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How to tell if someone is possessed and not just mentally unstable can be a daunting task. It’s similarly daunting to identify black magic problems from simple bad luck. This phenomenon is worsened by the nature of our society. The average person does not believe in supernatural happenings. Most people believe that black magic and demonic possession are fictional ideas.

Indeed, these cases are not as common as they used to be, but we can assure you they are still real! The Catholic church even considers that most people who claim to be possessed are not necessarily possessed. The question now is how you can differentiate real spiritual problems from mental cases. Talal Zoabi is an exorcist and spiritual healer for the past 30+ years. In this article, he sheds light on the key differences between possession, black magic, and psychological problems. He knows how to tell if someone is possessed.

The Current Spiritual Reality

Not many people are indeed possessed or affected by black magic. Earth currently has over 8 billion individuals. The majority of these 8 billion souls are not as religious as they were a hundred years ago. Today, technology and the internet are at the forefront of most people’s minds. Many people don’t believe in the supernatural and that’s the world we live in now.


As we are fond of saying, not believing in a force doesn’t mean it stops existing. For instance, some metals like uranium are radioactive. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in it or not. If you get exposed to uranium for a long period, you’ll get sick. This is because although radioactivity is invisible, it is still lethal. It is the same thing with spiritual problems.


I hope this analogy helps explain spiritual problems. Yes, we agree they might not be as common as before, but these problems still exist. Spiritual problems like curses and possessions still affect multitudes out there. Thousands of people out there are struggling with black magic and demonic possession troubles. This is sad because spiritual problems are not a life sentence. They are treatable and curable.


However, the first step in curing them is taking the right steps. To take the right steps, you must be able to differentiate spiritual issues from psychological problems. Knowing how to tell if someone is possessed is therefore essential. The first step is being able to identify signs of witchcraft.


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What are Black Magic Signs?

Black magic is the ancient evil practice of creating curses to hurt people. The practitioners are evil doers known as witches. These people engage in unspeakable rituals and sacrifices. They communicate and make pacts with evil entities that endow them with powers. With these ritualistic powers, they create curses that are meant to destroy people’s lives.


Black magic curses are as real as the air we breathe. There are also special curses known as generational curses. This can be placed on someone in your family tree and still affect you and your kids. It is important to know how to tell if someone is possessed or under black magic.  Black magic manifests in various ways including physically and psychologically. Symptoms of black magic can include:

      • Losing your vision and going blind. 

      • Having your skin turn pale and developing a strange rash. 

      • Having irregular menses or undergoing premature menopause. 

      • Developing erectile dysfunction. 

      • Having terrible headaches and migraines. 

      • Becoming paranoid and unable to trust anyone. 

      • Developing sudden anxiety and depression that keeps getting worse. 

      • Becoming unable to focus or perform any productive task. 

      • Having relationship problems and fighting incessantly with your spouse. 

      • Engaging in odd activities such as smoking, drinking, and fornication. 

      • Having an endless streak of bad luck in every aspect of your life.

    Demonic Possession Signs

    Demonic possessions too are just as real, and they look nothing like what you see in Hollywood. Numerous evil entities possess people, and they bring about various manifestations. Common spiritual entities that possess people include The Jinn, The Kareen, and The Marid among others.


    Contrary to popular opinion, demons don’t possess objects. So you don’t have to get rid of all dolls or ancient wall clocks in your vicinity. Demons only possess living things. And certain factors predispose some to be possessed compared to others. These factors include uncleanliness, being of a certain age, and negative emotions.


    Therefore, dirty people are at risk. Lastly, demons prefer to pounce on people going through negative emotions like loss and anguish. This is why it is important to know how to tell if someone is possessed.


    How to Tell if Someone is Possessed

    Demonic possession also manifests itself with both physical and psychological symptoms. That said, the major expressions of possession are psychological. It’s easy to confuse these symptoms with psychological disorders. However, signs of demonic possession are often peculiar and they occur suddenly. The major signs that would be noticeable in a possessed individual include:

        • Making untold prophecies that come true.

        • Becoming clairvoyant and being able to tell of events that happened elsewhere. For instance, being able to say what your spouse is currently doing in another city.

        • Claiming to hear the voice of God and that you are a chosen prophet. 

        • Becoming distrusting and paranoid of friends and loved ones. 

        • Speaking in incomprehensible languages. 

        • Undergoing physical changes in skin and eye colors. 

        • Turning emotionally flimsy and prone to angry and cruel outbursts.

        • Becoming filthy. You may stop keeping your house in order and start wearing dirty clothes.

        • Undergoing sudden behavioral change and becoming cold to family and friends. 


      Many with two faces happy and angry, how to tell if someone is possessed.

      Ruling Them Out

      As you can see, only a gray line separates the signs of black magic, possession, and mental disorders. Mental problems like mania, depression, and schizophrenia manifest similarly to the spiritual problems discussed above. Psychological problems like schizophrenia and depression have well-documented solutions. There are many approaches to managing these disorders such as therapy, medications, group discussion, electroconvulsive therapy, and so on.


      As a result, many people have been treating black magic and possession as simple mental disorders. And because doctors don’t believe in the supernatural, they rarely refer people for alternative treatment. But psychological treatment never works for spiritual problems. This is like taking a broken car to a lawyer. It is a case of the wrong person for the right job.


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      So What’s the Way Out?

      The way out is having an open mind and making a complete diagnosis before taking treatment. You have to be sure of what you’re dealing with because signs can be confusing.


      Take A Spiritual Check! 

      The way to do this is to take a spiritual assessment. See this is something like the test you run in the hospital. A spiritual assessment will reveal if you are possessed. It’ll also reveal if there’s a black magic curse on you or not. A true evaluation is offered by true healers all around the world. Our office offers a comprehensive free black magic check. This is an accurate evaluation that was carried out by our lead spiritual healer, Talal Zoabi.


      By taking this, you would be sure of what you’re dealing with. Once the evaluation reveals a spiritual problem. You can either seek spiritual healing from a true healer or go for an exorcism. However, if the test reveals nothing, that means you will need to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist. There are numerous mental disorders out there and most of them are well-documented in medical literature.


      There are documented treatment plans for mental conditions such as depression, mania, and schizophrenia. Professionals will be able to provide the best care for whatever mental disorder you’re having. As long as there are no spiritual problems present, this is the right course of action.

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      FAQ's - How to Tell If Someone is Possessed

      Identifying possession can be challenging, but some signs include making accurate prophecies, speaking in incomprehensible languages, and claiming to hear divine voices. A spiritual assessment can help determine if someone is possessed or facing other issues.

      Black magic signs can vary from physical symptoms like vision loss and skin rashes to psychological issues like anxiety and depression. If you suspect black magic, consider a spiritual evaluation to uncover its presence.

      Yes, mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression may manifest similarly to possession. It’s crucial to rule out psychological issues through professional evaluation before seeking spiritual healing or exorcism.

      Talal Zoabi, an experienced exorcist and spiritual healer, offers genuine spiritual assessments and healing services. He can identify spiritual problems, provide effective treatment, and bring relief to those suffering from spiritual issues.

      If the spiritual assessment reveals no issues, it’s essential to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for any mental health concerns. Addressing mental disorders with appropriate treatments is vital for overall well-being.

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