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Sometimes life happens and breaking spells over our lives becomes necessary. As we live our lives, we go through both positive and negative experiences. All experiences that we have in various aspects of our lives depend on two factors. The factors related to you and factors outside of your influence.


For instance, your work life will depend on the decisions and actions of your coworkers and yourself. Your relationship will be determined by a mix of factors you can’t always control. So most times, life for most people is a series of good and bad moments.


Life Happens To Everyone

Sometimes bad things happen and it’s okay. Good things happen. However, life can choose to go the other way at times. Bad luck can set in and everything may seem to go wrong. At times, this may be due to our past decisions and actions. We may fall victim to bad health-related or financial habits.


Our bad luck can be a result of terrible decisions we made in the past. We might have made poor decisions in the past that come back to haunt us. On many occasions, bad luck is due to decisions made by someone else. For example, your partner may choose to leave. The CEO of your parent company may decide to cut costs by laying off some people and you can end up losing your job. Meta just sacked some 10,000 of their workers recently.


Apart from these instances, bad luck can be due to spiritual curses placed by people. Also, someone you know may decide to place black magic on you or your family line. People you do not know can also curse you. For instance, people who compete with you can place a curse to get an edge over you.


When this happens, you have to seek out a spiritual healer for breaking the spell. A major problem is that many people have false beliefs about how spiritual healing works. There is a lot of misconception out there about who spiritual healers are and what they do.


"Your spirit is a phoenix, rising from the ashes of adversity."

Breaking Spells 101

Spiritual misconceptions are a dime a dozen online. People often find it hard to accept that their problems are spiritual. Then, after finally accepting, most people get carried away by popular spiritual trends. Don’t get me wrong, practices such as yoga, meditation, and visualization are great. Meditating with incense is also great.


Meditating and yoga are great practices for improving yourself physically and mentally. These practices have been documented to help improve focus, productivity, and happiness. Additionally, using incense or aroma therapy can boost your overall positivity.


However, these practices are not for breaking curses. Breaking real black magic symptoms can only be done by a spiritual healer. Let’s start by discussing what black magic is!


Woman breaking spells together.

What is black magic?

Black magic is more than having a stroke of bad luck. It’s a dark magical art known as Voodoo or Witchcraft. It exists in different forms in cultures across the world. Generally, it involves the use of bad rituals to place curses on people. These curses can be very serious. Witchcraft can be devastating as it can affect every aspect of our lives. It can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of the manifestations include skin changes, unexplained illness, and unending bad luck.


The commonest misconceptions people make about breaking magic spells are related to the scope and cost of healing. Below, we’ll be covering the top 3 misconceptions about the cost of breaking spells.


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1. Healers should work for free 

At the office of Talal Zoabi, we notice some people thinking breaking magic spells should be free. This is understandable to an extent. Breaking spells isn’t a skill that can be acquired. It’s a Gift given by God to a few individuals. These individuals are then asked to help as many people as they possibly can.


You’ve probably seen pastors carry out healing in movies. This happens in rare instances where a healer is also a pastor. A pastor for example gets paid by his church. But understand that healers are normal individuals too.


Many true healers do spiritual healing as a full-time job. As a full-time healer, these individuals have bills to pay. Healers have families and bills to pay just like everyone else. They do not get any special preference simply because they help people. This is why healers charge a fee to cover their expenses while breaking spells if their work takes a lot of time and energy.


"With every challenge, you're carving a path to a brighter future."

2. It’s an easy job

When people are charged a fee by healers, they often get the misconception of being scammed. This is also understandable because a lot of what a healer does is invisible. Unlike in movies, spiritual work does not involve fancy spells like in Doctor Strange movies. It involves a lot of energy manipulation in the spiritual realm. A lot of this occurs mentally and there is no colorful or entertaining show.


This might sound far-fetched but that is the truth. Healing is hard work, most often done at night. Sometimes healers need to forgo sleep and fast for multiple days to break a spell.


3. Healing is not dangerous

Lastly, most people are oblivious to the dangers associated with healing. Since most people choose to believe only what they can see. They don’t know of the dangers of trying to undo a spell. However, unseen spiritual forces are just as powerful as physical forces.


Think of breaking spells like defusing a ticking time bomb. Breaking curses involves confronting powerful entities tied to the spells. These entities are harmful and can harm an inexperienced healer. In many instances, unskilled healers have had spells transferred to themselves in the process. These healers then had to be healed by another experienced healer.


As such, healing is an activity that requires extreme focus. Many times, healers forgo sleep and socialization. They prefer to isolate themselves to undo powerful spells. Removal of black magic spells is not always easy. True healers aren’t scammers after your hard-earned income. Breaking curses is hard work. This is why healers often charge a fee for breaking spells.


In fact, most true spirit healer starts with a free black magic check for their clients. This is a spiritual work that requires work but reveals all the curses of an individual. After this, a healer has to embark on even more physically tasking spiritual work to undo spells.



In the unpredictable journey of life, where positive and negative experiences intertwine, there come moments when breaking spells becomes imperative. Life’s ups and downs are often influenced by both internal decisions and external factors, which can lead to challenges that require resolution.
Whether due to personal choices, the actions of others, or even spiritual influences, instances of misfortune and adversity can arise. While various practices like yoga and meditation offer substantial benefits for personal growth and well-being, there are situations where their effectiveness is limited. This is where the significance of Talal’s spiritual healing services comes into play.
Talal’s spiritual healing services hold paramount importance in addressing these unique challenges that conventional practices might not fully encompass. When faced with negative energies, curses, or black magic spells that have profound impacts on one’s life, the expertise of a genuine spiritual healer becomes indispensable.
Misconceptions surrounding spiritual healing abound, and it’s essential to recognize that breaking spells is not a simple task. Black magic, a complex and potent force, requires an experienced practitioner who can navigate the intricate spiritual realms to undo its effects.

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Note: Be aware! Over the years we have had many people claiming to be “healers”, copy Talal’s website articles from BreakBlackMagic.Com and paste them on their site as their own and change or rearrange the words. There are many scammers out there in this field. Feel free to contact us for a list of those we have discovered.

FAQ's - Breaking Spells

Spiritual healing, specifically for breaking spells, addresses issues that conventional practices cannot. When faced with spiritual curses, negative energies, or black magic, a genuine spiritual healer like Talal can provide specialized solutions that go beyond everyday practices.

While some might expect free services, genuine spiritual healers have families and responsibilities like everyone else. The intricate work of breaking spells demands time, energy, and expertise. Charging a fee ensures that healers can dedicate themselves fully to the task while sustaining their own lives.

Contrary to misconceptions, breaking spells is intricate and demanding. It involves manipulating energies in the spiritual realm, which requires significant mental and sometimes physical effort. True healing often entails sacrificing sleep and social interactions to accomplish the task.

Breaking spells involves confronting powerful spiritual entities tied to curses. Inexperienced healers can inadvertently transfer spells to themselves or face harm from these entities. This highlights the risks involved and underscores the need for skilled and focused practitioners.

Genuine spiritual healers like Talal usually start with a free black magic check for clients. This initial step helps identify curses and negative energies affecting an individual’s life. Following this assessment, the healer undertakes rigorous spiritual work to remove these spells, often involving complex rituals and processes.

"Everything changed after he helped me and I am thankful for that. We all are skeptical about scams but he is Not! God bless him that he helps people to overcome this. Thank you so much Talal and Kristine!”

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