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Are you aware of the signs of a negative aura? Although people often pay little attention to their spiritual energy, this aspect plays a huge role in everyone’s lives. There’s a reason there’s so much buzz and content about positivity and optimism. Positivity rocks and there are just so many reasons why you should stay positive. Even if you are not fully conscious of it, every human is made up of a body, soul, and spirit. This means that you are an energetic being. Furthermore, the state of your spiritual energy determines what is known as your aura.

Cause of a Negative Aura

Depending on various factors, your aura can either be positive or negative. Concerning your aura, several factors determine its state. These are:
Prevalent thoughts
Your environment comprises both your physical environment and the people you surround yourself with. If you are fond of surrounding yourself with negative people, you will most likely become pessimistic and have a negative aura. Similarly, if you have a negative and unpleasant home it can induce stress and unhappiness.
Having negative thoughts running around your mind can lead to mental and physical problems. Studies have shown that negative people have less immunity, weaker hearts, and don’t live as long as positive people.
Spirituality also plays a massive role in determining your energy state. If you engage in a lot of positive spiritual practices, you are likely to be happier and have a positive aura. However, negative spiritual phenomena such as real black magic and can happen to anyone and negatively impact your aura.

Signs of a Negative Aura

Now that you’ve discovered the factors that color one’s aura, the next step is getting familiar with the signs of negative aura in your life. Negative energy can bring about various sinister and horrible symptoms in people’s lives. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Emotional instability

A common sign of a negative aura is being unable to control your emotions. If you notice that you are constantly venting your anger on others or can’t seem to handle tough emotions, it means your spiritual energy is out of sync. This can make you overly sensitive to criticism and unable to handle harsh comments from friends and colleagues. Additional signs include having mood swings, engaging in impulsive behaviors, being irritable, and lacking empathy towards others. If you are experiencing any of these signs, this means that your energy is negative. Clearing dark energies from your life is therefore a must.

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2. Depression and anxiety

A negative aura can affect the mind and lead to adverse psychological conditions. If you harbor negative energy for a long time, you can become depressed or develop full-blown anxiety.
Negativity attracts negative thoughts and this can eventually spiral into depression if not curbed on time. In time, a negative aura can make you lose interest in pleasurable things and develop unnecessary phobias. This can worsen to the extent that you can become scared of leaving your house and your productivity can plummet to zero.

3. Health Problems

Since the mind, body, and soul are connected, a disease in one easily spreads to the other. If your aura is exceedingly negative, you can start experiencing frequent and unexplainable health challenges. It gets interesting because the symptoms can be anything. You can experience anything from low energy and hot flashes to symptoms like flu and worse. If you start experiencing recurrent sickness, it might mean your aura is too negative and your immunity is depressed.

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4. Appearance changes

Aside from the fact that people with a positive aura smile more and are therefore considered more attractive, a negative aura can physically change your look. This is where negativity can mimic signs of black magic and signs of evil eye. You can start undergoing physical changes in your appearance. The structure of your face and body can change and your skin can lose its rich tone and color.

5. Sleep disturbances

Another common sign of negative aura similar to the effects of black magic is sleep disturbances. A negative aura can erode the quality of your sleep. You can easily start finding it difficult to sleep, sleep fitfully, or sleep for too long. None of these options is desirable or healthy. Without a sufficient amount of good sleep, there is only so much the mind can handle.

6. House haunting

With enough negativity, you can start experiencing paranormal activities in your home. If you have a negative aura, it can spread from you to your house. You can start having experiences similar to house haunting. Your home can become incredibly stressful. You can start having trouble finding things or feel like there’s a presence watching you. However, it’s all in your mind and due to your negative aura.
Alternatively, it can also be the other way around. Your negative aura can be due to a negative presence inhabiting your home. If your house is truly haunted by an evil entity, paranormal activity is a common possibility. In time, the chronic stress caused by this can make your aura negative.

7. Relationship crisis

Another common sign of negative aura is repeated relationship problems. With a negative aura, it’s only a matter of time before you start having relationship issues. Relationships rarely thrive in a negative environment. In time, a negative aura can bring about behaviors, occurrences, and outbursts that can slowly erode the connection between partners. If your aura is too negative, you can start having unnecessary quarrels with your partner or worse.

8. Bad luck

There are a lot of reasons why people experience bad luck. Unfortunately, a negative aura is one of those reasons. Having a negative aura can attract ill luck to every aspect of your life. From your gadgets to your relationship and career, no area is safe from bad luck. You can start realizing that you’re no longer having lucky breaks and always find yourself in crisis mode.
At work, you can notice that you’re always making the wrong decisions and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even at home, your gadgets may keep spoiling and you may find yourself saying the wrong things to your spouse. If you’re experiencing a string of unlucky occurrences, it might be your dark aura at work.

9. Fertility problems

Another familiar sign of a negative aura is infertility. If you are having problems conceiving with your spouse, it may be that your aura is too negative. A negative aura can bring about manifestations such as irregular menstruation, low sperm count, and repeated miscarriages. This is why you must learn how to break spells of negativity in your life.

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10. Productivity issues

Maintaining productivity is essential to meeting your goals and fulfilling financial obligations in your life. Harboring negativity can make it difficult to concentrate and stay motivated which can make a noticeable dent in your productivity. You can start finding it difficult to focus and complete trivial tasks. In time, your bosses and coworkers will notice the drop in your productivity which can lead to problems.

11. Headaches

Everyone has headaches and migraines at some point in their lives. However, if you start having constant headaches associated with a low mood or mood swings, it may be due to negative energy. A negative aura can bring about terrible headaches that can make your life a living hell. These headaches can be quite profound and can stop you right in your tracks. It’s essential to seek spiritual cleansing if you’re experiencing these unnatural headaches.

12. Nightmares

Another common sign of a negative aura is horrible nightmares. If you have recently been having vivid and terrifying dreams, you should consider the presence of negative energy in your life. This is the way that your spirit communicates with your mind that something is not right. Being able to notice these signs on time is crucial to being able to take the right steps.

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How to Get Rid of Negativity

Because there are many reasons for the accumulation of negativity in people’s lives, there are also different practices for getting rid of a negative aura. Practices such as positive psychotherapy, meditation, affirmation, crystal healing, smudging, and prayer have been widely accepted to help cleanse your spirit. Additionally, making adjustments to your environment and hanging around positive people can lift your spirits.

However, these practices don’t work in every instance. If your negative aura is due to an ancestral curse or evil eye, affirmations, and crystals will offer little assistance. What you require is energy healing and powerful evil eye protection. At times, you will need to remove black magic from your life.

It’s therefore prudent to start by answering the question—how to know if you are cursed? By knowing the cause of your negativity, you would be armed to make the best decision. The splendid news is that you can easily do this by undergoing a spiritual assessment. A spiritual assessment is a metaphysical investigation that will reveal if you’re under a curse or not. It’s like a laboratory investigation but for spiritual problems.

You can get this service from magic healers around you and online. The office of Talal Zoabi is currently offering a free black magic check. You can take this test right now to find out if you’re under a curse or not. This is highly recommended because your next step will depend on the results of your assessments. If you discover the presence of a magic curse, it means you will require the services of a magic healer to undo that curse. Also, if an evil eye is discovered, you would need a spirit healer for warding off the evil eye.
Magic healers are gifted with the skill to undo any powerful spiritual influence over your life. They also know how to get rid of evil spirits which can be responsible for the negative energy in your life. By working with a trusted healer, you can get rid of powerful magic and entities causing unnecessary negativity in your life. This is how to get rid of the negative aura in your life.

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FAQ's - Negative Aura Symptoms

Signs include emotional instability, depression, anxiety, health problems, changes in appearance, sleep disturbances, relationship issues, bad luck, fertility problems, productivity issues, frequent headaches, and nightmares.

Your environment, both physical and social, plays a significant role in shaping your aura. A negative environment can induce stress and pessimism, leading to a negative aura.

Yes, negative thoughts and lack of positive spiritual practices can lead to a negative aura. This highlights the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and engaging in uplifting spiritual activities.

Start with self-help techniques like meditation, affirmations, and creating a positive environment. If symptoms persist or are severe, consider seeking professional spiritual assessment and healing.

If self-help methods are ineffective, or if you suspect your negative aura is due to deeper spiritual issues like curses or the evil eye, it’s advisable to seek professional help from a spiritual healer or magic practitioner.

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