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5 Tips to Disinfect Coronavirus to Maintain Spiritual Health

Keeping Clean to Maintain Spiritual Health during Coronavirus Covid-19.

The time right now in this world is challenging for so many. All the stress can really have an effect on our spiritual health. Most know someone who has been affected by the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. With so much tragedy around us, it can leave us not knowing how to feel or think about today and tomorrow and cherishing yesterday. I am not a doctor, scientist or expert on germs and disease but I have something I thought to share. I do not just assist my husband with his Spiritual Healing work, I am a wife, mother and daughter. I also worry for my family, the world and my community. I am sharing things we are doing in our home. This helps our family feel we are doing all we can do to keep everyone safe. We would like to share our tips with you. Note: All recommendations should be read at the WHO website and guidelines should be followed that are recommended by your local government.

Our 5 Tips to Keep Disinfected During Covid-19 to Maintain Spiritual Health

1. Keep your physical distance with everyone outside of your home. Even if it’s with other family members and friends that do not live with you.

WHY? Even if you feel healthy and have the best intentions, you still have the chances of being a carrier without knowing it. Even if the Coronavirus has not come to your area or has limited cases in your area, take all precautions. The main goal is keeping everyone safe and healthy. Cases spread in many countries and states in just a matter of days. Many people’s lives are taken in the same amount of time. This will not just help your spiritual health, but also the spiritual health of those around you.

2. Keep proper disinfecting solutions handy. If all cleaning products are out of stock, make your own. If in stock, still make your own so it will last longer and be more cost-efficient. CDC in our current quarantine area suggests 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. After googling it turns out to be the standard spray bottle (32 oz). 

WHY? Although Clorox wipes are convenient and nice, they have not been a staple in our home. A clean cloth with the proper disinfectant solutions lasts us much longer and does the same job.
I made a bottle for all of the mainly used and touched rooms of our home. Entryways, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and living room. We are making sure not to have clutter on all surfaces so sanitizing is an easy spray and wipe process. The less you have lying around on counter tops the less there is for germs to attach themselves to. Did you know studies have found that 1 sneeze can travel particles as far as 25 feet? Just because you can’t see the germs doesn’t mean they are not there. The spray bottles and cloths placed around our home have made it easy for all of us to sanitize. Allowing us to disinfect more frequently on a daily basis feeling more spiritually healthy. In general a clean home can help a lot with Spiritual Cleaning.

3. Keep a big box inside or outside of the main entrance to your home and have a designated pair of public outing shoes.

WHY? When you have to go out for only necessary essential reasons, who knows what you stepped on during your outing. It seems everyone is coughing and sneezing right now and it is not just from the Coronavirus. Those particles go everywhere and especially on the ground. How many people have you seen in your life spit on the ground? People don’t see with their eyes what has happened where they walk in the recent past. According to the World Health Organization, as of today it is unknown how long the virus lives on surfaces. They estimate anywhere from a few hours to several days.

When you must go out, try to send only one person from the household. Take your shoes off before entering your home when you return. Take your disinfecting solution and mist the bottom of your shoes and preferably the tops as well. Then leave them in the box. This will help prevent tracking germs throughout your home.

I know my children love to play on the floor. Our cat loves to jump on our laps, and we all drop things from time to time. The transfer of germs from the floor to our bodies can happen in so many ways. Throughout everyday people don’t really think about this. This is why it is important during this time to sanitize the floors every day. If not every day at least after you have had to leave the home for an essential reason. Such reasons can be the grocery store, pharmacy and gas station. This helps maintain our spiritual health during this time because we feel there are minimal germs sneaking into our home.

I have a personal story of why I am so cautious about floor germs. It’s graphic! So I won’t write it here, but feel free to contact me about my spiritual healing technique here and I will share.

4. Wash, sanitize, don’t touch your face, maintain spiritual health, wash and repeat! Here's what we are trying to remember to keep clean on a daily basis to prevent Covid - 19.

WHY? I have always been a very clean person but even I can forget certain things. Wash your hands throughout the day for 20 seconds with soap and make sure to get all parts of your hands. Remind your household members frequently as well. Even if you are not going out, you never know what could have traveled in the recent past and is still alive. Wipe down all of your pantry items and shelves. On a daily basis sanitize all counter tops. Remember door handles and parts of doors that are touched to push open every room. All light switches, cabinet handles, toilet handles, sinks, sink fixtures, garbage cans, mail boxes and doorbells. Don’t forget about your electronics. Phones, handheld devices, computer keyboards, mice, game controllers, remote controls and appliance handles. There are also frequently touch places in vehicles that should be sanitized as well. We even try to wipe down all the couches and chairs once a week.

The frequent wipe downs will make sanitizing the home a fast process. You most likely will have no scrubbing involved by the time you are on a routine. Do not touch your face and be aware when you are eating finger foods like sandwiches and crackers etc.. A study done by the NCBI found that the average person touches their face 23 times per hour. If possible, sanitize your floors every day during these times. These quarantine days are meant for us as an entire world of brothers and sisters to kill this virus off together. It is good to feel confident your surroundings look and are clean. This will help you to remain calmer and is significant for spiritual health.

5. Having a strategy when bringing anything such as groceries, mail, and packages into your home.

WHY? You don’t know what precautions other people are taking to keep their bodies and surroundings sanitized. Everyone has a different opinion and standards on what cleanliness is. It’s better to be safe than sorry. All mail and packages that come into my house are misted and wiped down with my disinfectant. We also sanitize our mailbox when getting the mail. Cash, credit cards, wallets and receipts are also sanitized.

Here are our steps to bringing in the groceries during this time of the Covid - 19 Pandemic.

Step 1: Our household is doing our best by sending out only 1 person when needing to go to the grocery store. We figure if there are fewer of us going out there are less chances of germs being brought back in. We were recently told to wear a face mask or cloth to securely cover the mouth and nose.

Step 2: We lay out a towel across our kitchen counter. 

Step 3: When the person returns from shopping they are greeted at the door. The groceries are handed in and put on the towel. This makes it so the shopper does not have to walk through the home with their shoes to bring in the essentials. 

Step 4: The shopper can then take off their shoes, mist them with disinfectant and put them in the designated public outing shoe box. When their shoes are removed, they can then go inside. They then go and change their clothes. They put their clothes in the wash and wash their hands for 20 seconds... or even better, shower.

Step 5: All the groceries that are on the towel are misted down with disinfectant, wiped down, dried and put away. This allows more confidence that we are not reaching in cabinets or the fridge at a later time for surviving germs.

Our tips on maintaining spiritual health during Coronavirus.

Another big way our household has been maintaining spiritual health with less stress is documenting when we needed to go out. Document all of your outings. If you can maintain your household from not going out you bring your odds down of getting the Coronavirus. Right now it is coincidentally cold, flu and allergy season. It can help you look out for certain Covid - 19 symptoms during a time frame. You will have a date to look back on and make a calculation. You can have a better idea if you or a household member could have been exposed to the Coronavirus on the last essential outing. This way you can have a better idea of the days someone might have brought a germ in the home. You can have a better plan for the rest of the household. This can help the household make a decision if it's a good idea to have that member quarantine in a room in the home. This will help so it does not spread to other household members.

There are fewer chances of catching germs and bringing them back in your house to share with everyone else the more you stay home. With all this time at home, keep yourself busy. It is important to keep following up with the current situation in your area and the world. But try not to read news all day long. That can put a person in a deep depression. Keep busy with things you like to do or once liked and have not had time for. Prayer and meditation are so important now more than ever. Talal has made a world call for prayer. He is asking that everyone pray for the world wherever they are located at Noon and 8PM every day. Meditation is always great and especially during these times. 

With working from home, homeschooling our children, cleaning, praying, meditating and cooking nutritious meals we are keeping very busy.  You might not be able to go out into the world, but make sure to make your home your happy place right now. Keep it full of positive vibes and energy the best you can as this time is not easy for anyone. Parents, be easy on your children right now. Pick and choose your parenting battles and try not to over parent. Get caught up on all the things that have been on your list of things to do. From our home to yours we wish you and your loved one's safety, health and spiritual health. Please check out Talal’s Spiritual Healing Services and support your local worldwide Spirit Healer.   We are all in this together and together we can beat Coronavirus Covid - 19! Please share this article to spread the word.

Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing 

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