider the possibility of hexes. However, black magic is not extinct yet. Indeed, these true curses are not as common as they used to be. This is because far fewer people have the knowledge or skill to create curses. But this does not mean that curses are not real.


Curses are Real and They Affect Millions of People

You’ve probably heard of an infection called HIV. It’s a viral disease affecting millions of people worldwide. It’s a viral infection that slowly attacks the immune system until it destroys it. Currently, millions of people live with this infection unknowingly. They find out either accidentally during a medical check-up or when the infection progresses to AIDS and they fall severely ill.


Having a curse is similar to having this infection. For instance, many people are unaware they are living with generational curses. Many have black magic and hexes but are completely ignorant. Since the entire world doesn’t believe in curses, it takes some doing for many to even consider the possibility.


How to know if you are cursed starts by asking this difficult question. Just like HIV, curses have symptoms. Sure, there are many reasons for every occurrence. Sometimes you might just be a victim of simple bad luck. But when bad and unpleasant things become the norm, it is probably black magic.


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How to Know if You are Cursed?

The fact is that everyone manifests black magic differently. With that said the black magic symptoms tend to fall into three categories. These are physical, mental, and social symptoms.


1. Physical

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The commonest manifestation of black magic is physical symptoms. Primarily, a curse can mimic many different diseases. It can affect any part of our body from head to toe. Below are the most common physical symptoms of black magic curses.


    • Sudden and severe headache that gets worse with time and isn’t relieved with medications 
    • Irritating skin changes that persist even after numerous interventions
    • Having recurrent miscarriages 
    • Becoming unable to maintain an erection
    • Being infertile and becoming
    • Sudden blindness or poor vision
    • Developing seizures 
    • Sudden bad body and mouth odor 

As stated earlier, many things can cause these symptoms. However, it is black magic if they persist for long and doctors cannot find a disease to treat.


2. Mental

Black magic symptoms also manifests readily through the mind. We experience the world with our minds and without it functioning right, reality becomes a nightmare. Curses can cause the following mental problems:

    • Terrible nightmares that keep recurring. 
    • Becoming suddenly paranoid and believing everyone is out to get you.
    • Developing depression and unable to function in any capacity.
    • Becoming unable to concentrate on tasks.
    • Suddenly changing behaviors and personality that ends up alienating loved ones
    • Forgetting various moments of your life and being unable to recognize some friends and family. 

These are just some ways curses manifest in the mind. These manifestations can cause incalculable damage to your work life, relationship, and more. For instance, a sudden behavioral change can lead to fights with your spouse and eventually a divorce. Similarly, your productivity will take a nosedive once you cannot concentrate on a task. You may end up losing your job and your means of income. We consider these mental symptoms as the most damaging.


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3. Unspecified

Lastly, real black magic can manifest in many unspecified ways. For instance, it’s not uncommon for cursed people to have strings of bad luck. They are unable to find important things when they need them. Electrical appliances break down repeatedly for no reason. Cars break down unexpectedly and you can end up reporting late to work.


You can also experience repeated failure in various aspects of your life. For instance, your businesses may keep failing. The investment you make can keep crumbling for no good reason. You may keep having relationships that end in breakups and divorces. The list goes on and on. Being able to identify these symptoms above is how to know if you are cursed.


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Ancient's Secrets on How to Know if You are Cursed

The symptoms above will help you in suspecting if you have a curse on you. However, there are ways by which you can confirm. We will be discussing two ways.


1. The Ancient Lead Method

There is a certain method by which ancients know if you are cursed with black magic or evil eye. This method may sound archaic today but that’s what worked back then. In the late 1700 and 1800 employed this method to detect curses.


They start the process by preparing molten lead. Then a large bowl of water is placed above the person’s head and the molten lead is poured slowly into the water. Depending on the shape of the lead, they can tell if the person is cursed. However, over time this practice has been discouraged due to a lack of skilled personnel and the gradual loss of faith in the population. That said, there’s another ancient method still in use today.


2. Spiritual Check

There have always been black magic healers even in ancient times. These are individuals with God-given spiritual gifts. These unique individuals can detect if there is a curse on someone and they can also help undo curses.


The ancient often brought sick people to healers to check if they are cursed. Today, this isn’t always possible because there are only a handful of true spirit healers on earth. We humans live in different countries and distance may be a barrier to healing. With that said healers can check if you’re cursed from afar and heal you.


How to know you are cursed is to seek out a free black magic check. These are offered by true healers far and wide. We strongly recommend that you take the free spiritual evaluation offered by Talal Zoabi. By taking this check, you become sure if you have a curse or not. Additionally, true healers know how to break curses and can provide black magic cure. Therefore, you can easily hire a healer for healing after taking an evaluation.



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FAQ's - How to Tell If You Are Cursed

Identifying whether you are cursed starts by recognizing certain symptoms. Curses can manifest physically, mentally, or in unspecified ways. Physical symptoms may include severe headaches, skin changes, recurrent miscarriages, and more. Mental symptoms can involve terrible nightmares, paranoia, depression, and behavioral changes. Unspecified symptoms could be strings of bad luck or repeated failures in various aspects of life.

Yes, curses are real, and they can affect millions of people. While belief in curses may have diminished over time, they still exist. Many people may unknowingly live with generational curses, black magic, or hexes, which can cause various negative effects in their lives.

Curses can be likened to viral infections such as HIV. Similar to how many individuals may live with HIV unknowingly until it progresses to AIDS and they fall seriously ill, people might be unaware they are living with curses until they experience negative and persistent symptoms.

Curses can mimic various diseases and have physical manifestations, including sudden and severe headaches, persistent skin changes, recurrent miscarriages, infertility, seizures, sudden blindness, and more. If these symptoms persist and doctors cannot find a disease to treat, it might be attributed to a curse.

There are ancient methods and spiritual checks to confirm if you are cursed. While some practices like the ancient lead method have become less common, there are still true black magic healers who possess spiritual gifts and can detect curses. Seek out a free black magic check from a genuine healer like Talal Zoabi, who can provide a spiritual evaluation and offer a black magic cure if needed.

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