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Generational curses are generational curse spiritual curses that are passed down from one generational to the next. If your family line is marked by a repeating tragedy, then you might be at the risk of a generational curse.


Families with a generational curse will be plagued with problems such as divorces, poverty, and early death. You can hear that nobody goes beyond a certain age in the family. Or that everyone suffers from repeated divorces. If this happens to you, you need to seek help.


How Generational Curses Work

When you hear about a generational curse, your mind might go to the Bible. The Old Testament has passages which state that God punishes the children. And their children for the sins of the fathers to the third and fourth generation” (Exodus 34:7).


However, the ways of the old testaments have since been replaced by that of the New Testament. But generational curses are still real; they just don’t come from God. Instead, they are black magic curses designed to ruin the life of members of a bloodline.


Black magic is an ancient art practiced by black magicians. It involves diabolical rituals and sacrifices and the summoning of evil spirits. If you are suffering from generational curses, it means a black magician has placed a curse on someone you are related to. That person may be your father or grandfather or someone in the bloodline. And, because you are a direct descendant, you get to partake in the curse.


The reason for the curse is identical to the reasons people place curses on others these days. People do it because of anger, hate, or jealousy. If they don’t know how to do the spells, they pay a black magician to do it for them.



These evil curses are designed to cause specific problems for the members of each generation. And if it isn’t broken in one generation, it crosses over to the next and on like that. A generational curse can cause significant bad luck in your life. It’s therefore important that you discover how to remove any curse you might be having.


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Family standing together with generational curses.

Symptoms of Generational Curses


A generational curse manifests with several symptoms. And the symptoms vary from one person to the other. The reason for the variation is that the manifested symptoms are often dictated by the intention of the black magicians.


If the driving force behind the curse is jealousy, the curse can manifest with more bad luck in relationships. If the reason is hate, the curse can manifest with general bad luck and sickness. This is the reason generation curses can manifest with any symptoms.


They can mimic several other conditions. But you have to be careful and vigilant. If things start going wrong in certain areas of your life and you can’t find an explanation? Watch out because it can be a curse.

That said, here are the most common symptoms of a generational curse.



1. Bad luck Symptoms

      • Having plans go wrong for no explainable reasons.

      • Developing trouble with concentration and focusing both at home and at work.

      • Repeatedly making mistakes that lead to terrible consequences.

      • Having infertility issues such as erectile dysfunction for men, and miscarriages and menstrual problems for women.

      • Experiencing sudden financial crises that can lead to the loss of businesses and livelihood.

      • Gaining or losing weight without a change in your diet or specific stresses in your life.

      • Experiencing sudden and baffling deterioration of your relationships


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    2. Physical Symptoms

        • Gaining or losing weight without a change in your diet or specific stresses in your life.

        • Having severe headaches all of a sudden.

        • Having may turn gray or become blind for no medical reason.

        • Developing a sudden body and mouth odor that is doesn’t respond to drugs or hygiene.

      3. Psychological Symptoms


      • Having terrible nightmares whenever you sleep.

      • Experiencing memory problems such as not remembering important events in life.

      • Indulging in drugs and alcohol for no particular reason.

      • Having chronic drug-resistant insomnia or not being able to stop sleeping

      • Suddenly becoming overly emotional or angry for no reason.

      • Feeling a certain negative energy weighing you down

      • Having the nagging feeling that you are being watched.

      • Experiencing sudden irritability for no reason.

      • Making sudden behavioral changes such as alcoholism, smoking, taking drugs, and quitting one’s job for no reason.

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      Knowing what to do

      As you can see, none of these symptoms are desirable. If you are not careful, generation curses can ruin anything good you have going in your life. You need to find a way to break the curse if you start noticing it in your life or in your loved ones. But, you have to proceed with caution.


      There are a lot of online articles and books that claim to be able to break generational curses. However, most of these are not reliable, and they cause more harm than good. They are petty scams designed to trick you of your money.


      Generational curses are complex spiritual problems. You are not advised to try breaking it on your own. The solution is to seek a qualified spiritual healer to help break the curse.


      There are true spiritual healers far and wide. When you contact one, they’ll be able to diagnose your problem by conducting a spiritual evaluation on yours. At the office of Talal Zoabi, we have a free black magic check.

      After conducting the evaluation, true healers will know the type of black magic you have and how they can break it. So, watch out for fake healers who are always eager to sell their services without performing a diagnosis.


      A true healer will be able to break the generational curse responsible for all your bad luck. They’ll also be able to offer lifetime magic protection, so you can’t be a victim in the future. In time, with the help of black magic healers, all the symptoms will fade. And you’ll be able to go on with your happy life.



      How to Heal and Get Your Life Back


      A true spiritual healer can help with the removal of black magic that can be responsible for your bad luck for good. However, that’s just the first step in the long road to healing. Generational curses leave behind a lot of damage even after they are broken. There might be big problems with your credibility, businesses, relationships, and more.


      Breaking a generation curse takes a lot of time. The curse removal process alone can take weeks. And it can take months for all the symptoms to disappear. Instead of waiting during these periods. It’s more advisable that you take this time to heal psychologically.


      You can do this by focusing on the positive aspects of life through gratitude. Reciting spiritual affirmation is another wonderful practice. You can also learn to engage in mindfulness exercises and positive spiritual prayer for healing.


      Finding the beauty in life again will help you heal from the wounds the curse left behind. Being a victim of a generation curse can be terrifying. But, it’s not the end. There is help out there. You just have to contact a true black magic healer and cultivate positive habits that will help in healing. In time, you can recover from any generation curses.

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      Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

      Generational curses are spiritual curses that are passed down from one generation to the next within a family. These curses can manifest as recurring tragedies and problems, such as divorces, poverty, and early death. If your family line experiences a repeating pattern of misfortune, you may be at risk of a generational curse.

      Generational curses are not punishments from God as mentioned in the Old Testament. Instead, they are black magic curses designed to harm the members of a specific bloodline. These curses are placed by black magicians due to reasons like anger, hate, or jealousy. The curse affects the entire bloodline, passing from one generation to the next if not broken. It causes significant bad luck and specific problems unique to each generation.

      Generational curses can manifest with various symptoms, and they can vary from person to person based on the intention of the black magician. Some common symptoms include recurring bad luck, concentration issues, financial crises, relationship deterioration, physical changes, psychological problems, and a feeling of negative energy or being watched. These symptoms can mimic other conditions, so it’s important to be vigilant if you experience unexplainable problems in certain areas of your life.

      It is not advisable to try breaking generational curses on your own. Online articles and books claiming to offer solutions are often unreliable and can do more harm than good. Generational curses are complex spiritual problems, and seeking the help of a qualified spiritual healer is recommended. A true healer can diagnose the curse through a spiritual evaluation and provide the necessary assistance to break the curse and offer lifetime magic protection.

      Healing from a generational curse requires the assistance of a true spiritual healer. They can remove the curse and alleviate the associated symptoms. However, breaking the curse is just the first step. It’s essential to focus on healing psychologically and rebuilding your life. This can be done through gratitude, reciting spiritual affirmations, engaging in mindfulness exercises, and practicing positive spiritual prayer. It takes time to recover, but with the help of a black magic healer and positive habits, you can overcome generational curses and regain a happy life.
      Remember, seeking the guidance of a qualified spiritual healer is crucial when dealing with generational curses.
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