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Best Way on How To Get Rid Of Ghosts. Understanding Spirits

Is My House Haunted? The steps you need to take and understand this awkward and often scary situation.
Encountering an actual ghost can sometimes leave you with many different feelings. Scared, amused, terrified, fascinated, horrified and curious all at the same time. Here is how to tell if your house or business is haunted and if you need to get rid of a ghost.

Step 1. Knowing the Difference Between Reality TV, Movies and Actual Reality.
The first step is to know the difference between all the things we see on our screens and the actual reality. Reality TV is set up. I was asked to be on International Houses Hunters one time. I thought it would be exciting. The fact was that I had already been living in the house for a few years and when they told me we would need to take all the furniture out and keep it in a storage container for a few days in downtown main street Nazareth it was such an inconvenience and I quickly rejected the offer to be on TV. Reality TV is not reality, it is staged and planned and because it is given the name of reality TV we automatically think this is an actual reality, not a painted portrait. Although ghosts are very real, the amount of shows with the number of different cases is not a realistic amount of hauntings. Below are actual things that can occur from ghost being around you.

* Things being moved when you know you didn’t move them. Leaving an item in one place and finding it in a different spot.

* Sometimes doors or cabinets can open and close. But it is not very common.

* The feeling of something watching you or the feeling of not being alone when you are alone.

* Abnormal sounds, bump, thuds in the day and night.

* Suddenly feeling cold in certain areas of the home.

Step 2. Knowing and Understanding Where the Actual Source of the Paranormal Activity is Coming From.
Is my house haunted? Most likely if you have found this article something abnormal is happening at your home or business. The first most important step you need to do now is to figure out what exactly is happening. There are other things besides ghosts that can cause and be responsible for paranormal activity. If there is a possibility that someone has been jealous of you or would have a reason to take revenge for something you had done, you also could possibly be a victim of black magic. Also, if there was a reason for anyone to feel these things towards your parents or grandparents you also can be an indirect victim of black magic. 

How can I be experiencing paranormal activity because someone put black magic on me you ask? In most cases, this happens when an unstable person is not feeling in control of a situation and they can’t take no for an answer. It is normally not a stranger and someone you know. That person hires a black magician. A black magician is someone who follows satan and does evil rituals and offerings to satan's evil entities, jinns, and demons. These rituals allow the black magician to control these evil entities. Ordering these entities into people's lives to cause destruction or whatever they are told to do. These entities also have their own personalities and do things in their own way. When they are around their victims doing their job. Sometimes they like to scare humans as it is fun for them and this can be shown to the human eye as paranormal activity. These entities are not allowed to quit on the job when they want and are not allowed to leave even if they wanted to because they are under control. You also might not be a victim of black magic, but if someone in your home is you also can witness this. Paranormal activity from an entity is actually the least black magic symptom to worry about.

Other possibilities besides a ghost or black magic are if someone is possessed in the home.  Sometimes a demon or Jinn can be attracted to your home if it is not clean. They eat the gas that is made from decomposition. Ghosts do not eat these things and are not attracted to them. This does happen but is not as common as the others. Another very uncommon misconception many people assume is bringing and object in the home that is haunted. Although Jinns and Demons sleep inside of objects most commonly in a square shape, they do not live in them. For example, if you go to a thrift store or inherit an item and the entity is sleeping in the object when you bring it home, when it wakes up it will leave. Similar to if you fell asleep on a bus. It will wake up and find its way back home. Ghosts do not live in objects. In order to know exactly what is going on, you need to have a full thorough spiritual check by a true educated experienced spiritual advisor. To have a thorough check you should send pictures of the inside and outside of the main living spaces in your home and do a spiritual check on yourself and family members. If you are close to them they can come to your home, but it is not needed.

Step 3. Knowing What is a Ghost and Why is it Here?
Let’s start off with the difference between the spirit and the soul. The soul is what God gives the human at a certain stage of being in the womb before they are born. The spirit is energy the human and any living thing have. It also enters a newborn's life when it is born and it leaves before the soul leaves the person before they pass away. This is a short explanation. A ghost is a form shaped as the last life a human used to be in, appearing in a mirage appearance as the spirit. Humans are the only beings that can turn into ghosts. All other living creatures such as animals and insects etc… do not. Jinns and demons can shape themselves to the form of animals so be aware if your “ghost” appeared in the shape as an animal and know the difference. 

At the beginning of this middle realm, the spirit does not even know it has become a ghost at first and can be in a state of confusion.  They don’t know why they are trapped and can be more scared then you are. It doesn’t take too long before they know their mission whether it is simple or complicated. Some are waiting when you cross paths, some will eventually find out and some know right away what they are meant to do and are in the middle of it. Many times the spirit is more scared then you are and feels lost, alone and confused. They can’t figure out how to get out of their situation. They also can be in need of help and feel hopeless in many cases. 

Some reasons a ghost might be around:

*They are in the middle of their mission and it might take a while for them to complete it. It doesn’t mean their mission has to do with you.

* They are waiting and trying to understand what their mission is. Also, it doesn’t mean that the mission has to do with you.

* Some are there to give a sign or message to someone they know.

* Some are trapped for reasons we don’t know and they sometimes will not reveal if it has nothing to do with us as humans.

* If it’s in your home, it could have been there before you moved in and it has to do with the person that lived there before you or before that even.

* They have a task to finish in that place with a specific person.

* They are trapped and waiting in the middle realm before they are sent to their place of the afterlife.

* They are lost and confused.

* They are choosing to be there by choice.

Ghosts can be found in homes occupied or abandoned, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, wells, fields and on the shores of bodies of water. They do not follow people from place to place and mainly stay in certain structures or a particular area. Spirits mean humans no harm, they do not try to scare us or cause problems on purpose, it is just a path crossed in 2 different realms we are both perceiving differently. The only way humans get hurt from ghosts is when they get scared of the paranormal activity and are not paying attention to what they are doing.

Step 4. Knowing Popular Misconceptions that Will Just Waste Your Time.
Spiritual Symbols have been a long time misbelief that just having them around or on you will help ward off evil, spirits, and entities. False! Although they are good to keep around to remind us of our higher power and creator they are only objects. The factory or the hands in China, the Holy Land or whatever country it has been made in, is only an object and can not communicate with these ghosts or entities.  The beginning key to resolve any issue in life is communication. This is the same on how to get rid of ghosts. Also, the same for how to get rid of demons. Any religious symbolic objects will not get rid of demons or ghosts. Actually, it is most likely that a spirit had its own religious beliefs in the past life and could find this comforting. This will not get rid of a demon either.
Chanting Ancient or Latin phrases. If the entity understands an ancient language and not the language that has been spoken in your area for the last few centuries, it is most likely not a ghost. Demons and Jinns would be the ones to understand those languages. Be cautious!

The truth about sage burning and salt. Burning sage can not remove a ghost, but can help calm energy in the area and freshen the air, but not remove strong energies and definitely not spirits or entities. Think about getting rid of a mirage with burning sage, it is not possible. Salt also is known as sodium chloride is thought to be a traditional cleanser that can kill living bacteria, but can not remove something that is not alive. I have read many false informing articles online that you sprinkle some salt all around your home and in the carpet and vacuum it up and your problem is over and your home is cleaned from spirits and entities. If it only were that easy. Also stories or lining salt at the doors and windows and even property lines. It’s all a lot of work that will not result in help and is unfortunately just a waste of time.

What NOT to Do and How to Get Rid of Ghost.
DEFINITELY, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY RITUAL FOUND ONLINE. When searching for help in this uncomfortable situation be smart! There are a lot of people out there that are known to scam people for lots of money, or going into their home and asking them to bring certain items and covering the items with a cloth and then when you don’t even realize it the cloth is removed and your precious, priceless sentimental items are all of a sudden gone forever and for some reason, that healer is unable to be reached ever again, not even by the police. Or they do rituals in a black magic way or give them for you to do and the situation ends up much worse. You now can have a ghost and a demon on your hands needing to deal with 2 problems.  Especially if you thought you were dealing with a ghost and it was a demon the entire time. That would be a big mistake. Be smart, careful and cautious. This must be dealt with in a proper way. Safe for all parties involved.

Step 4. Knowing How to find a True Spiritual Advisor and know the difference between True and Fraud.
Do your research, read testimonials and make sure they are not generic. I copy my client's testimonies when they send them and paste them directly to my site with grammar mistakes and all. If you see the name of the person who wrote the testimony to be cautious. I have been working as a spiritual healer for more than 25 years getting close to 30 and almost all of my clients want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Let’s face it, this is an uncomfortable subject that can have many different responses by people in their lives. The few who wanted to put their name and contact details, I did not allow because of the thousands of visits we have to my site will leave them flooded with emails and calls and more than a full-time job. I’ve even had other sites copy my client's testimonies and paste them to their site changing my name out to theirs. Everyone has a busy schedule, but take the time to read what is written on their site. Sees if it makes sense to you and if you can relate. This can make all the difference when searching how to cleanse a house of spirits.

It’s the sad truth that there is so much evil in this world and it is not only coming from evil entities but humans. The same as a true educated Doctor must treat certain medical conditions, you must find a true educated Spiritual Advisor who specializes in spiritual healing to help them cross over if it is a ghost you are dealing with. If the ghost is not bothering you then there is really no need to get rid of it. Most of the time like anyone having an unscheduled unexpected visitor, it is not convenient and we don’t have time for it with our schedules. We have our own lives and families to care for and that is ok. If it is a demon or Jinn then you must get rid of it because it can affect you and future generation's quality of life and unlike ghosts, demons and jinns do mean harm and are on a mission to destroy certain aspects of your life.

You are not alone and can get through this. Whatever you are dealing with it is not the end of the world. Others have been in the same situation and it has been hard but they found the way.  Once you have found a spiritual healer you are comfortable with you can detect and overcome the problem and they can help with a spiritual house cleansing prayer. They can help get rid of ghosts and cross over if it’s a ghost. They can help find out why they are there in most cases and if they are stuck or chose to be there. If it’s a demon or a Jinn, the healer can remove those as well. With the spiritual cleansing of home, you can ask if they can provide protection from black magic for you and your family so no one can do that to you in this lifetime in the same work. Then you are less at risk if it happened to happen. Most important at the foundation of this problem is to do your research and feel comfortable with your decision. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything.

To whom that say they don’t believe in satan, spirits, jinn, and demons. My answer is, “If you believe in God’s religions, they are all mentioned and written in his books. It’s up to you what you want to believe but even if you don’t they still can affect you.

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