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What You Should Know About Distance Healers

Distance healers are those that can send energy across space and time towards a person to create spiritual healing and cleansing. Distant healing is an alternative to physical healing. You do not have to be physically present with the healer. You can communicate with the healer through a phone or website and the healing can be commenced.

How Distance Healing Works

The first thing you need to know about the distance healing subject is that not everyone can do it. There is a common belief that people such as psychics, astrologers, and so on can provide healing. There is nothing further from the truth.

Spiritual healing can only be provided by spiritual healers. Black magic healers are born with the remarkable gift of relieving people of the debilitating spells placed on them. They are like doctors that God placed on this earth to help people with spiritual problems.

Black magic healers can help you with various spiritual problems in two ways. It's either they are physically present with you. Or the healing can be done at a distance. True healers usually ask for unique personal details such as your mother's name and so on for distant healing. These details are unique to everyone. They can use these details to locate you anywhere in the world and send across healing energy.

What True Distance Healers Can Do For You

There is a lot that goes on in the spiritual realm and there are countless types of spiritual attacks. The good thing about distance healing it saves you a lot of money. A true black magic distance healer can heal your problem from afar, and you don't have to worry about traveling. Here are some problems true distance healers can help you with.

  1. Black Magic Protection

If a person has been a victim of black magic, other members of that family will always be at risk. A black magic healer can help provide protection. This eliminates the risk of being a victim in the future.

  1. Exorcism for demonic possession

Various evil entities possess people and cause untold harm. It's not advisable to try casting out a demon on your own. Real exorcism can be dangerous and only a true black magic healer can do it successfully. If you ever start noticing symptoms of demonic possession, try to seek out a healer as soon as possible.

  1. Help in Life Situations such as love, career, and relationships.

Indeed, things don't always go our way. Bad things are always bound to happen. However, there is nothing normal about unending bad luck. If you start losing money for no reason or start having unexplainable problems in marriage and work? Then you need to seek out a spiritual healer.

  1. Evil Eye Situation

Evil eyes are created when others direct hateful and jealous intent towards you. Unfortunately, there is no complete protection from the evil eye. However, true spirit healers can protect you so that the effect does not last. The protection will force every evil eye entities to leave after a maximum of three days.

  1. Restoration of a haunted house to a peaceful state

Nobody wants to live in a haunted house. It's not good for your mental health, and it can lead to unforeseen circumstances. If your house is haunted, you have to do something about it. A true healer can help you get rid of any kind of entity or negative energy living in your home.

  1. Missing Persons

A lot of healers are also gifted with the ability to locate missing persons. A distant healer can ask for the details of that person and be able to locate where they are. You can contact us at the office of Talal Zoabi for this service.

  1. Spiritual Check

This is a defining feature of true healers. It's for those having symptoms of black magic or other spiritual problems. With this evaluation, the healer will find out the truth about your matter. They will be able to know if you are suffering from black magic, evil eye, negative energy or if it's something else. For more information please see our Diagnosis and Treatment section.

  1. Black Magic Removal

After black magic is confirmed through the evaluation, the healer can also help to remove the curse and black magic permanently. So, if you are looking for this service, contact us at our office. It also comes with lifetime protection for both black magic and evil eyes.

  1. Spiritual Cleansing

If you feel weighed down by negative energies, you can contact a healer for spiritual cleansing. If ignored, negative energy from stress and life problems can accumulate. This accumulated energy can then attract evil entities. The spiritual cleansing service usually lasts for 12 months. Every month, your body and soul will be cleansed of all forms of negative energy.

  1. Spiritual House Cleansing

Does your house have a history you are unsure of, or you feel the presence of negative energy? Have you been going through a tough time recently in the house? If so, then you need a spiritual house cleansing to get rid of the negative energy. A true black magic healer can also provide this service. Usually, then can ask for the interior and exterior images of your home.

  1. Love Check

A healer can also help with your relationship. They can do this by carrying out a love check. This evaluation evaluates the compatibility of two people based on their personality. Both parties also get insights on which traits to work on to improve the relationship. Not every healer offers this service. Luckily, the office of Talal Zoabi offers it, and you can take our love check here.

What to Know Before Hiring a Distance Healer

Now that you know the spiritual problems that can be solved with distance healing. There are other things you need to know. There are true healers out there using their gift to help others. But, there are also many fake healers out there who want to exploit you.

You have to be careful when seeking out a distant healer. The major thing is to make sure the healer is legitimate. Here are some practices of fake healers.

  1. Outrageous prices and other unprofessional demands.
  2. Having a single cure for everything.
  3. Not carrying out a spiritual evaluation before suggesting a treatment.
  4. Failing to request for money.
  5. Not having positive testimonials and word of mouth.
  6. How many years the website was created.

Why You Should Take Precaution.

You have to be careful because there are healers out there that practice black magic. If a healer has no positive testimonials, and they start making shady demands, please stay away. Some fake distance healers even try to lure people in by asking for no money.

If you want to save money, please don't save it through this means. You have to realize that spiritual cleansing takes time. We healers have to spend hours and days dedicating our lives to other people's problems. Healers are humans, we have bills to pay and the work is time and energy-consuming. So, it's only fair that they charge a fee.

Fake spirit healers that offer free healing are very dangerous. These people have done their study, and they know people love free things. But, they are not ready to help you. They are in the business for their selfish interest. They end up placing their own magic spells on you and then start making outrageous demands. You'll be defenseless against their spells.

Beware of Fake Healers with shady healing practices

The only option will be to hire an alternative healer to get rid of the spells for good. I've seen families lose their savings to these people. Some even resort to asking for sex and family possessions.

So, be ready to pay a legitimate healer. But be on the lookout for the price and study before you hire. True healers don't charge outrageous prices. If you calculate the amount of time needed for the spiritual healing and the price seems too high. Then, look for an alternative.

Paying a legitimate healer is a good investment for preserving your quality of life. If you have a budget, a true healer often makes compromises and accepts installments. So, always make sure you take time to see if they have the right healing practices. The remedy for the spiritual problems should come at the cost of the energy dispelled.

A healing practice common to true spiritual healer is they offer a free spiritual evaluation. They don't try to sell one amulet or ritual to you. They believe every spiritual healing has to be unique. So, they ask for unique details. With these details, they can locate anywhere in the world and carry out investigation into your spiritual problem. It is only after they know the details of your problem that the try to help. The office of Talal Zoabi offers a free black magic check here. So, if you start having symptoms of any spiritual problems, try to contact a true spiritual healer today.


Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing

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How to Do a Spiritual House Cleanse

A spiritual house cleanse is the practice of removing negative energy from your home and restoring positivity. Our homes are not just where we live and keep our properties. They are structures that are capable of accumulating all forms of energy. You should try to keep the energy in your home positive at all times. When negative energy lingers around your house, it can cause serious problems. This is why you should cleanse your house from time to time. Doing so will ensure that you are living in a positive environment where you can thrive.

How to Detect Negative Energy in Your Home

When hostile energies lie dormant in your house for a long time, it can bring about problems. It can bring about unforeseen bad luck and everything just seems to go wrong. The symptoms can be similar to that of a black magic curse. They can be very harmful if they are ignored. Negative energy can make you make sleep difficult. Your psychology doesn't stay the same in the house and you won't be able to sleep. Another way negativity manifest is through your behaviors. It can affect your concentration both at work and at home. You may start experiencing emotional problems and start losing motivation. And it doesn't just affect you. Everyone living in the house will experience the symptoms. They will start feeling fatigued and depressed all the time. They can also start fighting more often.

As you can see, none of these symptoms are desirable. But, the energies won't leave just because you ignored them. Chances are high that they will keep getting worse. We believe that you don't want this to happen. This is the reason a spiritual house cleanse is the only way out.

Advantages of a Spiritual House Cleanse

Cleansing your house of negative energy is similar to breaking a magic spell. The energies are often stubborn, and they won't leave unless you do something about them. However, if you do the spiritual house cleanse properly, it can lead to instant relief for you and your family. Your house can become a sanctuary once again and everyone will feel at home once again. The fights will reduce and the negativity everyone feels can dissipate. If you have been struggling with bad luck, that can also help it disappear. However, a spiritual house cleanse just doesn't get rid of the negative symptoms. It also infuses your life with much-needed positivity and joy.

Your motivation comes back and you can live your life more fully. If you have negative energies in your body, you also might consider a spiritual cleansing.

The Methods for Cleansing Your Home Of Negative Energy

There are different techniques for performing a spiritual house cleanse. Spiritual cleansing is a broad topic most people don't understand. There is also lots of false information about it online. To avoid causing unnecessary harm, here are the dos and don'ts of a spiritual house cleanse.

What Not To Do In Spiritual Cleansing

When you want to cleanse your house of negativity, please try not to indulge in the following.

1. Spells

There are several people online and offline that offer cleansing magical spells. These spells are said to be capable of scrubbing your house of negative energy. However, there is nothing further from the truth. Spells are not recommended because any type of spell is black magic. Using the spells can lead to the creation of another problem and a worsened situation. You can end up being a victim of a stronger black magic curse that brings about worse symptoms.

2. Sage

Burning sage is a fairly common practice. You have probably seen people waving bundles of burning sage and other herbs around in their homes. While there is nothing wrong with this and it's quite soothing. You have to know it is a simple aromatherapy. The smoke smells good and it soothes your spirit. You can engage in the practice if you believe in aromatherapy. But don't expect the smokes to chase pent-up negativity.

3. Crystals

Crystals are another place people often go wrong. Crystals are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with decorating your house with them. However, there are myths that some crystals have special properties. Some people believe that Amethyst and selenium can absorb negative energies. This isn't true. The crystals may be beautiful but the fact is they don't absorb energy.

What to Do in Spiritual Cleansing

To really carry out a spiritual house cleanse, here are what you need to do.

1. Prayer of healing and Positive Affirmations

Rather than reciting dangerous spells, it's better to pray and recite powerful affirmations. God is infinitely powerful and capable of answering prayers. Try to cultivate a religious ritual and get closer to God. Communicate your wishes with him and go around your house praying. Thank him for all the good and the bad in your life.
And as you pray, you can also recite positive affirmations. Declare positive things into your life and your home. By doing this, you will be connecting with a higher energy. Spiritual healing prayers can be very impactful, and they can help in cleansing your house.

2. Visualization

Another energy cleansing method is visualization. Visualization (when and if done right) can be a very powerful spiritual tool. It can be surprising what you can achieve when you focus your intent. A way to do this right is to visualize white healing energy moving through your body and your house. By doing this repeatedly, you will notice a gradual positive change in your life. To do this right, you are advised to seek a spiritual adviser for guidance.

3. Contact a spiritual healer

That said, spiritual house cleanses will always remain a daunting task. You may try these methods above and results may not be forthcoming. This can lead to losing confidence in your ability. If this happens, you are recommended to seek a spiritual guide. A spiritual adviser can either be a physical-spiritual healer or a distance healer.

This is the best method because you are going to the experts. A magic healer will have insights and advice regarding your situation. They can also offer a free spiritual check to find out what you are going through. You can take the free black magic check offered by the office of Talal Zoabi.

A true healer will be able to pinpoint the kinds of energy you are dealing with. They will be able to offer advice on what to do. And they can also help you perform spiritual cleansing rituals that rid your house of energies. So, if you are dealing with a negative presence in your house, try to seek out a spiritual healer as soon as possible. They can help you in performing your spiritual house cleanse.

Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing

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black magic protection

Top 4 Ways to Get Black Magic Protection

Magic protection methods can be found in various belief systems all around the world. The major problem is that, most of these popular protection methods are fake and won't protect you from black magic.
On the other hand, black magic is very real and serious.

How can you get black magic protection?

It's an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years. Black magicians can harm you or your family members. Black magic spells can cause untold damage in people’s lives.
So, to be able to protect yourself and your family, you need to know the facts of magical protection from the fiction. You need to know how to get protection that works.

The False Myths

The popular but false spiritual protection includes the following:

  1. Getting Protective Crystals and oils

It's a myth that stones such as hematite, amber, and onyx can act as spiritual barriers. The same goes for blending oil with mug wort, lavender, thistle, fennel, and other herbs. Many people go about selling these things and making promises that they offer protection.

This isn't true. These people are opportunists. They are just out there to make a profit for themselves.

It is true that buying and using these items may be relaxing. However, you should know that hanging these herbs around or consuming them won't offer any black magic protection.

  1. Hanging iron horseshoes and braided onions

Another idea is that if you braid some onions and hang them in front of your house with iron horseshoes. Evil entities are unable to enter into your house. If you do this, you'll only succeed in giving your house a weird look. This is because such fetish habits do nothing against spiritual attacks.

  1. Purchasing Protective charms

Of all the popular suggestions, this is the most dangerous. Many so-called healers out there sell protective charms. These charms are said to be all-protective. You are told that, you are completely covered from all attacks if you purchase it.

Spiritual healing, in truth, is usually tailor fitted to every problem. This is because there are various forms of black magic practices globally.

You just need to think about it. Think of health care and medicine. There is no single drug that can protect you from all diseases. Hence, if someone offers to sell an all protective charm, it's probably fake or an instrument of black magic. If it's just a fake item, it will offer no black magic protection. However, it can make your matters worse if it's an instrument of black magic.

  1. Hiring Psychics and Astrologers

Psychics are talented at helping people to cope with emotional problems for entertainment purposes. Astrologers can help you in creating a horoscope map based on your date of birth. They can help with astrological mapping out your personality based on where the stars where positioned during birth. However, that's the extent of their powers.

If there is a psychic or astrologer claiming to be able to break black magic, it is probably a fraud. These people are not useless. They are just not equipped with the right tools to help you.

  1. Doing it yourself

There is no shortage of guides and spell books online that seem to teach black magic protection. It is in your best interest to steer clear of all this. Spiritual healing is a gift and every true spiritual healer spends years mastering their power.

Breaking a single spell can take an experienced healers weeks. It isn't as easy as reading a book or chanting Latin words. Most guides you will find contain nothing useful. These are not really harmful because you would only be wasting your time.

However, there are guides that contain spells, and they can be very harmful if you make a mistake. You can end up inviting a malicious presence into your life or worse. This is why some things are better left undisturbed. So, please don't try to practice protection on yourself.

True Black Magic Protection

That said, there are still ways you can get black magic protection. Here are the methods we recommend.

  1. If you don't know don't try

Many people don't know it. But an easy way to protect yourself is to keep a spiritual clean slate. Do not accept work from healers if you don't know their source of work. Many people fall to this problem. They accept spiritual work but don't realize it's made in a black magic way. It is that simple.

  1. Keep your detail private

For most black magic spells to be done, the black magician will require things such as mother's name, picture, clothes and hair. It is advisable not to put your sensitive details online. But, being realistic, not everyone can do this.

However, by keeping as much of your information as private possible, you can drastically reduce the chances of people doing black magic to you. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Just avoid sharing your personal details or items with anyone. Unless, it's really vital to your livelihood, you should consider changing the display picture of your social media accounts to something else.

  1. Stay close to God

Our third recommendation is to maintain a strong religious faith. Faith in God works wonders. Try to improve your relationship with God, pray and keep your heart close to him. God is all-powerful, and he can protect those who placed their faith in him.

However, not all prayers are answered. God has a reason for this and it doesn't make him cruel. He has a reason for doing this and that leads us to the last recommendation.

  1. Get a true spiritual healer

The last recommended magic protection method is to seek a spiritual healer. An experienced healer will be able to perform a spiritual assessment on you. This assessment is done to reveal the spiritual problems you have and the possible solutions. Talal offers a free black magic check here. This evaluation will reveal the details of your spiritual problems.

If the evaluation reveals a problem, the spiritual healer will go ahead with the spiritual healing. After the problem is resolved, most healers will provide a lifetime protection so there isn't a repeat of the attack in the future.

But, in the instances that you have no black magic, you can ask the healer to provide a lifetime protection for you. In this case, no one will be able to do black magic against you. All of these services are offered at the office of Talal Zoabi. There it is, you now have all you need to know about getting genuine black magic protection.

Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing

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how to break a curse

How To Break A Curse | Break Black Magic

How do you break a curse?

Not many people believe in curses these modern days. But still, thousands if not millions of innocent people suffer from curses.Curses have been relegated to myths and fictions. To most people, curses are the stuff of fairy tales and fictional Harry Potter. However, the few people with spiritual knowledge know that curses are real.

What is a curse?

Curses are negative spiritual energies aimed at a particular person. A curse is the same as black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, and so on.Those who practice these arts are known as black magicians and witches. Through various detailed rituals and sacrifices, these practitioners can place any kind of curse of black magic on anyone.

But Why You?

There are a lot of reasons someone might want to place a curse on you. It's may be because the person wants to hurt you or someone you are related to. They either place the curse themselves if they know how. If they don't, they hire black magicians.
The person responsible may be an angry relative, former spouse, coworker, or business partner. At times, the culprit is a person you don't know. This is because there are some powerful curses called "Generational curses."
If this type of curse is placed on a relative of yours, say your dad, grandparent, or spouse, its effects will reach you. It can also affect you children and theirs.

Knowing you are cursed

The tragic story is that a lot of people never find out they have been cursed. This is unfortunate because you can break a curse. Anyone suffering from a curse can be free of it.

So the major question is how would you know if you are cursed?

Sadly, there are no easy answers to this.

Curses come in different forms. They manifest with different symptoms based on the intent of the practitioner. Most often it manifests with bad luck. Plans start going astray no matter what. And you just can't seem to get things right.

However, there is an argument that "Bad things happen." This is true. Life is not always beautiful. But, once you realize the sudden occurrence of negative things you can't explain. And that doesn't seem to go away. It might be a curse.

Here is a list with some of the most common symptoms to give you a broad idea:

  1. Irritating physical changes such as bad breath, body odors and graying eyes.
  2. Sudden psychological changes such as unexplainable depression, paranoia, and irritability.
  3. Sudden inability to concentrate and susceptibility to making bad decisions.
  4. Intense headache, excessive sleeping or insomnia.
  5. Terrible nightmares.
  6. Losing some of your memories.
  7. Infertility.
  8. Feeling constant negative energy weighing you down.
  9. Consistent problems in relationships.

This is not an exhaustive list. Have you started noticing any of these symptoms of black magic? Either sudden or it's been with you for a while? It doesn't seem to go away no matter what you do?
If so, it's time to break a curse. Because you might be suffering from one!

What not to do

However, learning how not to break a curse is just as important as learning how to. This is because there are a lot of opportunists out there ready to prey on your predicament.
These fake spiritual healers will extort you for their own personal gain. Some will even make things worse.
So, here the 3 ways you shouldn't attempt to break a curse.

1. Deck of Cards

There is a myth out there that a deck of cards can confirm if you have a curse. Many people, including some popular bloggers, say this but it isn't true.
They say having an ace in your cards 3 times in a row confirms a curse. But this is just wrong. A deck will never show you are cursed. The deck is all about luck.
The only way to get confirmation is to get divination from a true healer. At our office, we offer a free black magic check.

2. Spiritual salts and ointments


The second myth you have to discard is cleansing yourself in spiritual ointments. Many fake healers sell all sorts of salts and ointments. They claim that these spiritual materials will purify you. It's nothing but a myth. Think about it. There isn't a drug that can cure all sicknesses. So saying some salts will purify you of all curses is nothing but deceit. A curse needs to be examined by a real spiritual healer before it can be removed.

3. Premade Protective Charms

This is in line with the point above. Chances are you might have come across healers trying to sell you their bestselling powerful amulet. They'll claim all sorts of things. They'll say their special charm can cure all curses, black magic, and protect you as long as you put it on. But more often than not, these are nothing but fancy toys. Usually, it's a ploy to swindle people of their money. But not always, which is why you should be careful.

Some very evil people place their own curse on these charms. After you use them, things may get better for a while, only for things to get worse later on. Then, these evildoers will start exploiting you when you go back to them.

The only way to break a curse 

Now let's get into how to break a curse for real. The bad luck a curse brings can be debilitating. However, all curses can be broken. There are steps we recommend that you take if you want to break a curse. These are simple, safe, and straightforward steps.

 1. Get Spiritual healing

The first step you should take to break a curse is to find a spiritual healer. Noticing the symptoms is not enough to confirm you are cursed. After finding the spiritual healer, you would want them to perform a black magic check on you.
Many spiritual healers offer this for free. By doing this, the healer finds out the type of curse you have. How long it's been there and how to effectively remove it.
Contrary to popular belief, a curse can't be removed with a spiritual healer waving his hand or uttering a few words. Most times, it can be quite time-consuming and the process can take weeks or even months.
The good news is that no matter how long it may take. There is hope. Any curse can be broken and you can get your life back. After finding out the type of curse you have, the spiritual healer will start the removal process and healing. They will supply you with the requirements and instructions you need to follow.

2. Staying close to God

Apart from finding a healer, you do have a role to play in breaking any curse you have. One such role is being close to God.
God exists and he answers prayers. Praying and believing in him to heal you can sometimes help. We know God doesn't always answer prayers. However, we also believe he has his reasons for doing this. He placed spiritual healers on earth for a reason. Nonetheless, believing in God's powerful healing is uplifting and helps to drive away negative energy. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

3. Practicing Optimism

The last step we recommend is in line with healing from the curse. A curse no matter how small has the ability to wreck a life. And in the time it will take your healer to break the curse. You should try your best to be positive and hopeful.

To allow fulfillment back into your life, you have work to do. Help yourself by focusing on the positive things in your life. Practice gratitude, go through affirmations and hang out with positive-minded people. Also endeavor to start making plans. Start working towards to a better future for yourself. Believe that the worst is over and that things will only get better. This is how to break a curse. It's not easy. But we believe that if you do this. You will smile at the end.


Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing

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is my house haunted

Is My House Haunted | Break Black Magic

Experiencing paranormal activities in your house is never a pleasant experience. And you can't walk up to anyone and ask: "Is my house haunted?"

How would I know is my house haunted?

We don't advise living in a haunted house. Repeated contact with paranormal activities will often leave you scared, terrified, amused, horrified, or restless. It affects the peace of mind of everyone in your home.
So it's vital you learn how to tell if your house is haunted by a ghost or an entity.

Fact from Fiction

Is my house haunted? The first step to finding out is differentiating fact from fiction. Horror movies and novels really heavily use scare tactics to promote their ideas. There is always a scary ghost disappearing and reappearing scaring the house inhabitants.

And, even though, ghosts are quite real. The experience of a haunted house, in reality, is different from fiction. This is because there is more than one reason why your house may be haunted.

Here are actual things that happen if your house is really haunted:

  • Finding an item in a spot different from where you left it.
  • The persistent feeling that you are being watched.
  • Sometimes doors and cabinets open on their own.
  • Abnormal sounds in the day and night.
  • Unexplained temperature changes in some areas of the house.

Why your house May be haunted

Now that you have an idea of the signs. It's normal to ask "Why is my house haunted?" This is a crucial question because it's not only ghosts that haunt a house.

Below are the 3 main reasons why you may be experiencing paranormal activity.

1. Black Magic

It's possible that your house is haunted because of black magic placed on you. Black magic is an ancient art practiced by black magicians. A black magician worships Satan and performs rituals and sacrifices to invoke Satan's entities and demons.

Through special rituals, these black magicians are able to control these demons. Now, if you were to have someone who is jealous of you or bound to take revenge on you. You may be a victim.

They may hire a black magician. The black magicians send these evil entities to cause destruction in your life. And because these demons are bound, they can't leave even if they want to.

However, these entities have their own minds and personalities. Some like to scare humans for fun. Many times they have a mischievous childlike personality.

Therefore, apart from the other symptoms of black magic, you will be experiencing. The entities may also choose to haunt your house and make you really miserable with their paranormal activity.

2. Demons and Djinns

Another possibility for a haunted house is if you have a possessed person in your home. And I believe it's important to note that evil entities such as jinn and demons don't possess objects. However, they do like to sleep in them.

Entities don't live in dolls, creaky chairs, music boxes, or magic mirrors. Djinns and demons may be attracted to your home if it's unclean. They feed on gases made from waste products.

Even though jinn and demons sleep inside some objects. It's never on a permanent basis. Even if, you were to bring such items into your house. The entities will most likely leave.

Evil entities possess people instead. If you have someone who is possessed in your home? The entity living in them can haunt the house you live in.

So to know what's really going on in your home. You need to have a free black magic check done by an educated spiritual healer. Only such can get rid of demons.

3. Ghosts

Is my house haunted? As you can now see, even though most people jump to the conclusion that they have a ghost in their house. They're most often wrong.

If you are reading this, you have obviously had a paranormal encounter recently. So, ghosts are real. There is no doubt about that. But if you have a ghost in your house. The question should be "Why is my house haunted by a ghost?"

A ghost is an energy form shaped in the last life a human lived. This is the most rudimentary explanation of what a ghost is. Only humans can form a ghost. Therefore, a ghost will always be in human form. If you see an entity in your home that is not human in form? It's probably a jinn or demon.

Reason Ghosts Hang Around

There are a lot of reasons why a ghost might be haunting your house. These include:

  • The spirit is confused and doesn't even know it has become a ghost.
  • They didn't know they are trapped and are scared. Even more, than you are.
  • Some have a mission to complete. The mission doesn't always have to do with you.
  • They are figuring out their mission and can't find a way to progress into the afterlife.
  • Some are there to give a final message to someone they know.
  • They are there for unknown reasons.
  • Some choose to be there.

Ghosts can be found anywhere: factories, schools, mansions, and so on. They do not follow people around like in the movies. They mainly stay in an area, and they generally mean you no harm or to anyone.

Ghosts don't scare or cause problems for people on purpose. If my house is haunted by a ghost, it would be a matter of my path crossing theirs.

Dangers only happens when you don’t know it’s a ghost and take the wrong steps.

Is My House Haunted? What to do

Now to the most important question of all. What do you do when your house is haunted?
The first thing we'd discuss is what you shouldn't ever attempt. Never attempts to get rid of ghosts or entities with spiritual symbols.

Paranormal movies lay a huge emphasis on crosses. But please don't go purchase a spiritual symbol and believe that's all you need. No!

It doesn't matter if they were made in China or Jerusalem. These symbols can't communicate with the entities haunting your house.

The same goes for salts and sage burning. Salt is a traditional cleaner that can kill some bacteria. But that's all the height of its power. Sage burning helps to refresh an area and calms people down. But neither is able to remove negative energy, also not to talk to demons and ghosts.

The only way out is to seek spiritual cleansing for your home. This can only be done by an experienced spiritual healer. And this isn't without its dangers.

There are a lot of fake healers out there.

How to Get Rid of a Ghost

I've read a lot of scammers online. These scammers trick people to get their money and possessions. They tell you to bring certain valuables such as jewelry and heirlooms to them. They claim they want to cleanse these items.

Unknown to you, their goal is to make away with it. And you'll never be able to reach them once they get your valuables.

Some scammers cast black magic on you instead. Instead of having to deal with one problem, they make it two. They do this so you'll be indebted to them. You then have no option but to follow to their demands.

This is why you have to be careful of the spiritual healer you hire. Make sure the healer has a good track record and a lot of testimonials on their website.

Is My House Haunted? A Trusted Solution

Trust your intuition. At our office, we offer a free black magic check, and we have a lot of testimonials. Watch out for fake spirit healers who don't offer these. Real testimonials like ours are richly detailed. If you see short testimonials, it's probably fake.

I have over 30 years of experience. A real spiritual healer like me can help you cleanse your house successfully. The healer will start by finding the cause of the problem. Whether it's due to black magic, demonic possession, or ghosts.

The healer will then open the door to help them cross over. This is exactly what we do at the office of Talal Zoabi.

Is my house haunted? This is a good question! I hope we have done the best to answer it. You know what to look for and what not to do. Now it's up to you to requests for the help you need.


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