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Clearing dark energies when left to fester can bring about untold consequences. Everything around us is made up of energy which can either be positive or negative. We encounter a range of energy patterns as we go about our day.


The type of energy we are exposed to determines what happens in our life. We all know the way it feels to be surrounded by positivity. There’s good news all around, we feel happy and the future appears bright. Negative energy brings about the opposite of this. Doom and gloom begin to creep in, making it difficult to think through situations.


Knowing Negative Energy Is Building Up

Everyone will encounter negative energy at some point or the other in their lives. The question is how do you know you’re being surrounded by negativity?


Ironically, negative energy doesn’t manifest the same way for everyone. Dark energies can harm our health and relationships. It can disrupt our moods and make us unproductive. Most times, we do not realize the harm associated with negative energy until it’s too late. Getting rid of dark energies in your home is therefore a must.


For instance, your once adorable relationship can be harmed by long-standing negativity. You may begin getting into unnecessary fights and become harsh to each other. In reality, there’s nothing wrong and it’s dark energy stressing you out.


Dark energy can similarly disrupt your mood and happiness at home. Your home, which was once your place of rest can become a living hell. You may suddenly find it impossible to relax and everything stresses you out. Everything may stop making sense. Once you start noticing any of these, it may be a sign that you are having dark energies.


"With every challenge, you're writing a story of triumph over adversity."

Causes of Negative Energy

Understanding that you may have accumulated negative energy around you is one thing. Another thing entirely is understanding the reason behind these dark energies. There are multiple reasons you may be surrounded by negativity. It’s essential to know why so that you can prevent the reacumulation of these energies in the future.


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Let us cover the top 4 reasons.

1. Mindset

The first thing that attracts negativity is your mindset and that of everyone around you. Our world runs on energy and what you think is what you get. If you are positive and everyone around you is positive, dark energies would have no room to thrive.


However, people that constantly criticize each other and complain about something attract negative forces. Being around these people is risky. Negativity can be very devastating, which is why you should pay attention to your mindset. Try to have a positive outlook on the world regardless of what’s happening in your life.


Our mindset during loss and transitions plays a huge role in our ability to cope. For instance, losing a family member or your job can put you in a negative mind space. This is understandable. However, it shouldn’t go on for too long. We know it can be difficult adjusting to loss. But, it’s essential to keep the right mindset by bouncing back.


When you have a negative mindset about the world, you can become a victim of self-fulfilling prophecies. Since you are constantly expecting the worst, you can end up not doing your best. Then as a result start encountering failure in various aspects of your life. When this occurs, it further feeds your mindset. You become justified in your negative mindset and that can lead to more negative manifestations.


2. Personal Hygiene

When we think of negativity, we are often quick to skip to spiritual topics and quickly forget about physical aspects. As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.


A clean environment brings with it clean and positive energy. Having too much clutter in and around your home can attract dark energies. Clearing dark energies involves having a home kept neat and clean. Try to pay attention to how you arrange items and promptly get rid of things you don’t need.


Wearing dirty clothes and keeping rubbish around also attract dark energies. It all comes down to personal hygiene. Poor hygiene can predispose you to disastrous disease, which will only also attract more negativity. The first step to cleaning dark energies in your family is by cleaning things up. Remove old objects such as books, clothing, and furniture that are cluttering your home with bad energy. Declutter as much as possible.


"Just as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, you emerge stronger from challenges."

3. Stress

As we go about our days, we encounter physical and mental stresses. These include our jobs, our boss, our responsibilities, and the side effects of bad habits such as procrastination. But this is not where we are going. The problem is that long-standing stress is harmful. When stress stands for long in our life, it often brings negativity along. It is difficult to be optimistic when you are stressed. You can start lashing out and forget to keep your hygiene. These side effects of being stressed out can then surround us with dark energies.


We should always be on the lookout for stress since it’s unavoidable. You should always find a way to relieve stress before it builds up too much. Meditating, music, yoga, and socializing are proven methods for relieving stress. By engaging in these activities and planning, we can avoid stressful situations that bring negativity into our lives.


4. Spiritual

The other big cause of negative energies we often ignore is spiritual. For instance, black magic, evil eye curses, and generational curses can bring negativity into your life.


We may currently live in a world fascinated with TikTok and Electric cars, but that doesn’t mean the metaphysical is nonexistent. If you have a generational curse on anyone in your family, it can make your life a living hell. Demons can possess anyone in your family and black magic is real.


It does not matter if you have a positive mindset or if your home is clean. Spiritual curses are powerful phenomena that can surround anyone’s life with unimaginable negativity. It can affect your mind, and make you unbearably pessimistic. Negativity can also have a terrible impact on your relationship and health.


Woman sitting clearing dark energies.

Clearing Dark Energies

Clearing dark energies from your family is critical. Luckily, there are steps you can take today to infuse your life with more positivity.


1. Prayer

Prayer is the biggest tool for clearing dark energies from our lives. There are numerous methods for removing dark energies such as decluttering, meditation, burning incense, and keeping healthy houseplants around. Others include salting corners of your room, lighting candles, and making use of precious crystals in your home.


None of these methods is as powerful as prayer though. Praying is immensely powerful because it’s a conversation between you and the creator. Your religion does not matter. Your faith is what matters, and it is why praying is so powerful. God is the creator of the universe and can bring needed positivity to your life.



One of the reasons prayer is so powerful is that it works primarily on our minds. By praying, you channel faith and faith comes with huge amounts of positive energy. When you pray, you are hoping for something better in the future. Once you can have hope, it infuses positivity into every aspect of your life.



Secondly, prayer has the power to turn your life around irrespective of the cause of negativity. God answers prayer and can bring about miraculous changes in your life. By praying, you can see positive changes in your life.



2. Avoiding Negative People

The second step to clearing negative energy is by protecting your mindset. You do this by avoiding all negative people. The people you move around with play a huge role in your life. You can be naturally positive but if you surround yourself with negative people, they can bring you down. You can also be too critical of yourself as a result.


Try to avoid negative people as much as you can. Refuse to hang out with people who are always complaining and expecting the worst. Avoid people who always criticize you or blame you. Find better people who can motivate and uplift your spirit. Hang out with those who will help rise rather than bring you down.


This is not always so easy because those negative friends may be our friends. However, this is about choosing what is best for you. Even if these people are close friends at work, start by limiting the time you spend with them. Then, start looking for alternative and better people to hang out with.


3. Having a Spiritual Check

As stated earlier, sometimes there’s more to the negativity in our lives. Many times, dark energies are fueled by black magic and curses. You can never tell if there’s more to your negativity. This is why it’s important to take steps to be sure.


We can do this with what’s known as a spiritual check. You have probably experienced something similar before. Remember that time you went to the hospital and the doctor had to run some tests? This may include blood work or radiological investigations like CAT scans or MRIs. These tests enable the doctor to identify what’s wrong and tailor their treatment.


True Spirit healers offer something similar for clearing dark energy. By submitting some personal details, spiritual healers can run an evaluation on you to see if there’s a curse on you. Black magic and evil eye curses are powerful curses intentionally created by evil people. These things never disappear without intervention.


Additionally, spiritual advisers can help break these curses among other things. They can also offer health help, spiritual guidance and good luck in business. Luckily, the office of Talal Zoabi offers a free spiritual check you can take. You can take these steps above thereby clearing dark energies from your family.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Clearing Dark Energies - FAQ's

Negative energy refers to a state of imbalance or disharmony in our surroundings that can impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It can result from various factors, including negative thoughts, emotions, and external influences. This energy can affect our mood, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Talal’s spiritual healing service is designed specifically to address and remove negative energy from individuals’ lives. Through spiritual cleansing and practices, Talal helps individuals release accumulated negativity and restore balance in their spiritual and emotional states. This process can lead to improved mental health, increased vitality, and a renewed sense of positivity.

Yes, negative energy can have a significant impact on our physical health. When we experience prolonged exposure to negative energy, it can lead to stress, fatigue, and a weakened immune system. Over time, this can make us more susceptible to illnesses and exacerbate existing health conditions.

Distinguishing between spiritual problems and everyday negativity can be challenging. However, persistent negative patterns that seem inexplicable, accompanied by chronic bad luck and unexplained physical or emotional symptoms, may indicate a spiritual issue. In such cases, it is advisable to seek a spiritual evaluation to determine the root cause and seek appropriate healing measures.

Yes, there are several preventive measures to reduce the attraction of negative energy. Practicing mindfulness, meditation, and positive affirmations can help cultivate a more positive mindset and outlook. Additionally, surrounding yourself with supportive and uplifting individuals, and avoiding negative environments or harmful practices can contribute to a healthier energetic state.

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