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Do you want to know how to break a curse?


Not many people believe in curses these modern days. But still, thousands if not millions of innocent people suffer from curses.



Curses have been relegated to myths and fictions. To most people, curses are the stuff of fairy tales and fictional Harry Potter. However, the few people with spiritual knowledge know that curses are real.


What is a Curse?

Curses are negative spiritual energies aimed at a particular person. A curse is the same as black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, and so on.


Those who practice these arts are known as black magicians and witches. Through various detailed rituals and sacrifices, these practitioners can place any kind of curse of black magic on anyone.



"Just as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, you emerge stronger from challenges."

But Why You?

There are a lot of reasons someone might want to place a curse on you. It’s may be because the person wants to hurt you or someone you are related to. They either place the curse themselves if they know how. If they don’t, they hire black magicians.


The person responsible may be an angry relative, former spouse, coworker, or business partner. At times, the culprit is a person you don’t know. This is because there are some powerful curses called “Generational curses.”


If this type of curse is placed on a relative of yours, say your dad, grandparent, or spouse, its effects will reach you. It can also affect you children and theirs. This is why you need to know how to break a curse properly.


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Knowing you are cursed

The tragic story is that a lot of people never find out they have been cursed. This is unfortunate because you can come to know how to break a curse. Anyone suffering from a curse can be free of it.


So the major question is how would you know if you are cursed?


Sadly, there are no easy answers to this.


Curses come in different forms. They manifest with different symptoms based on the intent of the practitioner. Most often it manifests with bad luck. Plans start going astray no matter what. And you just can’t seem to get things right.


However, there is an argument that “Bad things happen.” This is true. Life is not always beautiful.


But, once you realize the sudden occurrence of negative things you can’t explain. And that doesn’t seem to go away. It might be a curse.


Here is a list with some of the most common symptoms to give you a broad idea:1.Irritating physical changes such as bad breath, body odors and graying eyes.

  1. Sudden psychological changes such as unexplainable depression, paranoia, and irritability.

  2. Sudden inability to concentrate and susceptibility to making bad decisions.
  3. Intense headache, excessive sleeping or insomnia.

  4. Terrible nightmares.

  5. Losing some of your memories.

  6. Infertility.

  7. Feeling constant negative energy weighing you down.

  8. Consistent problems in relationships.
  9. This is not an exhaustive list. Have you started noticing any of these symptoms of black magic? Either sudden or it’s been with you for a while? It doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do?

If so, it’s time you know how  to break a curse. Because you might be suffering from one!


What not to do

However, learning how not to break a curse is just as important as learning how to. This is because there are a lot of opportunists out there ready to prey on your predicament.


These fake spiritual healers will extort you for their own personal gain. Some will even make things worse.


So, here the 3 ways you shouldn’t attempt to break a curse.


"Your spirit's light shines brightest in the darkest of times."

1. Deck of Cards


There is a myth out there that a deck of cards can confirm if you have a curse. Many people, including some popular bloggers, say this but it isn’t true.



They say having an ace in your cards 3 times in a row confirms a curse. But this is just wrong. A deck will never show you are cursed. The deck is all about luck.



The only way to get confirmation is to get divination from a true healer. At our office, we offer a free black magic check.


2. Spiritual salts and ointments

The second myth you have to discard is cleansing yourself in spiritual ointments. Many fake healers sell all sorts of salts and ointments.


They claim that these spiritual materials will purify you. It’s nothing but a myth. Think about it. There isn’t a drug that can cure all sicknesses. So saying some salts will purify you of all curses is nothing but deceit.


A curse needs to be examined by a real spiritual healer before it can be removed.


3. Premade Protective Charms

This is in line with the point above. Chances are you might have come across healers trying to sell you their bestselling powerful amulet.


They’ll claim all sorts of things. They’ll say their special charm can cure all curses, black magic, and protect you as long as you put it on. But more often than not, these are nothing but fancy toys.


Usually, it’s a ploy to swindle people of their money. But not always, which is why you should be careful.


Some very evil people place their own curse on these charms.


After you use them, things may get better for a while, only for things to get worse later on. Then, these evildoers will start exploiting you when you go back to them.



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The only way to break a curse

Now let’s get into how to break a curse for real. The bad luck a curse brings can be debilitating. However, all curses can be broken.


There are steps we recommend that you take if you want to break a curse. These are simple, safe, and straightforward steps.


1. Get Spiritual healing

The first step you should take to break a curse is to find a spiritual healer. Noticing the symptoms is not enough to confirm you are cursed. After finding the spiritual healer, you would want them to perform a black magic check on you.



Many spiritual healers offer this for free. By doing this, the healer finds out the type of curse you have. How long it’s been there and how to effectively remove it.


Contrary to popular belief, a curse can’t be removed with a spiritual healer waving his hand or uttering a few words. Most times, it can be quite time-consuming and the process can take weeks or even months.


The good news is that no matter how long it may take. There is hope. Any curse can be broken and you can get your life back. After finding out the type of curse you have, the spiritual healer will start the removal process and healing. They will supply you with the requirements and instructions you need to follow.


2. Staying close to God

Apart from finding a healer, you do have a role to play in breaking any curse you have. One such role is being close to God.


God exists and he answers prayers. Praying and believing in him to heal you can sometimes help. We know God doesn’t always answer prayers. However, we also believe he has his reasons for doing this. He placed spiritual healers on earth for a reason.


Nonetheless, believing in God’s powerful healing is uplifting and helps to drive away negative energy. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


3. Practicing Optimism

The last step we recommend is in line with healing from the curse. A curse no matter how small has the ability to wreck a life. And in the time it will take your healer to break the curse. You should try your best to be positive and hopeful.


To allow fulfillment back into your life, you have work to do. Help yourself by focusing on the positive things in your life. Practice gratitude, go through affirmations and hang out with positive-minded people. Also endeavor to start making plans. Start working towards to a better future for yourself. Believe that the worst is over and that things will only get better.


This is how to break a curse. It’s not easy. But we believe that if you do this. You will smile at the end.




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Frequently Asked Questions - How to Break a Curse - FAQ's

Breaking a curse requires seeking the assistance of a qualified spiritual healer or practitioner who specializes in curse removal. They will assess the type of curse and guide you through the necessary steps to break a curse effectively.

While some people believe they can break a curse on their own, it is generally advisable to seek professional help. How to break a curse involves complex processes that require the expertise and experience of a spiritual healer.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to breaking a curse as different cultures and belief systems have their own methods. However, common elements often include spiritual healing, rituals, prayers, and protective practices to effectively break the curse.

The duration of breaking a curse varies depending on the complexity and severity of the curse, as well as the expertise of the spiritual healer. It can take weeks, months, or even longer to completely remove the curse.

Belief and faith can play a significant role in how to break a curse. Having a strong belief system and maintaining a positive mindset can provide the necessary strength and resilience during the curse removal process. Additionally, seeking spiritual guidance and engaging in practices aligned with one’s faith can contribute to breaking a curse effectively.
Remember, if you believe you are cursed or in need of curse removal, it is crucial to consult with a trusted spiritual healer or practitioner who can provide personalized guidance on how to break a curse based on your specific situation.
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