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How Prayer of Healing for Others Will Heal Your Heart

Prayer of healing for others is a direct benefit to yourself and the person or people you wish to heal. We are all connected, everything that exists on the planet. The energy we harness when we heal others also has the power to heal us. Through spiritual prayers for healing, you engage the healing of yourself. If your heart is aching for any reason, it can become habitual to feel self-pity. This only perpetuates the pain you feel. When you direct loving kindness out to someone in need, the positivity and emotional spiritual healing come back to you. You stop putting so much focus on yourself and put your powerful intentions out. An example of the power of manifestation, when someone puts a spell of evil onto someone else, it comes back to them tenfold. When you offer the prayer of healing, it is possible to effectively heal someone and you’ll receive it for yourself as well.

Perhaps you don’t know how to pray for healing, for yourself or for someone else. Prayer about healing can be natural or you can seek out guidance. Spiritual advisors can help you on your journey with methods that have been used for centuries. Find a quiet spot to contemplate and really invoke your power. This brings you peace and allows you to focus on the words you want to speak. Spiritual prayers can be conducted anywhere and the happier you feel in your space, the better. Finding a spot in nature where you can be alone puts you at a high frequency of healing. If tears should fall while you speak your truth, you should be in a comfortable spot where you can be by yourself. Prayer is much like meditation because the more you focus your intention, the more you’ll manifest your needs.

In any humanitarian act, you will be fulfilled with the simple fact that you’re doing good things for someone or something else. When you are hurting, you can direct your love and intention to the world and feel all of that love back. You are finding a purpose in your life that is larger than the pain your heart is suffering. While it’s difficult to hide from heartache, your mood will increase as you begin to focus on making someone’s life better. Your heart will begin to feel joy again and it will push out the pain. When you think only of yourself and pray only for yourself, you focus on what’s wrong. This only creates a downward spiral of feeling like something is wrong with you. It is easy to feel down, especially when something has legitimately happened in your life to cause you pain. When you’re capable of giving yourself spiritual motivation, you can heal. A good thought or action is much stronger than a negative thought. It takes very little to pick yourself up and see the good positive in life again. When you see how prayer of healing for others affects someone, you’ll feel fulfilled. Fulfillment brings happiness and this is how you can heal your own heart. Through feeling good and doing good things for yourself and those around you.

Prayer of healing for others may not be easy at first as perhaps you’re concerned only about your own problems. As you begin to feel more compassionate and put your feet in someone else’s shoes, you deviate feeling bad for yourself. When you offer prayer to someone else’s pain, you begin to get a sense of your spiritual gift of healing. Spiritual prayers are answered, sometimes it takes patience but with your intent, beautiful things will take place. You may receive thanks from individuals you were praying for. Regardless of praise or thank you for the prayer of healing you gave for someone else, the universe will give back to you what you put in. While you give prayer to others that are hurting, you find yourself again.

Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing 
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