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Talal's services have been breaking black magic for years!

Many people have sought Talal to find a black magic cure. Talal knows how to identify the signs and symptoms of black magic, how to break spells, how to break curses , and how to eliminate other forms of black magic. We invite you to read these testimonies from real clients in order to further understand how Talal's gift of spiritual healing can help you.
Susan B. | She found how to remove curse symptoms and to finally break a spell
With the help of Talal this client could feel the extreme inner peace with him breaking spells and curse removal. She had been to many psychic healers in the past that only made her spell symptoms worse. They would call and threaten her when she realized they could not break a spell and stop paying them after they had already gotten thousands of dollars. She is so thankful Talal knows how to remove curse symptoms and provide lifetime magic protection.

“My heart and soul need to share the world and for anyone who put his special situation into Talal and Kristen hands. One night I pray with my heart to God, I was leaving a hell because someone else took advantage of my situation. I knew God would listen to me and that night, I was praying near the ocean and I asked God to send me help or just guide with someone that could help me break the black magic. The same night I found the web page of Talal, I knew something in my soul was telling me he was the person that I asked God for help. Since I born I been struggling with the black magic effects because my mother was a victim of it. I feel so grateful to have found angels from heaven here on earth that their mission is to fix peoples life. With eyes close and my heart, I recommend Talal and his nice wife Kristen. They were always checking on me during the process, I could call them my spiritual saviors and family. I started already feeling an extremely inner peace and joy. It is like reborn from the inside-out. I don't even have words to express the huge gratitude for Talal and Kristen. You will be in the best hands.  with love, Blessings"

Sarah P. | Talal is Incredible in Breaking Black Magic Curse

Talal is incredible in breaking black magic curse -

Happiness had eluded me all my life. No matter how hard I tried, I was always one step away from fulfilling my dream when it would be snatched away cruelly. I never understood the reason. I just thought success was not meant for me. I tool it in my stride. Then things got worse and I began having health problems and heavy financial losses. It made me very depressed and I became more distant from my family. I felt helpless and miserable and did not what to do to improve my situatiion. Then a relative told me about Talal and initially I was very sceptical and distrustful of his capability to alleviate my situation. But I finally took the plunge and am I grateful for that. Talal diagnosed my situation as being under a black magic curse and with his guidance and healing powers, I can say that I am leading a normal life today. I could feel the difference within a few days after he started the healing process, and I am so much at peace now and filled with confidence in the tasks I undertake. I would highly recommend Talal to anyone who needs his spiritual healing. He is truly remarkable, understanding and very successful at removing black magic curses.

Fatima M. | My Story- Before, While and after my Treatment with Talal

My story- before, while and after my treatment with Talal

I want to tell you my story with more details. I do not know if it will help someone decide if this treatment is something they want to pursue or identify themselves in some of the things I have been through. I feel more willing to share it knowing I can remain anonymous. Please be aware that my experience does not necessarily mean you will have the same journey as me. Yours might have some similarity but I am sure it will have its differences.

It has been years since I have been looking out for a reason why my life has been the way it turned out to be. I am not a saint but I have always tried to help people in need and think I have been a good-hearted person. However, trouble always used to find me wherever I went. It was escalated more when I was around 18 years old and my worst years were from when I was 21 until maybe just before I came across Talal's website ( I am 31 years old now)- so you can think of rape, sexual harassment, all kinds of harassment at work, health problems which were not typical for my age of 20, constant headaches to the point of throwing up, fatigue. Then there were the small things such as- always something going wrong with either a flight, missing deliveries, important documents which never arrived at my address or I was sent the wrong things. The list can go on. One thing was certain- once I fixed a problem, I always had this feeling some new is coming along. Please bear in mind that my symptoms do not necessary are examples of what to expect for yourself. I came to realize later on that some symptoms are similar for a group of people, some are not. The same with the healing journey- it is different for everyone.

I friend who knew she had black magic done on her told me about Talal's website. She has been looking for a cure, someone to break it for a long time. I have known her for a few years only and I had seen her journey and torture. When she told me to check myself, I did but I did not expect a positive reply that I had black magic. I submitted my details and I knew it is going to take a few days. This was 1.5 years ago.

I still remember my dream on Saturday evening like it just happened. I remember people circling around me, giving me something to eat. It was really blurry, but at some point, my vision got cleared and I saw a person giving me a human raw liver to eat which I turned away and I saw the people surrounding me, one of which had torn the flesh from himself. I woke up at 5:00 am and remembered my dream as it has just happened in reality. I called my friend later and she told me most likely I would have something done to me.

It does come as a great shock when you receive the email. I have been searching for answers in the last few years as to why everything happened to me, and I think that day I got it. I thought I was the cause and maybe in a previous life I have done something awful to deserve it. Do not get me wrong- I have had good moments in my life but for some of the things I have achieved- I have given more than a person should sacrifice. The black magic was done on me and my sister. I am going to talk mostly about how I went through it as I am not able to tell her side.

I paid right away in the evening because I thought that there is nothing I can lose- I have spent more money in the last years on medical bills that if this treatment was about to change my life even the slightest way- I was happy to do it. If it did not- well, at least I have said no and looking back to try.

Talal started the treatment, on the third day I had the first recollection that something is different. I woke up and felt such a peace in my mind. I have not felt my mind so quiet in ever. I just realized the negative voice in my head was gone. Since I have been reading books they always said there will be a negative voice in my head so I never paid too much attention to it. I have known I had two voices in my head and I could hear them at the same time talking but never thought it was something strange. I thought it was just my negative voice always being there to put me down and come up with all the worst scenarios. During the treatment, I had some better days, and some worse. The worse ones I felt like I cannot get out of bed even after I have slept for 14 hours, some nights I could not sleep more than 2 hours but felt full of energy. One other thing I started to notice is that my reflection in the mirror was changing. For the last few years, I would look in the mirror and not see myself, as it was a different person.

Then there were the nightmares which I grew accustomed to. I would have nightmares which would wake me up in the middle of the night and I would feel as if they happened in real life. It could range from dogs/ creatures biting me, to my family members dying etc. I took this one more calmly than anything. It was like going to a movie, not knowing what you will see tonight and I was in the leading role. One thing I remembered was- it was all a dream, not a reality.

Once Talal finishes his part, there were some instructions with what I need to do from my side. Remember to follow them strictly as this is very essential for the whole process to be completed. This is when all the fun begins ?Everything becomes a bit more intensified. As if something is fighting it- so things around me started getting more stressful. Upon discussing it with my friend, I was expecting it is not going to be so easy. Things at work got more stressful, I got very ill but it all went away in the end.

After that, the period of the magic leaving your life takes a few weeks, or months. I would say it was months for me but for everyone will be different.

In general, somehow new moon and full moon were a period when it got a bit more intensified for me. I would have more nightmare around this time, or I would have things around me get messed up a bit to be resolved by itself.

I had the feeling of being watched some evenings, and it went away. There were some nights when I would feel the presence of something coming but would go away.

Generally, everything started getting better. It was maybe 4 months after I finished with the whole treatment when it became clear in my job that I can progress to a higher position. I have spent the last 5 years going from one dead-end job to another- getting even less pay with the next one. I have had the most horrible bosses ever imaginable. Though the next one was a bit better than the first one, I will contribute it to the fact that maybe the black magic is stronger when it is first made. To be fair, the day I got the email from Talal I had black magic, was the day I started my new job. It was better paid but still not adding anything new to learn but I took it just because I had a problem at work and did not think I can stay there anymore. It was also a 6 months contract where nobody promised it is going to be extended. So in the 6 months since it became clear I could learn new things, probably get a pay rise as I was about to get more responsibilities and my line manager wanted to send me to do a qualification which the company would pay for. A year and a half I could say I have more stable income, and appropriate for the experience I have.

It was the time I moved flat as well. I used to live with a friend before but the situation was not very good. We always had problems- either the third person would leave and we need to pay for their part of the rent, or something else will come up.

All the occasional problems with messed up documents or anything of the kind started disappearing. I think it was during the summer of last year when I woke up and realized the awful feeling that something bad is just waiting to happen was gone. I have had this feeling in my gut for a very long time, maybe years.

My relationship with my sister got better. Whenever I used to see her, we would always end up arguing. But since Talal's treatment things changed. Even before meeting Talal, my sister and I tried to work on our relationship but there was always something I could not comprehend and have told her maybe 3 years ago- the moment I see her, maybe in 3 hours or so I had this enormous rage/ anger rise in me and I did not know where it came from. I always assumed it was me. But this was gone now. A year and a half- my sister and I have a better relationship than we had ever. I still had the occasional fights which with time I realized was part of the healing- I would hang up on something feeling like I need to argue with her, but then the next day everything had subsided. It is beyond explanation- I just started to learn with my new peace when something was coming into play and trying to wait for it to leave. As I said- it is part of the healing. It feels like you are reliving some symptoms but they always go away- every time is shorter and less noticeable so do not be afraid.

Another effect of Talal's healing was the change in my period. Until the age of 18, I do not ever remember having any problems with it. My memory is that when I was maybe 19 it got very bad. When I went to university, there were days I could not get out of bed- I was in so much pain I could not even stand from my bed for 2 days to even eat. I am happy to say that in 1.5 years my period has got back to what it was. It is was getting better with each month but it takes time. Last month was what I remembered it to be.

The next is a bit of personal detail but...Since I was 19 years old, I have had this problem that whenever I had a sexual encounter with someone, it would be painful and I would be in pain for the next 2 days ( not that I have had many relationships since...especially the last few years). I actually dated someone for a few weeks last year and I was surprised to realize this was no more the case. I always thought this was due to the fact I do not actually have a very active sex life and what a gynecologist once told me that my vaginal canal is moved to one side.

My headaches stopped. I used to get so bad headaches that I was about to vomit. I also felt tired almost all the time, and I did not know what causes it. A trip to do the doctor did not uncover anything.

As I said, I would still get some dreams and sometimes 'visits' as I call them. My nightmares were different though- this time I would kill whatever it was. I would recognize in my dreams that certain thing was not a person but as if it was a demon or an evil creature. Whatever it was- they could not get me anymore.

I would also have dreams of sexual nature where I would feel like it was happening in real life. If you have had those- you will know what I mean. My friend had told me some spirits come in your sleep and have sexual encounters with you. I did not think much of it. I did not get in touch with Talal to tell him for this one. I did have another sexual nightmare I told him about and since he did something- they have stopped.

It was fall last year when I decided I wanted to check if Talal could help my mother as I feel she needs spiritual healing. When I submitted her details, the answer I got back was she had black magic. I was surprised because I had previously checked her and the reply was negative. Talal asked to submit my grandma's details and it turned out my grandma had black magic done on her as well. The explanation here I think is that Talal was looking for the same magic on my mom as on my sister and me. Plus, whatever my grandma had has passed on to her.

I was not as much surprised because my sister and I have always discussed it there is something wrong with my family. My grandma became a widow at a very early age. So did my mom. My sister and I were almost the same age as my mom and her brother. It had always seemed strange how this happened in case my grandfather died all of a sudden. But never put too much thought to look whether there is any reason.

So in December, I signed up to break my grandma's black magic curse which finished in January. Talal did tell me this curse should not affect me at all since I have a protection but I think it probably was the reason for some of my dreams before that. So following this healing, when I had to do my part, the resistance was stronger- all of my family got some issues- whether health or work. My issue went away after I finished some of my parts to do. But it was difficult few weeks. I live in a different country from my family but I recently went back. It was the first time after the black magic has gone away. First, my mom told me she felt so much better in terms of health. Her relationship with my grandma has improved ( since it was not as great). It was interesting to see one of my cousins was looking much better- physically and mentally since I can remember for over 5-6 years maybe. I never checked if my cousins had something too...but I do remember dreaming about them in the months after the curse was broken. And I do not ever remember dreaming of them before this occasion. I do think that this curse has affected us all and I could see changes in the life of everyone. However, they are not aware of what I have done except my mom and sister so asking them if their life has changed a lot lately was not very appropriate.

If you have made it to the end of my story- congratulations for not giving up on reading my long review.

I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO TALAL and HIS TEAM FOR THEIR HELP. I do not know how to explain it in any way what he has done for me. I hope my review gave you a bit of an idea what mess my life has been and how it is changing. A year and a half ago, I no longer had the desire to have dreams and had given up on so many things. I feel how in the last few months the hope is coming back. Of course, to fulfill my dreams I will have to put a lot of work in it but at least I know I now have the means to do, and I am not exhausted from fixing one problem after another. I have given up on my dreams before, because on so many occasions everything fell apart in the last minute, and you get to see your dreams and hopes getting crushed so many times before you lose hope that you can dream of something.

If you have a black magic curse, just do not postpone the healing process. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND EVEN 10 000 TIMES MORE! I WILL BE FOREVER IN DEBT TO TALAL FOR HOW HE HAS HELPED ME AND MY FAMILY. And do not forget to give yourself time to heal- it takes time :) Your story and journey could be different but if I managed to help you get an idea of what everything has been then I am happy.

For once, I never felt sorry for myself for what has happened to me. If I could- I would like to have not experienced it but as I said- it made me stronger as a person as well.

Ashley T. | Talal Has a True Gift and can Change Your Life for the Better

I have no words to describe both Talal and his lovely wife Kristen. You will never come across people who are as genuine and truly care about your situation. Besides that, Talal has a true gift and can change your life for the better.

I came across Talal’s website accidentally when I was researching the signs of black magic. His article was the first one to appear for me and so easily at the perfect time, as if it was a sign. So I decided to contact them with our information, you have nothing to lose because they check if you’re affected for free! I knew immediately he was genuine because he told me that all of us are clear except for my mother, so he did not make up any stories for the rest of us, instead he offered to include my father and siblings in the lifetime protection he’s doing for my mother for no extra cost!

They were both so patient with me as well especially during the process with all the questions I had regarding the steps I needed to perform. They always responded very quickly and kindly to all my emails!

I knew that we had a problem at home but I wasn’t sure what it was until Talal described our situation perfectly without giving him any information besides our names, birthdays and photos. What was placed on my mother affected all of us in a way, and we always felt stuck in life with things moving very slow. It’s been many many years for us living like this but he finally was the light at the end of the tunnel for us. Now that my mother’s magic is broken, I started feeling the changes that are happening in our lives in terms of everyday things happening faster, hopefully for the better!

I would not trust anyone else besides Talal to look into anything related to this for anyone I know in the future. I am so grateful I found him and have asked him to look into another family member’s situation now which again, he described perfectly and was right about everything.

Talal and his wife Kristen are more than family to us and I will be forever grateful for everything they’ve done and continue to do.

Other than that, the peace of mind you get knowing that you are protected from any type of black magic in the future is priceless! Nobody can guarantee that to you besides Talal, so it is worth checking and going ahead with this if you have any doubts.

Thank you so much Talal and Kristen!! You both are absolute light workers, true angels on earth. Thank you for using your gift to help people like us and may your life always be filled with joy and prosperity in return.

Leanne F. | I Want to Give God the Praises

Hello everyone,

I want to give god the praises for letting me see kristen and talal zoabi website....for black magic remover services! My story...i was going with my ex and he cheated on me, i than wanted out of the relationship because my trust has been broken , he did not want to break up, but i did, he told me if you want to break up "you will be so sorry" I than reply to him you don't know what god got for me! After breaking up with him , I Really did not pay him any mine about what he said just thinking he was angry because i wanted out! And he was losing me,After we went a part i began to feel like i was floating while i was in bed thinking it was a mine thing,this happen in 2003 when i left him, about in 2005 things began to happen to me i began meeting nice guys who treated me great! Then we would go out again and have a really great time! Than about a month or two they would just stop calling me,So i would then say well maybe that's the wrong one ok, move on,so it than became a pattern , so i than consult a spritual person and got a reading, and it was confirmed that black magic was in Fact on me, and she also told me she could help me but could not things got worse and worse than my finance started crumbling, i was in in car accidents one car got total,got a New car sitting at the red light dented my back bump twice! My son kept getting lock up for dump stuff, my daughter became someone i didn't know anymore,well just about anything you can think of happen! Thank god for sparing my life!i would go the church and pray and pray at home to for help, asking god for help (THIS MAN WAS EVIL!!!!)so i continued to pray and ask god for help, as i prayed i told god i know lord this is not the life you have for me please help me god,so one nite got in bed and i was looking thru the internet up healing, than all of a sudden an email pop up! It read tala free check service for black magic,i then read his back ground, i than inquire about. His service to get screen,a few days later kristen respond back telling me sorry for the bad news you are a victim of black magic,and saying if you would like our help we can help you, in which i agree for their help talal called me as scheduled and told me what to expect durning the remover of black magic Cleaning, i began to feel so good it's like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder! TALAL and KISTREN ARE GOD SENDED ANGELS!!! THEY ARE SO SUPPORTIVE IN EVERY STEP OF THE CLEANING,THEY ARE JUST THERE! I WANT TO THANK YOU BOTH AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP, I.AM SO.THANKFUL THAT GOD HAVE ALLOWED YOU BOTH TO RESTORE MY LIFE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! FOR ALL OUT THERE FEEL AS THINGS NOT RIGHT TALAL SPRITUAL HEALING SERVICE IS WHO YOU WANT TO GO WITH!! THEY ARE REAL! YOU CAN


Nisra S. | I am so Very Grateful and Honored to Know Talal and Kristen

I am so very grateful and honored to know Talal and Kristen. And so extremely blessed to have found them and for all of their help.

Many years back and long before I knew of black magic I used to really love life. I had high goals and ambitions. I was close with my family, had wonderful relationships, was studying to become a professional and was set to marry. My future was bright, life was good. I was happy therefore would always see the positive in everything including people no matter what the circumstance. But somewhere along the way it became more of a struggle.

Everything fell apart, my close family became distant, my relationship was no more. And no matter how much I tried in my studies, my professional ambitions disappeared. It didn't make sense how everything could end so fast. But life goes on so eventually I picked myself up and tried again, started over something new. I'd have small successes worked harder than most yet never got much further. Figured that's how life was, full of setbacks and struggles. The more I had to try at something that should be easy the more depressed and emotional life became. The problem is being in the moment I couldn't tell, I thought it just meant I had to work that much harder.

None of my relationships ever stuck after that, personal relationships ended more quickly than it began, family and friends were more distant and sadly life seemed better alone.

I've always been a believer in spiritual life as I have a religious family. I've heard of black magic and curses and all such scary things but never once did I think it was real enough to happen to me.

It wasn't until I was in one of my worst depressive states, another ended relationship, more life struggles that I tried to reach out for help. Was really kinda desperate for it and was so fortunate to find Talal and Kristen who was able to check into this for me.

I was beyond belief shocked to learn that such black magic was put on me many years without my knowing. As scared and hurt as I was to learn of this I couldn't help but reflect on my life, I didn't know what this meant or why. Or even what was to come. So many questions but there wasn't anything I could do but wait until Talal would do the work he set out for me.

Once the work was completed it was strange as I didn't think anything changed but the truth is I felt so much lighter more relieved. The sad, depressed overly emotional person was gone. That painful feeling all but a distant memory.

Sure I've had bad moments since the work was done, there's been unfortunate circumstances, a car accident, unscrupulous people, some setbacks but nothing that couldn't be handled, dealt with or overcome. And no matter what the situation is and how much the struggle or desperation it's never once felt like it was the end of the world the way it once seemed to. Now these types of situations are merely just an annoyance.

I believe once again that there really are good people in this world, Talal and Kristen are just proof of that. I've been able to regain relationships with family and friends, not like it once used to be as with so many years that have passed its still a work in progress. But for me a new relocation, new car, new home, new friendships, it's been a wonderful fresh start and so much more to look forward to but this time without the worry of anymore black magic ever again.

I am safe, protected and happy and owe a world of gratitude to Talal and Kristen and the work he has done for me. 

Ava A. | Removing Generational Curses and Bad Luck in the Family

 Dear Talal & Kristen,

I'm writing this Testimonial on my experience so far with you both. I have been brought up with the black magic in the back of my mind since I was young ( never knowing what it was or in fact if it was at all real )

For years it's been at the back of my mind. Things happened to me which I could not explain it followed a pattern every time I got a good job and was doing well it was taken away ( this happened consistently ) my parents also were suffering and did not know why, bad luck followed our family every where.

I knew something was up and did not know what? So I looked up black magic and there was many people on the web but I didn't want to use them as I was scared. I found someone who fleeced me of £2000 saying he could remove black magic ( I was very vulnerable and was taken advantage of ) he took all my gold to pay for the work ! And I reported him to the police) that was in 2012.

I was very upset and it took a long time to come to terms with it. So I carried on with my life.

My mum had a stroke and was bed ridden and paralysed for six years and then my dad got cancer and died, my mum died 3 months later and then my sister died a year later of cancer too. I became very ill prior to this and was hospitalised.

So I got through all of this.

So the last straw came when my son went to visit my Aunty and when he came back he was very ill and lost his job. ( She is known to practice black magic ).

So I googled it and came across breakblackmagic.com I read all the Testimonials and offered a free black magic check, so obviously I was sceptical about it but thought why not and did it.

The results came in from Kristen, I was taken aback of what the results were. I then spoke to Talal and he was so genuine and gentle and honest and straight forward to the point. So I decided to take the plunge.

Basically Talal confirmed that there was black magic on me and that it was indirectly affecting my son That was it for me I thought this has got to stop.

After a consultation with Talal I agreed to start the process with him as I said he was genuinely concerned and considerate about my situation, he never promised anything he couldn't do and did not offer false hope.

Something he wrote in my consultation, got me thinking and I sent him my mum and dads photos and sisters - the results were astounding he confirmed that my mum had the highest black magic you can get and it affected my mum, dad and sister and that it literally killed them. (No joke) this is real.

I am heartbroken.

So I'm in the process of doing the talisman and I have seen results already, I will of course write another testimony after I have finished.

I would urge you to take the free check and then take it from there.

It's the best people and the best money I have spent he is truly remarkable ( the best bit is that Talal does not use magic ) he is spiritual.

Kristen and Talal are the most caring, considerate and gentle and genuine people you could do business with and extremely professional nothing is too much.

I also thought the testimonials were all put on the website were not real but now I know they are all genuine.

I can't state this enough that they really are the real deal in breaking black magic.

I wish you all the best

Igor E. | When one asks “what is spiritual health?” What is Voodoo Spell Symptoms?
Through spiritual healing, we can begin to understand what spiritual health is. This male client was happy with Talal’s ability to use spiritual healing methods in order to unbind someone from his past. He felt great spiritual healing, feeling lighter than he ever had. It took about two weeks to break a spell that had bothered him for many years. What is voodoo can be explained by even the smallest binding spells. The client got back his spiritual health and was able to get rid of negative feelings and break a spell.

“Talal Zoabi has been a good source for Spiritual Healing over the time I have known him. He has helped break black magic for me and is now cutting cords with a former friend and classmate.

 Different stresses from former memories would enter and exit my mind. In few days I started to feel much more in ease and a lot lighter. I noticed I feel this kind of love without resentment and that love is unconditional (for the persons he cut cords with).

 He took about two weeks to complete this work and prepared a talisman for each person. Talal Zoabi is someone I can trust in all needs.”

Leo H. | Solution to Black Magic is Break the Spell
This is a testimonial about a father who had to help remove a curse for his daughter. He and his wife noticed that their daughter was acting strangely and they really weren’t getting any good explanations from anyone. He didn’t believe that black magic, voodoo protection or charms existed until they realized what was happening to their daughter. Ema, the daughter, was a very normal little girl. One day, she started to act viciously towards her mother. She would use social media to try to do harmful things against her. Ema also started to hurt herself which broke her mother’s heart. The grandmother (mother of the person who wrote the testimonial) suggested finding a psychic healer. They had tried psychologists and the advisements of the school leaders. Nothing was working and there were no clear answers as to how to make things better. When they did find Talal, he knew how to remove the curse. Although he had the black magic cure, it did take some time to break a spell she’d had for so long. It took patience from the family but Talal explained the reasons why. The black magic had plagued Ema for a long time and it would also take time to work through the habits that had formed. In the end, they did remove a curse that had been put on Ema long ago. She became a happy, normal little girl again who was kind to her mother and to herself. She has recovered from the memories of a challenging time for everyone. They are so grateful for Kristen and Talal putting so much effort into healing their little girl. For the support, they were given along the way.


“Thank you Kristen & Talal...
I believe Ema has now been completely cured...
May God bless you both...

I am so glad that genuine powerful healers like you'll
exist that can remotely assist victims of the evil art
of black magic...

For those reading this post, I would like to relate what
really happened...

I come from a scientific background and grew up in
Melbourne Australia...

I have always been a sceptic when it came to black magic,
spells, charms etc...

But all this changed after what happened to my daughter

Ema was a normal child...

But things began to change as the years rolled by...

Her relationship with her mother began to deteriorate and
things began getting worse with every passing week.

She could not stand her mum and began abusing her both
in person and on social media...

She also started self harming around the same time...

My wife was in tears...

We referred the matter to the school psychologist who advised
we take Ema to a specialist in adolescents...

The diagnosis was that she was normal and the symptoms she
was experiencing was just a coping mechanism of exam stress
and peer pressure...

But things kept getting worse, Ema would sometimes laugh at
things that did not seem funny to anyone else...

It was my mum (Ema's grandmother) who insisted that I seek
the advise of a psychic healer...

This is when I reluctantly contacted Kristen and Talal...

I was shocked to be told that Ema was the victim of black magic
and had been a victim for a number of years...

Now this would explain her strange behaviour...

We then engaged Talal to cure Ema...

We followed his instructions to the letter...

All this was done remotely...

Talal soon advised us that the spell has been broken...

We then started seeing an improvement in Ema...

But it took a number of months after the spell was broken for
Ema to return to normal...

Talal did explain that this was due to the habits and memories
that Ema had developed whilst under the spell of black magic.

So patience is very important whilst healing from black magic.

Ema has now been cured. She is happy and is nice to her mum.

Her memories of this difficult period is beginning to fade away with
every passing day...

Thank you again,

Melbourne Australia. “

Shafika S. | Breaking a Curse for Good to Get Rid of Haunting Dreams
This client of Talal’s speaks about the horrors of her nightmares. Her life was falling apart and although she looked for magic protection, at first she only found fraudulent healers. She described it as mental and physical torture. She experienced dreams that had an obsessive presence to them. The dreams became nightmares that caused her to lose sleep. She looked online to find out how to get rid of a curse. This made things worse because the healer started to threaten her so she would pay his fees. Her nightmares worsened and this psychic would not free her despite her kindness towards him. Her family became affected too and her nightmares got worse. This is when she found Talal online and got in contact with him. She was desperate to get the right help to break the spells that were causing her life to fall apart. Her experience with Kristen and Talal were very different from her previous experience. This eased her mind quickly as Kristen patiently listened to all that had happened to her. When there were bad days, Talal would always take the time to pray for her. It’s been a year since she first got in contact with Talal for breaking a curse. Her life is going in a much better way and things are back to normal. Sadly, there are some people that are willing to take advantage of victims who are looking to get rid of a curse. The clients are often scared and willing to pay anything. When a healer turns around and then exploits the trust of their clients, this is when it becomes risky. Talal has helped many people and the testimonials show that he is someone who can be trusted.


“It took me a long time to write this testimonial. Reliving the nightmare is not something I don’t look forward to and to be honest, I am writing this because I owe it to Talal. When I first contacted Talal, I was on the brink of losing my sanity. Everything around me was falling apart without knowing what to make of it. It was both a physically and mental “physic” torture.

I was suffering from reoccurring haunting dreams that had an obsessive presence in nature. After almost 2 years, the dreams turned into nightmares and I was getting desperate as I was losing sleep. A close friend of mine suggested to look online for information and help. In a desperate and naïve need for help, I came across a “fake” healer claiming to have a legitimate practice. He gave me the “sell” that he has done this before and that he was certified and could easily help for a nominal fee. Three weeks after deciding to take his healing services, he started getting agitated when I mentioned that I did not feel a big difference. He started boasting that no other person/s out there could challenge his physic abilities. The initial discussion was for him to heal me and if needed, extend it to my family (his suggestion). When I mentioned that I only wanted to pay for myself and not my family, he started threatening me and used very aggressive negative energies to taunt me.  So, I had to pay. 

I tried ending his service formally and politely when he insisted that I needed his help indefinitely. He got very upset and my “physic” abuse and my nightmares became worse. How can you speak to anyone about something that is not of the ordinary and unfathomable?

When it started affecting my family, I began looking for help again and found Talal’s website. He and Kristen were patient with me. They made every effort to answer each one of my emails and phone calls to give me support. There were days during the treatment when situation got worse and Talal would patiently pray and give me feedback. Its been a year now and Talal’s remedy has given me back my own credibility to healing myself. Thank you, Kristen and Talal.

If you need healing and have no clear direction where to seek help don’t hesitate to consult Kristen and Talal. “

Ayesha H. | Trusted Talal Instantly as Her Cure for Black Magic
She learned how to remove a curse because she was given direction every step of the way. The client, who lives in New York City was cursed but found the cure for black magic. After finding Talal online, she did exactly as he suggested. She received a talisman, which is part of how to get rid of a curse sometimes. With the solutions of how to remove a curse, she was able to live in a whole new way. She feels protected by any further black magic spells. She even plans to get a further protection spell done by Talal down the road. Her life is so much easier now that she has mental and emotional peace in her life.


" I found Talal online and I decided to contact him. Something in my intuition was telling me Talal is not a scammer and he is very honest and true about his Gift. He determined there was a hex, a form of black magic placed on me. And the area of impact of this black magic he gave me during his free black magic check made sense to me; I was able to relate to them. I was surprised because he only needed some basic details and my photo in order to determine the area of impact! After some time of necessary work Talal performed to break this black magic put on me, he provided me solutions of what I needed to do. I was given Talismans to keep with me. 


Now when I go outside, work and socialize in New York City I no longer fear other women in the workplace and in social situations who look at me with jealousy and envy. I feel empowered to be myself and more relaxed in life. I have Talal's Talisman around my neck. I no longer worry about and try to hide my true beauty and personality around men and women for fear that someone will get jealous of me and put black magic on me. I know I am protected by Talal's work he did to break the black magic and I am protected by the Talismans FOR LIFE. They are very special to me and I will keep them with me throughout my life. Using Talal makes a big difference and I recommend him. Talal's Gift is unmatched since in just a small time frame it has given me mental and emotional peace, ease and relaxation to live my life without fear. I also have been having more positive social interactions with my mother, who is not easy for me to get along with, since Talal's work. I am considering asking for Talal's Gift again to protect my future family down the road. "   >>>   From, female in her 20s in New York, US "

Nadia B. | Black Magic Symptoms Affect Everyone that is Around Those with a Black Magic Curse .
What is black magic? As demonstrated by this client, it’s something that creeps into your dreams and lets you know it’s there. Black magic symptoms often make people believe they’re going crazy and that it’s their fault. She was experiencing major problems in her love life. The people around her were also suffering. Talal gave her a free black magic check and concluded she was in fact in need of curse removal. He also gave her spiritual cleansing so she could begin to feel better once the black magic removal had occurred. The cleansing spell along with removal of black magic made even physical ailments subside. After she got protection from black magic, she could see that there was a lion roaring around her but it could not break through the protective shield Talal had created for her.



4 years ago I became a victim of black magic. The black magic almost ruined my life and the life of my

loved once. The black magic and its affect on us can be described as a weed takening over and destroying

our lives.

Everything started around July 2014. Around 4 o'clock in the morning I dreamed that black snake is

bitting my right hand and I woke up. My spirit was gone and I became different person who was not

eating, drinking and sleeping. I started seeing and feeling demonic forces every night and everywhere

around me. I was under attack every night and during the day I was tired. The nature of the attacks was

different such as sexual (raped and abused by demonic forces), drinking/drawing in a dirty water; eating

nasty things and overeating; attackes with poisonouse snakes and other creatures bitting me; travelling

and getting lost etc. My family and partner were olso attacked quite often and I noticed that problems

started developing with my partner and my family members. Things were getting worse every time we

were under attack. My father became unwell; I lost money and was about to lose my job and partner; my

partner got may problems at work and my brother almost got crazy and divorced. Problems were coming

one after another all the time and from every corner. My boyfriend was swelling really bad and it nearly

killed him. My cousin got divorced and her brother started hearing voices. He had to spent sometimes in a

mental health hospital. My other cousin interfered with some really bad people, gambling and got into

debt For two years I was looking for a church that can understand my needs. I sought help from different

places but not successfully until a Bible was given to me and I started reading and praying for saviour,

deliverene and protection. I was really blessed as I was given the vision and understanding about what

was going on in my life so I read and learned what is „voodoo“ „sorcery“ „witchcraft“ „demon worship“

etc. Last year was the worse of all years and things were getting really bad. Worse it was getting, more I

was praying so I found good church who was able to understand my problem and after one year of

praying for cure on Christmas Eve I found Tatal and Kristen who were able to help me. Tatal is trully

blessed and God's annoyting is upon him to heal people.

Tatal described the Black magic a s a formula which is opening the door for the demonic forces to come

to people's life. Tatal's work took approximately 3 weeks and then I had to do some work as well to bring

the work to a full completion. When I completed the instructions given to me the black magic started

living me. The process is slow but sure and the price is a price that you would spent on food, clothes

and/or holiday. However, you life is more important. It took few weeks for the black magic to completey

leave me. Almost immediately the problems that develepoed within the 4 years of tourment started

resolving themselves and thigs were getting better every day (i noticed positive move from the minute

Tatal started his work but please note this may have different effect on different people). Tatal provided

protection for me and all my family and partner. My enemy is “roaring around like a lion“ However, the

attacks are unsuccessful and unable to affect us and our life. We are all doing really well at present. My

partner's problems at work are getting resolved and he managed to keep his work; I was stuck to a job that

I really hated but soon after the black magic left me I started a new job; I am sleeping well every night

amd all my family member are felling better and doing better. At present I am working on relationship

retoration with my partner , building up my self-confidence and faith.

During the past few years, while I was experincing the witchcraft, I developed some problems with my

belly but the doctors could not establish what was the problem– my belly getting bloated and painful and I

put on nearly 10 kg. I felt like my body was not working properly and was completely shut. The only

person who managed to help me was Tatal. I am not getting bloated anymore and I feel like every day my

body is feeling better and energized.

In addition, Tatal did a spiritual cleansing for marriege for my brother ans sister in law and they are doing

really well now. I noticed a big difference in their communication and life in general when I last visited


Tatal possess true gift from God to break black magic and heal people. The black magic check is free. If

you are experiencing something that is tourmenting,please, write to Tatal and Kristen and check yourself .

Kristen was very supportive throughout the whole process and always encouraged and empowered me to

stay strong. She was keeping me updated on the progress of the work and was observing my healing.

Tatal and Kristen successfully helped some of my friends who were also victim of black magic but did

not know and did not have understanding of it. Other friends checked themselves but no black magic was

found on them. However, this gave them reassurance and peace of mind.


„Tatal and Kristen“ I am forever grateful for your help as you saved my life.


Ashita N. | Her and her family fought spell symptoms with and won curse removal
This client, with the help of Talal and his spiritual healing methods, could get rid of spell symptoms that were plaguing her and her family. She was happy with her choice of psychic healers in Talal but also overjoyed with Kristen and Talal’s support. Through her battle with black magic symptoms, she got help in all aspects of her life with curse removal. Though she lost some important items to her, they were quick to send new items.

"Hi, I have been going through a lot of things with all of the black magic that had been done on me and my family, but despite it all, and every worry that I've had since I suspected that someone was doing black magic on me and my family Talal and Kristen have continued to help with every concern in the other aspects of my life. It has been a year since I've started battling it. I did as directed by Talal and Kristen and I got back to looking and feeling like my normal self again. I had a moment when I lost some of the very important items that were given to me and they were quick to send me new. I have been in contact with these 2 for a year now for support, and I am truly blessed to have met them and to have my life back! Thanks again guys! For everything! "

Jamal J. | Incredible Testimony of spell Symptoms and Talal’s black magic cure
As hard as this client tried through the years, spell symptoms caused him and his family to lose a lot. He lost his wife, a home, and his families’ home. He had bad luck with his brother-in-law and the mean spirit of his wife. Before Talal was contacted for removing curses, he did great things to make his life better like joining the army to no avail. The black magic symptoms always got in the way of happiness and success. Friends of the client used Talal for the black magic cure but he didn’t believe that he was cursed. Curse Removal was done and the client was especially impressed with the lifetime protection from black magic he knew he’d have working with Talal. Though he was skeptical of spiritual advisors, Talal was so kind and compassionate; he became a believer in the kindness of people.

"Having gone through many experiences through various capacities with other spiritual advisers I can truly say with confidence that Talal truly has a God given gift.  I was made aware of Talal's capability through a reliable friend who was facing many challenges and was able to notice the profound  impact of Talal's prescription on the obstacles my friend and friends have been facing for many years.  So far Talal has helped 3 of my friends and two family members and I can attest to the positive impact he has had on their challenges. Talal can identify and resolve your challenges while maintaining and guaranteeing his work.  Talal is very honest, responsive , compassionate, attentive, and quick to act on the attention to the matter at hand. If you need help and are looking for a spiritual healer then look no further.  Talal and his team are a pleasure to work with.

I'm from Northern part of India.

Me and my Family immigrated who USA in 1995.

We are all US citizens and settled in San Francisco California.

My situation started in 2005-06

 I had lot of struggles and setbacks

    In INDIA ..Before we reached USA.

Lije it took me 10 years to establish my business in India but it was destroyed overnight. Itsxa, Long storyvwhichvis not relevant here..

Anyways on Immigrating to US 

 I started from scratch . Initially All went well but nothing great. I was Working very Hard -3 Jobs @90 Hrs/week !!


Finally -After few years I got tired and I got my horoscope consulted from various astrologers...I even talked to Psychics..

They all said the same things ...

They all told me that from 2006 I will rise like a sun- and- good things will happen ..and ftom 2010 i will get huge success and my careervwill rise like a rocket.

but as 2005 turned into 2006 initially some good things did happen but after that...it started going bad agsin...

Things Got Stuck--and- things started going bad --and-- then from bad to worse !

Anyways I kept myself motivated and kept trying harder I did get a good break in a Executive Job in corporate Job in  2010..BUT it started going bad soon...

 Things becane even worse -and- in 2011....

 I had a second CRASH in My Life.

I'm saying second class because I already had a Firsr CRASH IN 2001 in India whichbi mentioned earlier.

First My Dad Lost his house in FORECLOSURE and had to file BANKRUPTCY.

. Thrn I Lost my house in FORECLOSURE  had to file BANKRUPTCY. 

But I fought  against the BANK and got my dad's house back..my brother in law moved in that house..he sent my parents out to me ...he even refused to give rent ...

Finally I had to Fight a COURTS CASE To get the House vacated from him ..

 and refused to vacated.

Finally that house was taken by the Bank Agsin.

At same time My Marriage just 6 months old . Resulted in DIVORCE !

MY Wife who came ftom India turned out to be very VIOLENT and Short Tempered.She even told me she married just for Greencard her boyfriend had reached USA and She wished to be reunited with him.

Well I divorced HER AND HELP her to get her SS Card , Drivers License and settle her down.

 I went thru - divorce, foreclosure and Bankruptcy at the same time.

I had Extremely extremely serious health problems and Gained 75 pounds, EXTREMELY HIGH BP, SUGAR and Cholestrol.

 ---------------------------------------- - - - - - - -

 Finally I sat in the Park ..One day.-and -decided to pull everything together again

I made a, STRATEGY And  in OnecYear 

I turned around everything with serious DETERMINATION and some smart moves ...i.e.

I.lost 80 pounds, Got rid of health problems, Got Better job ..my dream job joined US ARMY got a better house  etc 

it was 2012 ....but problems persisted 

and in 2013 again.....Things started going for worse ...

by now I was thinking WHY Is this happening AGAIN and Again

In spite of ALL the efforts 

I Keep Improving things but they keep going bad it's been more than TEN YEARS in Usa !

People who had Immigrated 5 Years AFTER Me to Usa had made it Big..

Ppl who were HALF as, Qualified as me and worked HALF. the Hours than me were making MORE MONEY !! 

Bt  2015..I was About to Lose Our House for 3rd Time ...Also lost my job again ....


I started feeling that they were SOMETHING MORE than just BAD LUCK or if I talked to Lot of pee4s , My Mentors , Elderly Ppl in Family etc

Every one said the same thing to me

WE have  NEVER SEEN ANYONE working so hard . With so much of DEDICATION and and DETERMINATION and still

NOT SUCCEEDING this is a unusual story and very SAD .


BUT also if its very bad because that that success is not coming and you're being punished for NO reason of yours !!

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BY 2016 --i was at my lowest point ever in LIFE ..

I Again consulted a Psychic after a  gap of 8 years She told me

  that its possible YOU HAVE a BLACK MAGIC on you I didn't believe it that much ...

 anyways I started looking for someone who could remove black magic being..mostly  from INDIA ...

but most of them I did not find very good because they  not only did they do remove the black magic but they also practice putting bad spells on otherpeople..

which I don't agree with...

secondly they DONT GUARANTEE that after 1 year to someone a Coukd put SAME SPELL BACK on you and you have to keep going back to them ..

and KEEPING PAYING  them  

and another REASON you SCARED me the most of Indian black magic healers that 

Only few of them are genuine and most of them were FAKE..


they could TRAP you and keep taking more money from you 

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so I did not feel satisfied with any of them then I tried looking in USA or other countries...

One day My Eyes fell on TALAL ZOABI WEBSITE

I read his biography very carefully and read his entire website three times over and I read all his testimonies and other things

I finally I felt some good vibes and all the common sense and all the factors made me believe that this is the right person because

Not only does he HEAL you in he also gives your LIFETIME Gurantee..which is a big thing because in the future to if anyone does more black magic on you ...

You don't have to go back to him -or -anyone else to go to his TALISMAN will PROTECT YOU for the REST of your LIFE that that was the biggest thing ....

NO One gave a Granted like this ....

anyways I proceeded and talk to his wife and she felt like a genuine woman very nice...

It encouraged me and then I told them about my but details..

I matched ALL The Bad  Signs he wrote on his website ...

Anyways Talal

 proceeded to do his meditation and CURE...on Me

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 I can't believe it ..

It happened exactly as he had told


 I became more depressed & de-motivated and my health also turned bad


 at least MONTH ...My HEALTH and mentsl conditiin became NORMAL.

then he gave me some TALISMAN to do with ..I  followed the instructions and after finishing my second

Talisman and

two weeks after that thing started TURNING AROUND first slowly and then really fast ...

I couldn't believe it !!

Things started 

falling into place.

More JOB offers, PROMOTION in my current jib...without even trying ..

MY HEALTH was becoming better

  I was like AMAZED a little shocked for a person who  wasn't struggling for 14 years in US y-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I came in as a young 28 year old guy and became a 43 ...

like someone open my mind like a  real curtain had been lifted of my mind and 

I could see clearly what mistakes ..i made in padt

of what things I've done wrong in the past 10 years and why and

it was like sOmeone.in the PAST .had put a CLOUD on my brain and not let me think clearly ...

Anyways ALL THAT Was gone now 

and how my HEALTH and if a BODY was  feeling better like some weight

was Lifted off 

my body..

 I felt so good and so CONFIDENT and so FOCUSED and obviously started getting BETTER RESULTS in my life and EVERYTHING in my LIFE


health , profesdiin, relationships changed for the better 

----- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was So HAPPY 

I Wrote to TALAL 



HE Simoly REFUSED to take that MONEY fRom..me...

instead HE said--

he would do the meditation for free an

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was so impressed because any other black magic healer or l other psychic they would love money and the keep taking money...... on every excuse ..possible !!

and -Instead TALAL was willing to help me and DO some more medication- for me ..


after having FINISHED-- MY CASE and still did not take a penny from me

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

and I was so IMPRESSED

I was like---- is this for real?? and

then I said --:

you know what .....

I have to write a testimony for the TALAL ZOABI

 because he's TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE true and I WANT other PEOPLE to KNOW This ....

---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


here's a guy who came from India and struggled and struggled and worked Hard got some success and then again crashed and again was struggling.....for 14 years



 FINALLY like ONE meeting or interaction with TALAL and some MEDITATION and the WHOLE LIFE CHANGE . For BETTER

WHAT MORE could I ASK FOR he was like a GODSEND ANGEL for ME and since that happened...

I STRONGLY.. BELIEVED... in what he does and


That's why I wrote this 


---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But at the same time


n the END I would like tell everyone that DON'T THINK that this MAGIC is like a MIRACLE.. from HEAVEN is Cure ALL your MISERIES ..

it doesn't mean that exactly ..

 some problems Could remain in your life ..not related to black magic..

You will still hsve to WOTK HARD..There us NO Substitute for thsr ....

Forveg --doesn't mean that ..

U Can have ALL the 

junk food and not expect to have bad Cholestrol...Lol

-'--- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I would 

recommed TALAL To  everyone

who needs help with Black Magic. .


Is  the best... most HONEST and SINCERE PERSoN Ive..ever known he's


HE is like a he's he's on the best human beings on EARTH...

Sahira G. | I learned how to break curses with miracle healers
This clients family had a 3 generational curse that affected all of them. She wanted to learn how to avoid black magic. She is eternally grateful for having the knowledge of how to cure black magic and now her family can now find peace and move forward in their lives with no blockages after seeking help with many spiritual healers on how to break curses.


“ Dear Kristen & Talal,

I would like express my eternal gratitude towards Talal  & Kristen for their work. They helped me & my family overcome a curse that has plagued us for 3 generations. I pray the God bless you both & give you the guidance to continue to help many others as you have helped me & my family.

Love & light “

Samantha M. | Talal and his black magic cure to stave off voodoo symptoms were a god send.
While this female client was grateful that Talal knew how to remove a curse that plagued her, she was also touched by the complete spiritual healing he gave her. Talal and Kristen were described as a “god send”, offering her support and healing from white magic with a black magic cure. She found Talal while seeking out spiritual websites that could give help to her with voodoo symptoms. Through the guidance and compassion of Talal and Kristen, they successfully found the cure for black magic.


Jenny M. | Appreciates Talal’s spiritual prayers and is comforted by cured spell symptoms.
Client was feeling overwhelmed with her spell symptoms and how they caused problems in any parts of her life. His ability to cure black magic has allowed her to see the light as shes her voodoo symptoms fade away. She sends spiritual prayers to both Talal and Kristen for their kindness and support. She was skeptical of spiritual healers in the UK but was very happy when explained she could pay in installments. Not only did Talal cure black magic for this client, but also restored her faith in mankind.

“I wanted to write this after the black magic had left me a 100%. Where do I start Talal and Kristen are a gift from god. I was so lost for so many years feeling that something wasn't quite right. Whenever I tried to move forward I took 10 steps backwards. Never progressing always feeling scared about what would happen. My focus was on the negatives and a force on me that I could not explain. I was and still am in an unhappy marriage. But I was always led to believe it's was all my fault and all the issues were all in my head and not real. Always being controlled and manipulated by friends and family. My finance are a mess I have so much debt that I would and am loosing sleep thinking about it. I am still drowning but I feel like now there is a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Talal and Kristen. Issues at work never feeling appreciated and problems after problems. Making mistake after mistake, and forgetting simple things. Not sleeping, crying for no reason and getting angry. Wanting to say something but not being able to find the word to express my feelings. Even finding the money for this was hard but Kristen was kind enough to let me pay in instalments. At that point I knew they actually wanted to help me. You hear of these horror stories about people who take advantage of people who are desperate. But I can tell you that Talal and Kristen are not like that all. They treated me like family always replying to emails and calls quickly. No request or question is silly always very warm in there reply. Helping every step of the way making me feel like I was not alone. Please if like me you feel that something isn't quite right please please get in touch with Talal and Kristen and see the light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest I can not put into word how I feel as the emotions are so overwhelming I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Talal and Kristen. I will pray for them and there happiness, they will always have a special place in my heart forever.  Thank you so much. “

Darren S. | Years of Spell Symptoms Vanished after Talal’s Cure for Black Magic
This client was really happy with Talal’s ability to pinpoint the spell symptoms and find a cure for black magic he had dealt with for years. When Talal was able to break a spell that had affected all aspects of his life for years, the client started enjoying life with his family again. Not only did Talal help him in breaking spells against him but was also very supportive in the process. Talal even offered his wife and children protection from black magic for no extra fee.

“It is really rare that you will find someone passionate about what they do for another. Not Only does Talal get rid of black magic but he and kristen are very good people and reply to my follow ups without any problems.

I have been a victim of black magic for many many years and it has effected me in many ways during my life. I was stuck in one position at work I feared to leave my current work for almost 10 Years thinking If I were to leave or try something new I would not succeed in other words I had a lot of negative thinking and lost self confidence in my self. Me and My Better Half would always fight and argue and every time we did , it lead to a possible divorce situation. I became very sick as well , Diabetes , Blood Pressure and Cholesterol at the age of 24 (8 Years Back) Felt really lazy , and didn't have any ambitions in life. Now that Talal has worked on my case , I feel like a new person , about 45 days after the work was completed , I am working for one of the best companies in America , Me and My Wife spend  quality time together with the kids and I feel much more active and ambitious in my day to day life. Talal has also protected my wife and kids in his work for no extra charge which I am very Thankful for.  I am now having Talal work on my Fathers case and I wish to see Success in my fathers life in the near future. Will be sending another Testimonial for my father soon :) 

Fatima Z. | Spell Symptoms, Exorcism and the Power of Spiritual Healing Prayers
Despite this client's spiritual healing prayers done in the safety of her church, she did not feel safe. She was skeptical of the white magic that could potentially dispel the spell symptoms plaguing her life. When she did contact Talal, which a friend had recommended she do, God gave her a message that Talal could help. Spiritual prayers followed by Talismans allowed to break black magic spell that was causing her life so much disturbance.

“ We all want to believe that nothing can harm us but people always find evil ways to do harm & one of those ways are thru Black Magic. 

I was that person who used to never believe that Black Magic happens until it happened to me. I started noticing a lot of weird things happening to me, I would hear noises & knocking at my door between 2 & 3 am, I sometimes would hear my name being called, had a feeling that someone was around & when I slept I felt someone sleeping next to me which was scary, used to get nightmares, used to get weird smells, nothing went right always made the wrong decisions even though I knew it was wrong I could not change my mind. Used to have a lot of mood swings usually get angry & shout always, was always stressed & tensed. My marriage did not last for long, all of a sudden things started changing. When I used to sleep I used to pray that I die in my sleep. A friend of mine said this to me that someone must have done Black Magic on you but still my mind kept saying no it's not possible. I consulted astrologers but all they said was nothing is done on you. The last straw was when I lost my job which meant everything to me & I was going absolutely crazy. I go for interviews but used to not get jobs.

Then one day I happened to call a friend who I had not spoken to in a long, long time & while talking she happened to tell me about Mr. Talal. I looked into the website & read the testimony's but me being a hard nut to crack it was a bit difficult to believe, so I said a pray & asked God to let me know if this person can help me. The next day I again browsed the website & noticed that Mr. Talal is from the Holy Land, Alleluia!!! now that was a sign for me to go ahead. I got in touch with the lovely lady Kristen who works with Mr. Talal & I gave my details. Mr. Talal checks for free if you are under the influence of Black Magic & informs you what type of black magic is done on you & how long will it take to be broken. The charges are very reasonable & affordable unlike others. Mr. Talal healing is done thru prayers & it's guaranteed that no one will be able to harm you again. 

Kristen set up a time to Skype with Mr. Talal & when I spoke to him I felt a lot of peace & assurance. Mr. Talal is the most humblest person & very patiently answers & listens to you. He explained to me that once the healing starts I would experience certain feelings but each one feels it differently. 

Once the healing starts you can still ask your questions or doubts if any, Kristen checks with Mr. Talal & informs you. 

For me when the healing started I felt as if something was being pulled out of my body, I could feel a vibration going thru my body, used to get headaches & during the last days of the healing I was having an afternoon nap & all of a sudden I felt my body being pushed around & When I got up I was on the floor. That was the last of the symptoms that I went thru. 

After the healing prayers were over, to complete the process Mr. Tala 

e-mailed me 3 Talismans & I had to follow the instructions.  Every Talisman is specially made for you by Mr. Talal & believe me they do protect you. To be honest I feel like Superwoman :)

Mr Talal takes a lot of effort in making these Talismans therefore always love, respect & keep your Talismans neatly in a locket. 

After I finished I informed Kristen & Mr. Talal checked if the Black Magic is completely broken & yes mine was a success. 

I feel wonderful, relaxed & stress free. It's a wonderful feeling, like you are floating, I even realised that I smile while sleeping. My parents behaviour have become much more supportive & lovable towards me. No negative thoughts or negativity enters your life. Even if a thought tries to it just goes away. It is wonderful feeling. You feel completely detoxed. 

I am a living testimony of Mr. Talal's healing. My mother & me are ever so grateful to Mr. Talal. 

God Bless Kristen & Mr. Talal always. “

Julia C. | What is Voodoo Spell Symptoms and How it Can Suck Happiness from You
This female client was subjected to a spell that was explained to her as a voodoo spell by Haitian police. Due to envy, a relative had put a spell on her and then charged her money stating that she knew how to remove a curse. Spell symptoms were destroying her life. She sought out Talal while looking for spiritual sites. After so many phony psychics who didn’t know what is voodoo, she finally found someone who knew how to remove a curse. Talal changed her life for the better.

“Thank God He sent Talal.

I was under black magic attack from a persistent evil relative who envied me  and msmy others whose paths I had crossed for more than 20 years. Started when I was a teen and woke up to find lengths of my hair gone. Years later a strange ring was left upon my bed pillow with my birth stone in it.

I was told by police (who were from Haiti) that this was from voodoo and that I should not touch the ring or my things. Slowly I began to have hurtful misfortunate  things happen to me. I began to receive warnings from psychics that things would continue to worsen and I would have no luck and my life is not what it should be. I knew this already. Too many bad things were happening to me and I could not get anywhere with relationships, work, career, money, etc. 

My luck was horrible. I would pray for God to take me as so many bad things were happening. I got water baptized,  Holy Ghost Fire baptized, paid what tithes I could when seldom I could get money. Nothing helped. I even felt pushed away from God like I was hidden in a tomb and my prayers could not be heard. I began seeking healers to help. Shamans, reiki, spiritualists, everything. Nothing worked. I did warfare prayers and that kept me alive, but did nothing to stop the curse of misfortune.

I went from healer to healer with them taking my money and making promises. The last few, instead of helping me they kept giving me more bad news and forcing me to give them what money I had. They never got rid of the evil that was hinting my life and constantly attacking me, just kept taking my money.

Since God kept me alive I knew I had to fight with all I had to find a way out. One day I discovered that it was safer to ONLY pray to God in a church with good Holy energy. Never outside of the church nor in a home. The attackers pick up on it and send evil to prevent your prayers being answered. I got in that church and prayed real hard. I felt a peaceful energy
coming over me. 2 days later God sent me Talal!!!

I was on the internet as I had been many many times looking for help ( even churches had turned away from me when I asked for help before). I had to be careful so as not to let on to the lady who was holding me hostage (things would get far worse and even deadlier if I did not pay) to her for money and claiming she was going to help me when I paid all the money (thousands she demanded). 

I came upon and read Talal's site and I felt in my gut that I should make contact. At NO COST I was given a consultation. I knew then that I had found the right person because he had sent me a list of all that he saw working against me and it was absolutely correct. I had not given him details at all.

From the time Talal began to do the work for me there a great many wonderful changes. First of all, I walked away from the other con artist liar healer (was more likely a witch) and she was IMMEDIATELY stripped of the evil hold she had upon me and my life. Was I ever so HAPPY!!! This woman had held me in captivity and debt to her for 4 years-and just like that she was gone!! I faced no more danger because I did not give her money.

Talal charged a blessed small fee that I could afford compared to the thousands and thousands the con artist healers had demanded from me. Immediately things began to clear up and change for the better. After 17 straight years of bad luck, I began to be lucky and see good happenings. I was no longer vulnerable and helpless to attacks. The evil began to leave. Change began to occur-good positive changes. Also, intuitively I was able to give input when enlightened. 

Life has made a complete turnaround.  I was set free finally after 17 years of hell from evil  swindlers posing as healers and from the black magic attacks. My prosperity , progress, opportunities, future plans and most important my connection to God is once again intact.

God sent me Talal and my life has been set free!! Talal is kind, gentle, honest and tells the accurate truth. He delivers on his promises and I am so blessed that God led me to Talal.


A grateful soul “

Rakisha L. | Found Talal When Searching for Spell Symptoms to Find the Cure of Black Magic
After many years of experiencing spell symptoms, she was losing everything that mattered. While seeking out spiritual sites, she found what she described her last chance, Talal. Her journey of spiritual healing methods, which Talal walked her through, eventually allowed the cure of black magic to transpire. When ones wonder what is voodoo, her story can help people understand how it can ruin a life.

“After 5 years of being a black magic victims, I was pretty much done with life. I tried to commit suicide many times and one night I asked God to gave me one chance just one , and this chance would be finding a way to break the black magic. Before I fell asleep, I went online and look for a Healee, could not find none, it was all psychic and I know according to the Bible psychic is not advised. So, after praying, Looking online for one last time , I fell asleep as it is a coping skills to prevent me from commuting suicide.  I woke up few hrs later, all drained and as soon as I open the computer I had a feeling a big change would occur in my life. I searchef and it was just one click Talal's website came up. To me that was God who led me to him. I have searched for years could ever find it. All it took was me to stop blaming God for all the horrible things that happen to me and ask him for light. Talal, told me everything just like it was. Both Talal and Kristen have been tremendously supportive and I would call when I feel extremely depressed. I would always get a call back and when Kristen is available she would talk to me as a mentor for up to an hour which is amazing to me. They were both patient with me, I failed the Talisman several times and they ever gave up on me. I had  no hope, horrible things happened to me, when I say horrible it also include losing my virginity from sexual assault Black Magic destroyed me and nearly took my life up to 15 times by real attempt. Less than an hr after the  assault, the woman who did black magic in me made a comment abt and she was the same woman who told me abt a week ago " your so called Fiance will break up with you in 7 days" . In 7 days I was assaulted, and when I called my fiance  crying , he didn't believe and he really broke up with me. Not only i lost my virginity, I lost the love if my life, I lost myself. I was 17, I believed in sex after marriage which is why I was still virgin. I lost my innocence and became haunted since that day. I lost friend, people would always dislike me for no reason. I have no friends but one religious best friend. Men like women would see me start treating me unfairly, avoid me or even lied on me as well as putting me down a lot. I also failed school, I would study a lot, knows all formulas as soon as I get the exam, I became confused and forget everything. I was tired to live like that and now I m grateful I found Talal and Kristen. “

Sandra L. | Spell Symptoms and the Remedy for Black Magic
A beloved brother who was exhibiting spell symptoms & signs of being cursed became dangerous to himself and his family. The signs of black magic lead them to believe that he had a mental illness. As medical teams aren’t proficient with what is voodoo, they were unable to help. The family hired a psychic, along with a variety of medical professionals with the hope of finding the remedy for black magic to break a spell. It wasn’t until they contacted Talal that they were successful in breaking black magic.

“Talal and Kristin are the two most wonderful people that I have ever known.  This is how my story follows: My brother has been acting extremely strange for the past 6 months to a point that me and my parents had to call the police on him several times. We as a family thought he was possessed with Demons. What we experienced as a family was something you would see only on movies such as Exorcism but with milder variations. My brother use to claim that he sees or talk to demons to the point that he was writing on the walls with witchcraft numbers and putting hols in the walls believing in his mind he was making a castle. He damaged our entire property. He was performing such activities all night till morning and talking to strange beings. His voice would change and he started talking Latin . His behavior was extremely severe and dangerous. He was dangerous to himself and my parents. He did not recognize my parents any more and started taking dangerous drugs. He did beat up my old parents that I had to call the police on him and he was arrested.  My brother  used to claim that he is God and Jesus and his mission was to do all those writings on the walls in order for us to be cleaned by him !!!. He was acting crazy, dangerous , out of control ,as well as self destructive. We tried all kinds of Doctors such as drug Recovery  specialist and Psychologist. We thought he was Schizophrenic. Unfortunately no Medical Team was able to help him. I also contacted other psychic but could not help my brother. We were very disappointed until we found Talal who I feel was an angel sent from God. Talal told me that a black magic was put on My Brother from 6 years ago and as the time goes buy it was getting worse. So I asked Talal to break this spell since this was our last hope. The process took about 3 months all together and My brother is 100 percent cured now. He does not act Schizophrenic or possessed anymore!!. He is back to  who he was many years ago. He got a job now and back to work. I think Talal saved My brother . Talal is very honest and sincere person and his work is excellent.  I am thankful to Talal and his wife Kristina for their wonderful work. “

Barbara W. | What is Voodoo & How to break a love spell
What started out as a recommendation lead her to learn what is voodoo, white magic and that this was a big problem that she did not know she had been facing. She learned how to break a love spell and looks forward to having a life without blockages from black magic and no black magic symptoms.


"Where to begin... I have had a lot of challenges with personal life. A relationship that seemed perfect filled with love yet there was always an issue, one after another. Issues that did not make sense. I also felt hopeless and had a unexplicable issues with friends and family. Unfortunately, my relationship ended which lead me to begin seeking for answers as why everything had gone wrong in my life for the last year. Thank God, I was referred to Talal and Kristen who have been helping me in the last few months. Talal checked my situation and sure enough someone had done black magic on me to end my relationship and to cause other to see me differently.Talal's work has given me peace of mind and I feel things are changing for me for the better. I now look forward to what is ahead of me and to having a happy relationship.

Thank you!"

Andrea B. | What is Black Magic & How to break a spell
A woman’s fight on how to break a spell with an expert in removing black magic, was the answer to her spell symptoms. Psychic healers were not the answer to this serious problem, our of all the spiritual websites the spiritual signs were to only go with an expert in spiritual healing and curse removal. Her long battle helped educate her on the black magic cure which allowed her to stay strong for her family.


"First time in my life I searched for someone who is an expert in removing black magic.! I was always told since the age of 18 years old my dads sister put a curse on me that I will never be happy in my marriage life or relationship with any man, as she wanted me to marry her son, anyway I married someone my mum choose, despite her kidnapping me when I was a few months old trying to get me engaged with my cousin who was 1 year old seems very stupid, but my mums mum, and brother had to run away with me and took a breath upon coming home, and called my parents.

Cut a long story short I am 43 years old never been happy in my relationship, in 25 years, Both of my proposals that ended up in marriage had been done through black magic too, hence ended up in divorces, first husbands mum put a curse on me as I left her son, 2 nd husband still puts curses on me for over 10 years, then every Tom dick and Harry, tried to put spells on me, to either destroy me or use me way financially or sexually, i never turned to anyone to get help, spiritual people always approached me and said God is protecting you and we can help, hence tried to use this situation to their advantage, again either financially or sexually, so I stayed away and continued with life educated my self, amd brought up my children.

I became accustomed living with curses, and thought it was a evil world and there is no genuine help out there apart from God.

Allah always helped and guided me throughout my journey, I am please to say my children are now 18-17 years old, even though their dad has tried his upmost best to cause problem and destroy me and his kids cause he could not get me back, every time I tried to move on meet someone he would do voodoo, last December I thought ok let me see what is going on with spiritual side of things in my life as by now my life should be easier and settled. So I started to approach ppl they told me all sorts of stories, which I knew about 3 people have done black magic on me 2 females and one male your kids father blah blah they will destroy you if you do not get help, I can help your life is over theses people will win in the end blah blah, this never worried me as Allah always saved me from calamities and death in the past my guiding and listening to my prays and people who prayed for me as I always helped, so I knew I was looked after.

In the back of my mind I thought I need to find someone who talks little and does the work once and for all as God never gives us problems without a solution, I knew there was someone out there in this universe all I did was pray Ya Allah guide me to that gifted human who can genuinely remove this magic and protect me and my children from the adverse affect of Black magic, now everyone is probably wondering why now?

Reason for this is I feel I could handle all the negativity, but did not want my children to go through negativity brought on by their own father and random people in the future and cause problems for them even though both of them say we have Allah for protection.

I contacted Talal, and Kristien to check they came back with what I was already told that this BM is still on me and I was lied to that the previous spiritualist took it off permantlyand no one can do anything on me again for the last 3 years so in December i confronted him, he failed to address my question and was be dazzled his lies came out, So I decided to speak to Talal instead and get it removed once and for all, as I knew deep in my heart that the Magic was not off till date I was lied to continusly so they get regular income and seek to take advantage of my struggles, once I spoke to Talal I felt straight away this way the right person, ? Why you may ask.

Reason was he never told me who has done this on me, how many people, never put anyone down just said the people who approached you to help you made your situation worse, also never tried to frighten me that your life is over, so you might as well give up. never played God said I he will save my life, change my world,?make it all go away, calm things down and bring peace into our lives forever.

So at the time I was struggling financially, so I arranged to start the prays at a later date they kindly accepted, once the prays began in February 2016, 3 days later I felt protected, peaceful, followed all his instructions religiously, prayed to God now I am 85% clear of black magic, it has been a long journey for me, I always pray for Talal and Kristien as they are a God gift to this earth, may God bless those souls for doing such tremendous endeavours in helping mankind, I highly recommend Talal for any spiritual work he charges near to nothing for the work he does and also Kristien is very supportive all the way, In the future when I sort my finances out a big present awaits these 2 kind souls as they have refused to take anymore money for their work, I truly am grateful for all their immense support through this removal process.

I have recommended a lot of people and alway will do without a doubt in the future, I can not stress more clearly, please leave all the liars, black magicians, money grabbing people, perverts that pretend to be clear your magic in exchange for sex, I hear a lot of stories from friends and family,  hence I steered clear and never got desperate to clear this magic properly as I have a strong sixth sense I knew deep down that these people were just lying to my face that they cleared all the negativity and everything is going to be fine, I do not like to disrespect spiritual people but I do question thier validity on what they claim and never afraid of what damage they can do if I do not pay them thier demanded sums of regular payments, at the end of the day Good always wins evil, no one is above the almighty, do not be afraid to get the right help for your life with whom you choose not the wrong help, also some people think if they pay thousands and thousands they will get the best help in the world, see in my experience the more money you give to the wrong people they will cause more havoc in your life so you pay them more money for the rest of your lives, they make 1 thing good and 10 things bad so you never get out of thier grip as you will end up paying for thier luxury lifestyles and in some cases exploits you sexually.

Women need to take extra care when looking for a person claiming to break spells. Talal is like my brother and his wife is like my sister, I thank Allah for sending these people into my life when I needed it the most and everything was coming to an end for me, they not only saved my life, but protected me and my children for the same price.

I will never forget this gift from them I can not wait for the 15% to leave, so me and my children can have a peaceful future, money comes and goes but we only have one life, I wish I looked for them years ago I would have not had to suffer for so long.

Removing Black Magic is not a joke this is serious and can have a adverse affect if instructions are not followed correctly, I refused to have any talisman from anyone even Talal, he convinced me his Talismam are made with no black magic and I should trust him once if I do not feel better then I can do what I like, I only have the  Talisman from Talal I never ever trusted to keep anyone else's talismans for this long I burned them or threw them away or they just got lost naturally, like I said no one is God, but Talal is blessed to remove magic permanently and protect you and your loved ones, just go for it do not waste time with wrong people and make your situation worse, I am a Lawyer in the UK and a living proof Talals prays work.

I hope this has helped clarify any doubts you may well have had in your mind in regards to removing your negativity out of your lives once and for all.

When I told my friend she rang a old guy up as she thought this is all too good give true, the guy confirmed it had left 65% at that time, I had no doubt in my mind to Talals work he tried to say my life is in danger I will end up loosing my my kids and homeless if he can not clear it all continuing to say even if Talal clears it My life is over, only he can pray for me instead, I said to my friend I will stick with Talal thankyou and why you put me on the phone with this man he had nothing good to say,I do not need anyone negative in my life as well as tried undermining Talal when he knows and can see he has cleared more that 65% be carful once you are getting the work done ppl are jeaulous and do not want you to be happy."

Sara T. | How to Remove a Curse & Have Magic Protection
A woman’s experience with symptoms of black magic for years lead her to make many spiritual healing prayers. She was determined to remove the voodoo black magic and learned how to remove a curse and have magic protection. The powers of black magic where very strong in her life and she can definitely feel the difference now that it is gone.

"To God be the glory great things he has done.

To my two angels Krestin and Talal who God has sent into my life to help me ,God bless you both.

For countless years I have suffered  with bad feelings ,bad luck,loosing my dearest friends,and my days were filled with unhappiness,it's as if I was carrying a heavy burden on me always.I searched to find someone who could help me but all they would do is take my money and hide the truth from me with no help,I was feeling helpless and hopeless and I started praying harder and asking God to send help for me,and that was when I found Talal and Krestins website,I didn't know how it would work out but I decided to call the number and Krestin called me right back,Talal

Was very prompt with his evaluation and on point .From the 1st to 2nd day that Talal started working I felt like a burden has lifted and believe me it only got better,now I wake up feeling good and all the bad feelings and weight is gone ,God bless you Talal and Krestin ,anyone who is suffering from Black Magic please give Talal and Krestin a call or go to their website and send a message you won't regret it.Thank you Talal for giving me hope where there was none,and giving me my whole life back,I will forever be grateful to you both for helping me and  being there for me,I will be looking out for clients for you,God bless you both.May your lives be filled with eternal blessings and happiness always,blessings."

Michael S. | How Can I Remove Black Magic? Answer: Talal Zoabi!
This client is so happy to have finally found his answer after his prayer on healing to how can I remove black magic permanently. After seeking help with shamanic healers for a spell for protection, psychic healers, and many more types of healers. His final stop with his cure from black magic was with the help of Talal Zoabi. He learned that he could not reverse black magic with the help of black magic and could only break it and be protected from it with the help of an experienced spiritual healer.


“ Talal Saved my Life by Anonymous

Before I met Talal, I was in extremely bad shape. I had severe headaches, severe back pain, low energy, etc. I could smell the gin when I went to bathroom, it smelled like blood. I saw reputable people from a few religions that all told me that the black magic on me was very strong. I saw shamans, Mulvi’s that did Hajima (cupping), psychic’s, Hindu pandit’s; black magic was healed to an extent but came back after much stronger.

The first night of Talal’s work, I immediately saw an immense improvement in my condition. I saw light entering my body. The sky light up with thunder and lightning. I could physically feel the gin being pulled out of my body from my legs and feet up by Talal when I was lying in bed. The migraine headaches are completely gone !

I meditate and pray a lot myself and evildoers still did black magic on me severely! I don’t know how  Talal does it, but he is an expert at what he does. I cannot thank Talal enough. He also gives lifetime protection for black magic and a guarantee for his work. Nobody, I’ve ever met can give a guarantee for breaking black magic besides Talal. You can pay dozens of other people to remove black magic who don’t know what they’re doing or cant completely heal you thousands of dollars and it will probably come back, or you can pay Talal a small fee one time, and get guaranteed protection. I am indebted to Talal. Thank you Talal.

Anonymous “

Lillian W. | Distance Healing Reiki Finds Spell Removal
This clients search for magic protection lead her to learn how to become more spiritual with distance reiki healing. After more knowledge about spirituality and practice and after many searches on spiritual websites she found Talal and she was shocked to find how accurate her black magic check was and found comfort. The voodoo black magic prayer about healing was answered for her and her family.


" I would like to say thank you a million times over to Talal and his office for helping me. I suspected that there was a problem but ignored it. I was then prompted to see someone who took over £12,000.00 from me in total and I was left to believe that it was over. During that process, I was in a serious emotional state of fear, anxiety and stress. To add to it, I had been told that the father who’d helped me had himself been attacked and that he would need to take a break. I thought that because of me, that this person had almost lost his life. On a second occasion, another person in the team of helpers was attacked before my very eyes. Basically I experienced things that a vulnerable person in my position shouldn’t have. Someone then referred me to a light worker who really tried her best to help, but her help was limited, and although I learnt a lot, became a Reiki healer in the process,  something was still wrong and after complaining to her, I felt like I was being blamed for not following her regime/rituals. I’d had enough and so I decided to do my own research. This is how I discovered Talal. I prayed about it and asked to be led to the right person. After reading his story, I felt a bit more comfortable and remember saying myself ’how much worse can it get if I go ahead with him?’ I braved it out and sent an email nervously. After 1 day he’d given me answers that were both shocking and not shocking. I decided to let him help me. His service was clean, fast and excellent. Kristen, his assistant was really a rock, because at no time did I feel like I was bothering her with my avalanche of questions. I felt well looked after. The results have been very good so far. I could literally see clearer energy in my house. I do not feel uncomfortable in my house and most important of all, my son’s behaviour is just beautiful.

The end process seemed daunting but once I got the hang of it and the support from Tala’s office it went smoothly. I am so grateful for the service that you offer. The price was ok and you are genuine. Thank you and God bless. "

Dave J. | Black Magic Cure Restores Love and Happiness for a Family
Our client speaks about the black magic spell that was put onto his whole family in order to ensure divorce. The spell which had been plaguing them for three years kept everyone in the house and the family constantly fought. His wife’s children were causing many problems and weren’t living up to their potential. He had previously sought out assistance to break the black magic spell, spending thousands of dollars with no change. When he found Talal, his prayers were answered and black magic removal was successful. With the protection and removal against black magic, he is working on rebuilding the love in his home. He continues to seek assistance from Talal after seeing the complete spiritual healing he received for other services.

“I found Talal and decided to give him a chance I went to other people I spend over $2000 and saw nothing, I was going crazy at home so I gave Talal all the info required my name my wife`s name date of births and pictures, Kristen got back to me with the result and it wasn`t what I was expecting she told me that me and my wife were victims of Black magic that was done onto us for at least three years, and that the details of the spell was for everyone to stay in our house (myself, my wife, my wife`s son and my wife`s daughter) and to get into fights until we were to divorce. I would look at my wife with hatred and anger and despised her children too.

I was going crazy I didnt understand why me and my wife were getting into so many fights over her children, her son dropped out of school and barely worked he was 24/7 in the house and barely left he would pass his days swearing even when we were sleeping on his playstation and even started taking drugs, her daughter would stay in the house as well nobody basically was leaving so what Talal said made sense. I let Talal do his work and I had the privilege to speak with him over the phone a very calm and reassuring person, his wife Kristen was of great support she did more than what she should have they are an amazing team.

After Talal finished his work in 14 nights, one month later day for day my wife`s son decided to move out and to live with his father and he works ever since a full time job unfortunately he still taked drugs, my wife`s daughter found a boyfriend in the same time span that her son moved and she moved out as well, so everything was done simultaneously and I didn`t see it coming, when they all moved out my wife did her mourning she accused me that her children moved out but ever since we haven`t had any fights, we have disagreements like all couples but the anger, the rage and darkness that reigned our home and lives dissapeard. This coming August it will be one year since everyone moved out and Talal`s work took effect at 100%. Talal protected every member of our family so we are all protected for life from black magic and evil eye.

Thank you so much for bringing love and happiness back in our lives and for rediscovering the woman I fell in love with 11 years ago. Thanks Talal and Kristen and sorry to have bothered so many times with my crisis. Talal is truly one of God`s angels and I really appreciate everything that he has done to me and my wife if he didn`t I am convinced I would be divorced today instead of writing this testimonial and appreciation letter.

I have confided my brothers info to talal and he too is a victim of black magic along with his wif but his magic was done for him to always be out of his house wich is true because he works on an average 60-80 hours a week he always works overtime to get by financially so I paid to get my brother cleaned from black magic that was done onto him and his wife but since I cant do the steps to help out my brother since we are on no speaking terms Talal agreed to do the work without any insctructions were I have to make my brother do anything, I will get back to everyone once the job is finished to let everyone know the outcome…………………..

A female client from the United States writes to us in thanks for all that we were able to do for her. The complete spiritual healing techniques for removing black magic and protection against black magic often includes support. She was very appreciative of the compassion that we offered in her darkest times. The removal of black magic is just one part of what we do in order to ensure clients experience inner spiritual healing they need.”

Mikaela A. | Her Findings on How to Break a Spell With a distance Healer
The suffering and negative energy our client went through is very heart breaking. After suffering, she did not give up on her search for spiritual advisors who could assist to break a spell. After she found this distance healer who turns out to be Talal, she finally was able to achieve the goal to remove curse with success.

“I don't know where to start.  For years, I have been feeling like something wasn't right.  I would have a hard time sleeping, I was not enjoying life like I used to, I would feel negative energy around me, and I didn't really have any relationships since I separated from my ex husband 14 years ago. The only one that I had who I knew was in love with me kept on leaving for no reason, or over some small disagreement.  I didn't know what was wrong.  I thought it was him.  

For years I could not sleep.  I could only fall asleep while watching TV, only to be knocked out of bed a few hours later.  I didn't just wake up, I was literally shaken out of bed.  I would see dark shadows in my room, sometimes hovering over me while in bed, sometimes attacking me while I slept. I thought my house was haunted.  I also would also get angry a lot which was not in my nature. I am usually a very nice person. I also felt a heaviness around me, and I was just very tired all the time.  But most importantly my relationships suffered.  I had a guy that I knew really wanted me, but he would just leave for no reason.  He would come back about 3 weeks latersaying he was sorry, and he didn't know what came over him, only to leave again. The cycle would continue.

I ended up talking to a psychic about this problem.  She told me that she sees a spell around him.  Normally I would question that, but his behavior was so odd, that I thought maybe it was true.  When he left again, I did some research online for a healer that removes black magic spells.  I was very cautious as there are a lot of scam artist out there wanting to take your money and giving no results.  I came across Talal's website.  I got a good feeling about him.  I read the reviews about him, and there were only good things to say about him.  At this point, I thought my boyfriend had a spell on him, so I sent Talal his information.  Talal was very honest.  He said that he does not have a spell on him. But he did say  that he's affected by a spell. I then sent him my information.  Sure enough, I was the one with the spell on me.  Talal described what the symptoms of the black magic, and it was everything that's been happening the past few years, including people leaving me for no reason.  I gave Talal none of that information. He started working on my situation right away. After a few days I started feeling much better. When friends would walk into my home, they would say the energy is so much different in here. Ed returned and told me that I'm a different person.  I am also finally able to sleep. I have been sleeping like a baby every since Talal started his work.  

I would definitely recommend Talal to remove any black magic spells. He is very honest and trustworthy. Talal and his wife, Kristen, really make you feel at ease. They are always there to answer any questions that you might have. If you suspect you might have black magic on you, please go to Talal, as he will be very honest with you as to wether you have something on you or not. About 2 years ago I went to a psychic who scammed me out of a lot of money, gave me no results, and made my situation worse so I would keep on going back to her. Please be weary of these people. They are everywhere. Talal is not like that. He is the real deal. Talal gave me my life back.”

Jennifer L. | A Heal Prayer to Remove Black Magic Resulted in Curse Removal
Angela and her family are a perfect example of how black magic can indirectly affect others in a family. Removing black magic from her mom is what she knew she had to do deep down. This had her searching for curse removal since a young age through many spiritual advisors resulting in no cure from black magic. Finally her heal prayer to remove black magic was answered. God works in mysterious ways and this healing from God was successfully accomplished though Talal. Talal is born with a gift from God that allows him to do what he does.


It was December 2015, and I was at my wits end with this terrible energy that had plagued me most of my life, but amplified since I allowed my mother to move into my home in 2004.  I had long had this inner knowing that my mom had this very negative energy that she brought with her into my home when she came to help care for my youngest child.  When she arrived I was married with some issues, had a beautiful home, cars, and savings.  Shortly after she was living with us, my marriage broke apart; I lost the beautiful home that my ex-husband and I built, and the money I had saved over the years quickly vanished.  Little did I know that her coming into my home and life at this time would prove to be both challenging and eye-opening at the same time.  I had no idea my mom was bringing with her the many “demons” that the black magic placed on her when she was a young adult, and I was a little girl.  This revelation now explained why my childhood was a nightmare during sleep and waking hours. 

Since my mom was now living with me and my young children, it was clear that something had taken over her as she had previously been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders such as depression, bi-polar, paranoia to name a few, and she was also diagnosed with several unresolved and medically unexplained physical disorders.  She was prescribed bags and bags of medication, which she took religiously, but the meds didn’t work.  She continued to function as a “semi-normal” person outside the home for many years, but has been confined to mostly my home that last 5 or so years.  This is where she would turn into a monster almost daily, and constantly had conversations with beings that neither I nor my children could see.  My mother would say and do some of the most hurtful and hateful things towards me.  I couldn’t understand how she could say or do these things when she was living in my home and being supported by me.  She had nowhere to go and no family wanted to take her in including my younger siblings.  The repeated monstrous verbal attacks launched on different family and friends had pretty much isolated to the 12X12 space she was assigned in my home. 

Her constant bad luck and struggle that I remember from childhood was now reappearing in my life.  My mom’s black magic curse was now affecting me and my three children even more!  It seemed as time went by, things would be good for a brief stent, and then they would be extremely bad for a long time.  Over the course of the past 12 years, I have had several psychics and spiritual advisors, some solicited and some not, to tell me that there was “someone” living with me that was causing all of my bad luck.  I had that feeling that my mom brought her negative spirit into my home, but I didn’t want to believe that it was causing all this turmoil in my life.  As things progressed, she lost her job, she has lost all of her jobs, all of her cars broke done or was repossessed, and she never had any money or savings.  To make matters worse, I was fired from my job without warning, and prior to this I was just commended on the great job I was doing.  At this point, I had no way of supporting any of us.  I prayed and prayed, and God help us through that difficult period.  It was during this time, I was told by a spiritual advisor that I should put my mom out of my home, so I could rid myself of the negative spirits, which had now taken over my home and were affecting not only me, but my children now as well. 

Although, I was struggling and suffering with issue after issue, I didn’t have the heart to put my mother out on the street.  I knew she had nowhere to go.  Once she went to live with both my brother and sister, and the negative energy she carried into their homes caused them both to lose everything as well.  I couldn’t dare have them go through this with her again as I knew they couldn’t handle this type of evil.  They were very clear that she was not welcomed back, they didn’t want that bad luck again.

All of 2015 was extremely challenging for all of us.  I felt I had become stuck in quicksand, my kids weren’t thriving, and my home had a constant feel of tension and negativity. I was ready to give up everything I had including my home, because I felt it was the only way I could get my mother away from me without feeling so guilty.   I was so desperate to be rid of this that I had briefly considered putting my mother out on the streets, but God spoke to me through a Christian lady and said be patient, the help we needed would be here soon.

I awoke 4:56a on December 13, 2015 with the anxiety that had begun plaguing me when my mom came to live with me.  For years, I was constantly anxious around here and couldn’t sleep through the night due to frequent night terrors.  I prayed and asked GOD for help as I couldn’t take this situation any longer.  I knew if I didn’t find help that things would remain awful for me, but at this point I was concerned about my children, who seem to have been stuck in place, and were not making any positive progress in their young lives.  It was this morning that I realized that in the last 12 years since my mom arrived in my home that I constantly had no money, mounds of debts caused by making poor decision due to being in a state of mental chaos, no loving relationship since my divorce, anxiety, and depression was looming.  It was clear that whatever she brought within her was now in my home, and was now affecting me as my life was starting to mirror hers, and at that point I knew I had to fight for myself and my family! 

After waking with an intense urgency to find someone to help me, I took out my laptop, and I began to search google for someone who could help with “curse removal”.  I searched for a while before I came across Talal’s website, and I knew it was divine, because I didn’t skip over reading his information like I had done with the many other sites and people I came across.  I had a surge of relief to come over me while I perused Talal’s site and even more relief after I read the testimonials of other individuals he has helped to be freed from the destruction of black magic.  I immediately contacted Talal, and received a prompt response from his wife, Kristen.  After speaking with them both to discuss my situation, and what could be done, I knew that God had sent his angels to help me and my family.  Talal confirmed that it was indeed black magic causing the issues that I was experiencing, but it wasn’t black magic on me or my children, but black magic placed on my mother many years ago that was still powerfully affecting not only her life, but the life of her children/grandchildren, so my siblings, myself, and our children were all being affected by this curse almost our entire lives. This magic was affecting all areas of our lives, specifically in the areas of money, relationships, and spiritual growth.  None of us had relationships.  My sister and brother, both in their mid-30s couldn’t maintain any relationships, always had bad luck, and money problems.  Our lives were the mirror of our mother, whose life was marred by this negativity.  Talal was also able to confirm that this magic was having very negative affect on my children, but especially my middle son, whom changed overnight from a sweet young man to one with anxiety and anger almost daily. 

I immediately requested that Talal begin the process of removinge black magic.  Talal and Kristen worked together as a team of Angels to ensure all of my questions and concerns throughout the process were answered in detail.  Kristen would take every request and concern I had to Talal, and would respond with urgency each time.  Once Talal started the process, in a matter of a few days, I witnessed what I had not seen ever with mom, and that was she was calm, and NOT talking to herself!!  This is monumental, because as long as I or anyone could remember, my mother would have conversations with some invisible being.  These conversations would sometimes be loud, and often times involved arguing with herself or the being.  I was careful not to get too excited, because I had witness her doing well after a “cleansing” session, but only to return to her original behavior, and sometimes worse than before.  It has now been over a month, and I can happily report that my mother behaves like a normal person.  I nor my siblings or her family members would talk to her, because the conversations would be extremely negative, and end in her saying very hurtful things.  Since Talal has completed his work, my mom is positive, and very nice.  I feel as though I am just getting to know my “real” mother after all of these years.  I also notice since Talal completed his work on my mother that mine and my kids’ energy is renewed and our house no longer feel negative and tense.  We all interact like a healthy, happy, normal family.  We no longer talk about wanting my mom (their grandmother) out of our house, so we can be happy again like before she came.  I was indeed happier before she came, but I was always affected by the magic that was wreaking havoc in her life.  I am naturally a fighter, and was determined not to have my life turn out like my mom’s, which helped me to avoid some of the same fate such as homelessness and complete joblessness. 

I am forever grateful for the amazing and divine work Talal has done to help  heal and restore my family.  I am so hopeful and positive about the future of all of our lives.  I am fully confident that all that was “taken” from us over the years will be restored.  The peace and happiness that I feel is beyond words, and I know that was my main prayer over the last few years, and GOD answered me via the gift of Talal, and his wife, Kristen.

I am willing to share my story with anyone who may have any doubts about how Black Magic can rob you of your destiny, mental and physical health, finances, job and relationships, and how with the help and gift that Talal possess, you and your family can be living the destiny and purpose designed for you instead of a life manipulated by the spirit of evil.   I am a first hand witness of the damning effects this type of evil can have on a person’s life, and the longer it is there, the worse it becomes over time.  I am also a witness that there are very few Talal’s and Kristen’s in this world.

A gift used with divine integrity and authenticity is indeed the greatest gift of all, and that is the gift God has blessed Talal and Kristen with, and I am eternally grateful that they together used this heaven designated gift to help my family!

Atlanta, Georgia USA”

Leor D. | See how Signs and Symptoms of Black Magic can Affect Your Health
Just a 15 year old, this client was subject to a black magic spell that changed her personality. She had difficulty breathing and her moods became dark. Her life was difficult and everything seemed to be an uphill battle. Being a teenager is a hard enough time in one’s life but to have signs and symptoms of black magic on top of it is debilitating. She seeked out a black magic healer and was lucky to find Talal who was able to remove black magic from her life. Everything has gone back to normal for her again and she feels peace.


"My experience is not long at all but it's real. I had a breathing difficulties and I was so mad all the time and depressed. Nothing was going right. I had bad dreams and sometime I couldn't sleep all at once. I tried went to Talal cause it was the last hope. All the past things disappeared. Everything went back to its nature. Now I am feeling good and there are no bad dreams any more. My thanks goes back to God and Talal. My advice if anyone has a problem to contact Talal."

Written by Talal's Clients

Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing
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