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Real Exorcisms for Demonic Possession and What You Should Know

What are real exorcisms you ask?

We live in a mysterious world where a lot of things happen that are beyond the physical. A lot of things happen in the spiritual realm. Black magic is real with millions of people suffering from its evil effects unknowingly, and then there is demonic possession in its various forms that require real exorcisms.


Real exorcisms are sacred spiritual rituals of banishing demonic spirits from possessed people or haunted places. It is a unique and complex ritual carried out only by trained spiritual healers. It is entirely different from the interesting rituals we see in mainstream movies. It’s not as simple as sprinkling holy water, using a cross, or casting some spells.


Don’t try real exorcisms on your own

An exorcism is quite harmful to perform on your own since you will most likely end up endangering yourself and the people around you. It is also impossible for you to perform it successfully, even if you know how.


Think about it this way. A surgeon will never be able to perform complex procedures on themselves just because they know how. So an exorcism won’t work even if you know how, at least not in the way you expect. Please be advised. You always need a spiritual healer who is experienced and close to God to perform it for you.


It’s also vital to note that trying to cast out demons with spells is black magic in itself. You will most likely end up summoning more demons that will worsen the entire situation.


Therefore if you are sensing a demonic presence in yourself or your loved one, you are advised to contact an experienced spiritual healer for real exorcisms and spiritual cleansing. However, that leaves the question: what are the symptoms and signs of demonic possession?


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What is Demonic Possession?

A person is said to be possessed when foreign and evil entities inhabit his body. Possession can happen to anyone regardless of race or religion. Entities that possess an individual can either be demons or evil spirits.


They include different races of entities such as the Marid, the Afreet, the Kareen, and the Jinn among others. There are both good and bad entities from various races and religions in existence in the spiritual realm. However, it’s only the bad ones who are against God’s rule that possess people. Good entities won’t even think of possessing a person. Several conditions predispose people to be possessed by evil entities.


These include being on the younger side and being in a poor emotional state such as fear, loss, and depression.


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Signs of demonic possession

You would be right to believe the signs of demonic possession are obvious, but that’s not always the case. It’s not uncommon to find people oblivious about living with a demonic presence for their entire lives. Many are in need of real exorcisms, but they are ignorant of the signs. The symptoms vary from one person to the other.


Basically, there are 4 main categories of signs including:


1. Physical signs.

      • Voice change

      • Increased ability to smell

      • Insatiable thirst

      • Having a foul breath

    2. Skin signs.

        • Sudden changes in facial features

        • Irritating skin changes including skin color changes and dryness.

        • Body odor

      3. Behavioral signs

          • Antisocial behavior and often talking to themselves in unknown languages

          • Having a sudden obsessive-compulsive disorder

          • Being extremely dirty and unkempt

          • Excessive paranoia of friends and family

          • Surrounding themselves with certain items(oftentimes resorting to stealing to acquire the items)

          • Harming themselves and having no memory of the episodes

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        4. Mental signs

            • Memory lapses with no background medical condition

            • Prophesying the future

            • Believing they are in communication with God or the angels

            • Encouraging people to do bad things because God told them it’s okay

            • Sudden personality changes


          These are some of the major signs of demonic possession. There are other symptoms but if you notice any of these in a loved one, please seek help quickly.


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          How an exorcism works for real

          When it comes to black magic and negativity, solutions to ease symptoms are easy and straightforward. You can simply meditate, perform prayer of healing, or have it removed and partake in distant healing among other solutions. However, when it comes to demonic possession, the best solution is to contact a spiritual healer for an exorcism.


          Spiritual healing is a known profession and healers can be found far and wide. It’s normal to be skeptical before hiring a spiritual healer. Therefore, to make sure you are on the right path. You should read their online testimonials to see for yourself (the detailed ones are likely to be real.) One major dilemma of fake exorcisms is that you may actually think you did it right.


          The victim seemingly goes back to normal for a while. But that’s not what happens. The evil entities are only toying with you and the victim gets worse later. Real exorcisms are serious business. These evil spirits dwelling in the possessed won’t just leave because you are now aware of them. Suffice to say that real exorcisms can be lengthy rituals.


          It can easily take days or even weeks depending on the class of possessing spirit and duration of possession. A lot of things are required in addition to a particular spiritual skill and faith before one can cast out an evil entity. Only an experienced spiritual healer that is close to God possesses all these requirements. An exorcism is usually a powerful experience.


          During an exorcism, some of the symptoms the possessed person exhibits include the following:

              • Speaking in a foreign language the victim is not versed in

              • Experiencing extreme fear

              • Soliciting the help of loved ones and making unreasonable promises

              • Inhuman voice changes

              • Urinating or defecating in distress

              • Having a feeling of strangulation

              • Receiving instructions to harm the people around, especially the healer performing the exorcism

            After a successful exorcism, the possessed is expected to go back to being normal. They will lose all their demonic behaviors and physical signs and can then lead a healthy lifestyle once again. Some people retain the full memory of the possession. Many people experience a full blackout and others retain only bits and pieces of the experience.


            Healing and recovery are different for everyone. The spiritual healer can help with the healing and also in preventing future recurrence of possessions by teaching spiritual habits.


            Preventing it in the first place

            As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” There are some certain lifestyle changes that help against possession. The most powerful is having a strong relationship with God.


            Also, praying healing prayers, and learning to control your negative emotions such as fear and sadness helps. Nonetheless, life still happens at times. So, if you start seeing signs of demonic possession around you. Do not try to take care of it on your own.


            If you feel you are having symptoms of possession, contact an experienced spiritual healer as soon as possible. Healers such as myself can do a free black magic check and spiritual reading to see if you need someone who can perform real exorcisms.


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            FAQ's - Real Demonic Possession

            A real exorcism is a sacred spiritual ritual performed by trained spiritual healers to banish demonic spirits from possessed individuals or haunted places. It is a complex and unique ritual that differs from the portrayals seen in movies.

            No, attempting real exorcisms on your own is not recommended. It can be harmful to yourself and those around you. Just as a surgeon cannot perform complex procedures on themselves, an exorcism requires the expertise and experience of a trained spiritual healer.

            Signs of demonic possession can vary, but they can include physical signs such as voice changes, increased ability to smell, and insatiable thirst. Other signs may manifest as changes in behavior, skin, and mental state. These signs should be taken seriously, and seeking help from an experienced spiritual healer is advised.

            Real exorcisms are lengthy rituals that require the skills, faith, and experience of an experienced spiritual healer who is close to God. It can take days or even weeks, depending on the class of the possessing spirit and the duration of possession. During real exorcisms the possessed person may exhibit symptoms such as speaking in a foreign language they are not familiar with, extreme fear, and soliciting help from loved ones.

            Preventing possession involves making certain lifestyle changes and cultivating a strong relationship with God. Praying healing prayers, controlling negative emotions, and seeking spiritual habits can help protect against possession. However, if you notice signs of demonic possession, it is important to contact an experienced spiritual healer for assistance and a proper evaluation. Someone who knows how to do real exorcisms.

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