Donate to Victims of White Magic & Black Magic Symptoms to Break a Spell & Exorcism

After many requests on how to send a thank you gift or a donation for being happy with Talal’s spiritual healing services, for receiving an honest spiritual check about not having black magic or just to say thank you for his time. Talal has now set up this donation program. All donations will go to victims of black magic or possession who are in need of Talal’s services to break a spell and remove black magic symptoms, to perform an exorcism, to have evil eye protection, and the black magic cure with Talal’s spiritual healing. It takes a lot of Talal’s time and energy to perform this spirituality and practice and unfortunately in many victims’ cases their long term problem has taken everything from them and left them with nothing in their lives including family, friends, careers, homes, and in a state of extreme debt.  Your donation will go to helping them gain back their quality of life. What is black magic and white magic?  It is a huge problem that is causing much suffering all around the world. Please see our Symptoms Page to learn more about what it is and why it is done.

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