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Talal offers the following spiritual healing services. Most of these services are distant healing techniques and prayer to break curses that do not require you to meet face to face with Talal.

Compatibility Test

Why you Should Take a Compatibility Test

Not everyone contemplates taking a compatibility test, even though everyone should. Love can be a thrilling, passionate, adventurous, and life-changing experience. Falling in love is beautiful, and we can always meet a new person and become blinded with passion. It can be one of the most thrilling experiences in life.

Our emotions may so cloud our vision that we only see someone’s good traits at first and ignore any warning signs. But, a lasting relationship is anything but perfect. Chemistry, as beautiful as it is, is like a burning match. It will eventually die. And love is far more complex, which is why it's so difficult to figure out. Before you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, you need to consider the topic of compatibility.

Compatibility is about both partners having the right personality traits for a long-term relationship. It goes beyond chemistry and attraction. You shouldn't base your lifelong happiness on your feelings or just the looks of a person.  Compatibility is affected by the physical, psychological, and spiritual traits of both partners.

But why you would want a compatibility test? The reason is that many people are stuck in horrible relationships or repeating cycles of divorces. All because they keep dating incompatible people and avoiding compatible partners. You might be having this experience and that's why you're reading this.

Right now, you may be in love. You may be wondering if your partner is the one. On the other hand, you might be having challenges in your relationship, and you may be scared to proceed. Fortunately, you'll be learning the importance of a love compatibility test in this article. You'll learn what it can do for you and have the chance to take one.

Why You Would Want a Compatibility Test

As stated earlier, partners need to be compatible in terms of personality traits for a relationship to thrive. If there's a mismatch, there's going to be a problem. There has to be at least 65% compatibility between two people for things to work out. Now, let's examine the three personality traits that must match.

  1. Physical
Our physical characteristics such as our looks, voice, and habits matter a lot in a relationship. For a relationship to work there has to be a physical attraction between both partners. This is what triggers passion. Without passion, you won't miss each other or wish they were with you. 
And if you don't think of each other frequently, your connection isn't likely to last long. So physical traits are important. Factors such as looks, fashion sense, hygiene, and habits matter in terms of compatibility.

  1. Psychological
The next set of personality traits that matter is our psychological makeup. The mind is quite a beautiful thing and at times the right mentality beats the right emotions. There's more to a relationship than confessing love and spending time with each other. Psychological factors such as intimacy, vulnerability, dedication, forgiveness, and listening ability matter.

Being able to calm down and listen to a partner can go a long way. Being empathetic and communicative can be the missing link of many relationships. Forgiveness and unconditional acceptance can matter too. As you can see, there's a lot that goes into making a relationship last. This is why you might want a compatibility test.
  1. Spiritual
The last – but certainly not least - essential compatibility aspect is spiritual. Few people consider this, but it's just as important as the other aspects. The truth is that the person under a love spell of the spiritual influence isn't the same person without spiritual influence. For instance, if you're dating someone who is under a black curse or love magic that person will not be compatible with you or anyone during that time.

However, when that person becomes cured of his or her affliction, they may suddenly become compatible again with you. The reason is that spiritual attacks can affect people’s looks and behaviors. Your partner can behave differently and send vibes that don't match yours. Therefore, spiritual compatibility should always be considered. You're not likely to enjoy a relationship if either of you is under a spiritual attack.

What the Love Compatibility Test Does

This love compatibility test is different from those offered by matchmaking websites. This one instead helps to find out how compatible two people are based on their various personality traits while checking their spiritual wellbeing at the same time. Here are the functions of these tests.

  1. Awarding a score

After filling out the form with your details, the test will evaluate your various personality traits. You'll get a list of traits that you and your potential partner have. You'll learn those traits that are compatible, those that clash, and those that can be worked on and help you learn how to fix a relationship. The test will supply a list of psychological, and spiritual personality traits. And based on these findings, a compatibility score will be awarded to you. 100% compatibility is the rarest and almost doesn't exist. If you're lucky enough to have this, it means your partner is your twin flame. That is your soulmate!

The way this works is that the higher your compatibility score, the likelier it is for your relationship to last. As you know, every relationship will go through its ups and downs. A high compatibility score means both partners have what it takes to persevere. You have love and passion that most likely will stand the test of time. It means you have the mental and spiritual traits to stay bonded happily together in the future.

A score of anywhere above 65% is considered a good match. This is because nothing in life is perfect. As much as we all wish to end up with the perfect partner, such cases are extremely rare. However, having partnered with enough compatible traits is often enough to blossom into a lasting and beautiful relationship.

  1. Identifying Problems

Apart from awarding a compatibility score, this test goes further by conducting a spiritual evaluation on both partners. This is a standout feature of the Talal Zoabi Love Compatibility test. If you can remember, I once mentioned that those under a spiritual influence are not behaving like their true selves. 

This test can help check if either partner can benefit from any of the services we offer. For example, your partner or you may be a victim of black magic, evil eye curse, or demonic possession. As long as these spiritual problems are present, your actions might not be your own. And the same rule applies to your partner if he or she is the victim.     

When you take this test, apart from the score, you'll learn the specifics of the problems you are facing and the solution.

  1. Offering Solutions

The aim of this test isn't just to give arbitrary scores like several other compatibility tests. If you're having a spiritual problem in your relationship, this test will outline the problems present and recommend the appropriate spiritual healing services.

Once the person is healed, they'll be back to themselves. The external control over their personality will be gone and the test can be retaken. Apart from offering spiritual help, the test also supplies suggestions on how to improve your compatibility. You'll learn the steps you can take to be more compatible with your partner.


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Talal Zoabi Services

Talal Zoabi is a true healer with 30+ years of experience in spiritual healing and relationships. He has offered this love test to help people that are struggling on finding a lasting partner.

Love can be extremely complicated and difficult to figure out. In some cases, you need more than just feelings or even compatible traits. At times, a partner needs to break a love spell or other spiritual problems. This is why this Relationship Compatibility Test is here. Talal is able to use his 30+ experience to help you find a lasting remedy to your problem.

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