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In the next 10 minutes, you’ll learn everything you should know about true energy healing. There are a ton of misconceptions out there about energy healing. This article is meant to remedy that. Most people confuse what healing stands for and how it works. Energy healing has been around for millennia and there are many gurus out there on the topic of healing.


But does healing work? Few people truly understand what energy healing is. This creates a conundrum for people. There are serious spiritual problems out there. And millions of people suffer from these problems. These people need true healing, but most of the information is wrong or incomplete. This is what we’ll rectify in this guide.


Most people think the biggest spiritual problem is negativity. It is not. The biggest problems are black magic, demonic possession, and the evil eye. These things are not fantastic ideas. They are real and affect real people’s lives. Black magic is a ritualistic art used to damage people’s lives. Black magicians engage in all sorts of rituals to gain otherworldly powers. They use this power to create magic curses in people’s lives.


We are not the only sentient beings either, Jinns and demons exist on another plane of existence. These beings can cross over to our world and possess people. When they do, the possessed person’s life is overturned. All sorts of nasty things have started happening. You can find out more about signs of demonic possession.

The evil eye isn’t just a cultural phenomenon either. Forget about the popular evil eye totem, the evil eye is real. When people cast hateful glances at others, they can create evil eye symptoms. These curses wreak havoc on the victims’ lives. They may start suffering from bad luck, and health and mental problems.



What is true energy healing?

Energy healing in truth is a holistic practice of removing all negative spiritual influences. Most people confuse this as alternative positive healing. Experts out there claim that energy healing removes blocks and activates the body’s energy system. But true energy healing is more than this.


We are spiritual beings, and a lot happens unseen spiritually. Spiritual healing is as ancient as the spiritual problems we discussed. It’s the holistic approach to remove black magic, casting out demons and negativity. It is not one thing. Rather, spirit healing is the sum total of steps taken to achieve spiritual cleanliness.


It is like healthcare but so much more. Doctors don’t treat a single disease and leave other conditions untreated. This is what true healing is. Energy healing is the way people with spiritual problems can get rid of all their spiritual problems. This shouldn’t be confused with positive healing or spiritual affirmations.


What you need to know about true energy healing

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about true healing. We will be going over some of these.


"The battles you face today are the battles you'll conquer tomorrow."

Crystals and Salts

Many share the belief that certain crystals and salts can provide energy healing. This is not true. No crystal or salt, no matter the price, can provide healing. We know that many crystals and salts are important in some religions. You should use them if that’s what you believe in. Having beautiful crystals can be calming. And bathing in salts can help with positivity. But these things cannot break spells or cast out demons.


If you go online right now, you’ll find a lot of people advocating the use of crystals and salts. The most advertised are selenium and quartz crystals. Try as much as possible to abstain from this practice for energy healing.



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Reciting Spells

Spells are powerful, but you should know that spells do not break other spells. Most spells are often of black magic, and they require specific knowledge. You can always find many spells online: both free and paid. Try to stay away from these spells.


People get lured by experts claiming that spells help. In most cases, these spells are just Latin words jumbled together. They are only a waste of time. But sometimes, it is something more sinister. Some black magicians put their own black magic spells online. And anyone who uses it invites a new curse into their lives. Although things may get better immediately after using these spells, the situation worsens later on.


Using Charms

This is similar to the point we just discussed. There are tons of totems and charms being marketed out there. People make the mistake of believing that these charms help. But it cannot. There are various forms of spiritual problems and the healing must be tailored to each case. Most charms out there are fake or black magic items in disguise.


A lot of charms sold online are fake plastics that do nothing. They have no spiritual power powers in them. Fraudsters sell this to make money off gullible people. If you buy this, you will end up wasting your valuable money. That said, this is not where the danger lies.


The true danger is those charms that are not ordinary. Some obnoxious people out there sell truly powerful charms. However, these charms often create new curses rather than break curses. The end result is having two problems instead of one. I trust that you don’t want this.


The best way to get energy healing is through spiritual healers. Spiritual healers are those with the gift and skills to carry out energy healing. But you must be cautious when seeking out a healer.


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Discuss how true energy healers work.

True energy healers do not sell charms, salts, or spell books. What they offer is their God-given gift of healing. True healers are blessed with the knowledge and understanding of the supernatural. They can recognize any curse and possession and know instinctively what to do.


The hallmark of a true healer is a free spiritual evaluation. True healers don’t rush to sell you their services. Instead, they take time to find out what’s wrong with you. They’ll then inform you and tell you how they can help. This is in stark contrast to how fake healers act.


      • Fake healers are eager to sell their services.

      • They have prepackaged healing spell books, e-books, charms, and totems.

      • Some make obnoxious demands such as property, sex, and so on.

      • They do not have many positive testimonials.

    True healers instead care about you and aim to help. They can tap into the positive energy of the universe and use this to break any type of curse. True healers often have some requirements such as an affordable fee and instructions on what to do. But there is nothing obnoxious about what they require. The best part of true healers is that you see a difference. With true healers, you will feel positive energy flowing into your life. And the symptoms also subside. This does not happen with fake healers.


    "The battles you face today are the battles you'll conquer tomorrow."

    What about prayer?

    If there’s one more thing that helps, it’s praying fervently. People often underestimate the power of power. But prayer is indeed power. Prying is the communication you have with God about your problems. God created us and the universe and his powers are limitless. By praying, you increase your energy and tap into divine power.


    Prayer works and that is why you should pray more often. Forget about special salts or crystals or charms. Start working on your faith and start praying. God can always heal you. Not praying is a mistake you must stop making. God is powerful and merciful. He has his reasons for answering some prayers. But the most important fact is that he answers prayers.



    So, there is no harm in trying. Pray as much as you can and as often as possible. You can also seek the help of your loved ones in praying to God.


    The role of good mental health in healing.

    There is a role played by good mental health in healing. Although energy healing is completely spiritual, its impact is physical. When the curses have been removed, the next problem is fixing the damage. Black magic and the like have disastrous symptoms. They can cause bad luck, infertility, relationship problems, and more.


    As we mentioned earlier, spiritual problems often last a long time. As a result, they tend to cause far more damage. People have lost their businesses, means of livelihood, and marriages. It is sad but this is the world we live in.



    With that said, these problems won’t disappear automatically after healing. You have to work on your life after healing. This is where a positive mindset comes in. To heal completely, you must be optimistic about your situation. You have to be willing to pick up the pieces and restore your life. This can be hard and painful. It can be difficult to heal from the trauma of it all. Also, it is difficult to accept the loss of things we worked so hard for. Positiveness helps with this.



    When you are positive, you can look towards the future with hope. And that hope helps. Being optimistic helps in healing faster. When there’s positive energy around, it is easier for healing energy to flow in. This is how energy healing works.


    Conclusion: Unveiling the Path to True Healing through Energy Healing

    In a world where spiritual turmoil and negative influences are prevalent, the significance of true energy healing cannot be overstated. This article has shed light on the misconceptions surrounding energy healing and the imperative need for genuine solutions, focusing on the remarkable spiritual healing services offered by Talal Zoabi. With over three decades of experience and a track record of over 3000 successful permanent spell removals and 700 exorcisms, Talal stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking true relief from spiritual afflictions.

    Harnessing the Power of Authentic Energy Healing

    Talal’s approach to energy healing transcends the superficial remedies often propagated by misguided practitioners. His services extend beyond mere crystals, spells, and charms, delving into the heart of spiritual problems, including black magic, demonic possession, and the evil eye. The distinction between true energy healing and alternative positive healing becomes evident through Talal’s holistic methods that address the root causes of afflictions rather than masking them.

    Personalized Care and Lasting Transformation

    One of the hallmarks of Talal’s spiritual healing services is the comprehensive and meticulous nature of his work. Rather than rushing to sell services, Talal begins with a free spiritual evaluation. This unique approach ensures that each individual’s concerns are thoroughly understood, allowing him to tailor his healing methods to the specific challenges faced by the client. Unlike fake healers who capitalize on prepackaged solutions, Talal’s emphasis on personalized care reflects his genuine commitment to helping individuals regain control of their lives.

    Embracing Positive Energy for Profound Change

    The power of positive energy flows through Talal’s work. By invoking the universe’s positive energy, he breaks curses, eliminates possessions, and restores balance to the lives of those afflicted. Through this process, individuals experience a profound transformation that extends beyond relief from symptoms; they witness a revitalization of their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

    A Roadmap for Post-Healing Recovery

    Talal’s spiritual healing services offer not only a reprieve from spiritual afflictions but also a roadmap for post-healing recovery. Recognizing the impact of trauma and loss that often accompany these afflictions, Talal emphasizes the role of good mental health in the healing process. His guidance encourages individuals to embrace a positive mindset, fostering hope and resilience in the face of adversity. By doing so, clients can rebuild their lives with a newfound sense of purpose and optimism.

    A Beacon of Genuine Healing in a Sea of Charlatans

    In a world where charlatans and false promises abound, Talal Zoabi’s spiritual healing services stand as a testament to the power of genuine energy healing. By addressing the underlying spiritual causes of afflictions and providing personalized, compassionate care, Talal has earned his reputation as a true healer who harnesses the forces of energy healing to bring about profound positive change.

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    Note: Be aware! Over the years we have had many people claiming to be “healers”, copy Talal’s website articles from BreakBlackMagic.Com and paste them on their site as their own and change or rearrange the words. There are many scammers out there in this field. Feel free to contact us for a list of those we have discovered.

    FAQ's - Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing Services

    Energy healing is a holistic practice that aims to remove negative spiritual influences. Talal goes beyond surface-level remedies, utilizing energy healing to address issues like black magic, demonic possession, and the evil eye, providing comprehensive solutions.
    Talal’s approach stands apart from the market’s superficial solutions. He focuses on personalized care, offering free spiritual evaluations and tapping into the universe’s positive energy to break curses and possessions, creating lasting transformation.
    Yes, energy healing can have a profound impact on your life if it is related to spiritual. Talal’s extensive experience and proven results demonstrate the effectiveness of his approach in providing relief from spiritual afflictions and restoring well-being.
    Talal recognizes the importance of mental well-being in healing. By fostering a positive mindset, individuals can approach post-healing recovery with hope and resilience, facilitating a comprehensive healing journey.

    Talal’s authenticity, experience, and dedication set him apart from others. His commitment to personalized care, reliance on genuine energy healing methods, and focus on lasting transformation make his services a reliable and effective choice for those seeking true healing.

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