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The problem these days is that people often fail to recognize the signs of demonic possession and black magic on time. We live in a world of great technological and scientific achievement. Spiritual problems such as demonic possession have been glossed over by the media.


But, the reality is that many people suffer from these spiritual problems on a daily basis. Black magic arises when black magicians casts evil spells through rituals. On the other hand, a demonic or possession arises when an evil entity finds its way into a living host.


These things are not fairy tales. They still happen far more often than you might think.



They don’t just happen under the surface though. If a person gets possessed by an evil entity, they will start to express signs of demonic possession. There are hundreds of signs and symptoms. The symptoms vary widely because there are different kinds of entities responsible for possession all around the world. The problem is not been able to recognize these symptoms.

How Demonic Possession Arises

It’s only when you recognize the signs of demonic possession that you can get the right help. That said, there is a myth out there that demons can possess objects. This is false, as only living things can be possessed. If anyone is suffering from possession, they do not need to get rid of their valuables.


A demon that is lost can spend a day in an item before moving on. They find it comfortable to sleep in certain square shaped objects. However, long time possession of objects by a demon does not happen. Demons possess only living things.


There are good spirits and bad spirits across various races and religions. However, it is only the evil ones operating against God wish that possesses people. Common evil entities such as this include the Marid, the Afreet, the Kareen, and the Jinn among others.



There are certain conditions that make some people more suitable to possession. These include being mid of age, and suffering from a negative emotional state such as loss, fear, sadness and grief. Most importantly living in unclean conditions and having unclean personal hygiene.


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The Major Signs of Demonic Possession

The signs of demonic possession can be similar to that of black magic but not as obvious. There are cases of people living ignorantly with a demonic presence for years. Therefore, many are in need of urgent exorcisms, but they have no idea.


That said, the signs can be recognized if you know what you are looking for. Here are the top 10 signs of demonic possession.


    1. Prophesying: The individual starts foretelling the future and having unsanctioned knowledge of people and circumstances. They are able to possess this knowledge because the demonic presence in them communicates with them.
    2. Psychosis: There can be repeated instances in which the individual starts laughing inappropriately in situations that didn’t call for it. He or she may start indulging in childish acts and laughing at things that aren’t hilarious.
    3. Temperament changes: The possessed may experience repeated episodes of sudden anger issues, violence and cruelty towards coworkers and family members. These symptoms can be a huge cause for concern. The victim can get scorned by the entire family and really feel isolated.
    4. Personality changes: This includes abrupt behavioral changes that push people away. The person may suddenly start engaging in cruel and selfish behaviors. They can start saying hurtful words to their partners and coworkers. As a result of this, they can also become isolated. Everyone abandons them because they are no longer recognizable.
    5. Irritable psychical changes: These include appalling changes such as offensive body odor and breath. The hair can also take a sickly color and the skin starts turning to gray.
    6. Self-defeating behaviors: The individual may engage in acts such as alcoholism, adultery, and not recollecting their behavior. This might seem like an affliction because they wouldn’t be able to stop no matter how hard they try.
    7. Recurrent blackouts and paranoia: Possessed individuals often end up doing things and then failing to remember after waking up. They may wake up somewhere with no memory of what they did earlier or how they got there.
    8. Delusion: They may start claiming that God is talking directly to them and that he is giving them instructions. However, they are not actually hearing God; the voice they hear is that of the demonic entity.
    9. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Possessed people may suddenly develop an obsession with cleanliness and order. This is peculiar to some demonic entities. Anyone possessed by these demons develops an obsession with orderliness. Up to the point that it drives their family crazy. If you notice this in someone you know they need urgent help.
    10. Uncontrolled filthiness: This works on the same principle as the sign above. Most demonic entities thrive in filth and disorder. Therefore, the people possessed by these demons get obsessed with being dirty. They may have once been well groomed. Suddenly, they will start wearing dirty clothes, and fail to brush their teeth, or cut their hair. They’ll look truly disgusting, and they won’t see anything in their current behavior. This is one of the common signs of demonic possession.


If you notice some of these signs in someone, they may be suffering from demonic possession. Please try to get them urgent spiritual help! In most cases, it is impossible for the possessed person to realize they are a victim of demonic possession.

Signs of demonic possession, masks from differnt demons and a clock on a table.

The Solution to Demonic Possession

How do you prevent demonic possession?


A good recommendation is to keep a close relationship with God. God is immensely powerful, and he can protect those that believe in him. Another way out is to maintain a positive attitude and a clean environment and hygiene. Evil entities don’t like positive energy and cleanliness.


However, once a person is possessed and showing signs of demonic possession. There is no point crying over spilled milk. The next step is finding a solution to the problem. That solution is a real exorcism. There are a lot of articles and guides online claiming to be able to teach this. It is in your best interest to steer clear of all this. All these are nothing but online attempts to scam you out of your money.


Don’t just seek out anyone either. Only a true spirit healer can deal with spiritual problems. They can perform an exorcism, break a curseremove black magic, and so on. Therefore, these are the people you want to seek out. True spiritual healers are friendly people, and they start by finding out what problem you have. They do this by conducting a spiritual assessment. This assessment can be done in person or distantly by filling an online form.



If you are noticing the signs, Talal Zoabi offers a free black magic check here. This is an extremely accurate check that will reveal if a person is really a victim of possession. Take it to find out if you or your loved one is a victim of demonic possession or black magic.

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A Real Exorcism Is Key

If a demonic presence is confirmed: then a real exorcism has to be done by a gifted spiritual healer. It is a spiritually charged event that requires preparation and it takes years of experience to be done right. Any little mistake can make matters much worse, which is why you shouldn’t attempt it on your own.

Here are some events that can occur to the possessed during an exorcism:

      • The possessed speaking out in foreign language and inhuman voices

      • Experiencing extreme fear and agitation

      • Making unreasonable promises to loves so they can stop the exorcism

      • Urinating and defecating in distress

      • Trying to harm people around, especially the healer performing the exorcism

    As you can see, an exorcism is not to be taken lightly. It can become very dangerous for those without the proper experience. After the exorcism, the previously possessed person is expected to go back to living normally. Some people retain the memory of the spirit possession, some have no recollection and some retain bits and pieces.


    If you notice any of the signs listed above? Please contact us at the office of Talal Zoabi. Our office has been helping people for more than 30 years. Additionally, we provide emotional assistance to the family members of spiritual victims. Check out his client’s spiritual healing testimonials.


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    The most common signs of demonic possession include prophesying, psychosis, sudden temperament changes, drastic personality changes, physical changes, self-defeating behaviors, recurrent blackouts and paranoia, delusion, obsessive compulsive disorder, and uncontrolled filthiness.

    Maintaining a strong relationship with God, keeping a positive attitude, and ensuring clean personal hygiene and environment are some ways to prevent demonic possession.

    If you think you are having signs of demonic possession, it is recommended to seek help from a true spiritual healer. Talal Zoabi offers a free spiritual assessment check which can help identify if a person is really a victim of possession.

    Exorcism is a spiritually charged event done by a gifted spiritual healer. It is a complex process that requires years of experience and preparation. It can involve the possessed speaking in foreign languages, experiencing extreme fear and agitation, and attempting to harm others, among other things.

    After the exorcism, the previously possessed person is expected to return to living normally. The memories of the possession vary, with some retaining full memories, some having no recollection, and others remembering bits and pieces.

    "Talal started the treatment, on the third day I had the first recollection that something is different. I woke up and felt such a peace in my mind. I have not felt my mind so quiet in ever. I just realized the negative voice in my head was gone. Since I have been reading books they always said there will be a negative voice in my head so I never paid too much attention to it. I have known I had two voices in my head and I could hear them at the same time talking but never thought it was something strange. " Continue reading on signs of demonic possession on Spiritual Healing Testimonials.

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