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Talal offers the following spiritual healing services. Most of these services are distant healing techniques and prayer to break curses that do not require you to meet face to face with Talal.

How to Fix Broken Marriage

How Fix a Broken Marriage

One of the greatest dilemmas in life is how to fix a broken marriage. It is healthy to have small arguments in a marriage, but not to an extent that it becomes broken and unhealthy. The divorce rate keeps soaring, and it is double what it was 60 years ago. It is sad because people do not get married just to separate. 

The union of a marriage is one of the most sacred and beautiful aspects of life. A family is more together than they are apart. However, problems still happen, and marriages crash. The good news is that we can work on these problems. 

For years, couples stayed together instead of going their separate ways. Now, it is not unheard of for couples not to talk to each other for months.  But even in this scenario, there might still be hope. There are several reasons why people break up. In this article, you will be learning what breaks unions and how to fix a broken marriage. By taking a specific action, you can save your marriage.

The Reasons Marriage Fail

Before we go into fixing your marriages, let us consider the common causes of discord. Here are the major reasons marriages fall apart.

Lack of Intentional Love

Getting into a new relationship is thrilling and getting married is even more so. Loving each other comes easy at the start of every relationship. As time goes on, it is a different story, however. The feeling we all get at the start of a relationship never lasts. As people grow together, they change life situations change and that initial feeling of warmth and closeness can fade.

This is a big issue with marriages these days. Partners will always want the care and affection of their significant other. Issues will always arise due to unmet needs, especially if it is because one partner does not feel *that affection from the other.    Marriage is challenging work and there's no denying that.

Life can get busy, and distractions can come with that. It is important to be available for your spouse no matter how busy life gets. You are a team and need to feed your relationship with love and connection. Make each other feel loved and important.

The Number One killer of marriage is the intentional holding back of loving gestures toward one's partner. This leads to the other partner questioning their importance. In time, resentment sets in and that's when quarrels start.

Lack of Intimacy and Care

When was the last time you felt really close to your partner? Intimacy is an essential element that marriages can't live without. People cannot happily coexist when they do not feel at peace with each other. Humans are mammals with instincts and the feeling of wanting intimacy is part of nature and how we are created.

A couple is made up of two different people with two different personalities. As the husband, you may like to hang out with the guys, football, and pizza. Meanwhile, the wife may prefer milkshakes, basketball, and salad. Both of you can have various levels of sex drive. And you may want different things for your kids. Learning to coexist with these differences requires attention, communication, and compromise.

You need to talk things through frequently and work out your differences. One partner will need to make sacrifices for the other at times. This is what intimacy requires. It is important to be available for it. It is about working together to make something better. The key ingredient here is commitment. Without it, everything falls apart.

An Affair of Any Sort

Regardless of the types, affairs have the same effect on a marriage. It destroys the sacred trust shared by the couple. Betrayal destroys all the bonds that hold a relationship together: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Respect, commitment, love, and communication go straight out the window. Couples end up separating because they cannot get over the betrayal. People often make the mistake of thinking that physical affairs are worse. But an emotional affair leaves the same scar.     

It is difficult coping with an unfaithful partner. And it gets worse when it becomes a habit. It becomes harder to forgive. Partner starts thinking that they are better off with someone else. How to fix a relationship after an affair is not easy. Both partners must come together.

Spiritual Issues

While some people feel uncomfortable talking about it, spirituality matters in a relationship. Marriages can suffer from black magic, demonic possession, and more. When this happens, conflicts will set in. Anyone under an affliction is not truly themselves. Black magic has become a widespread problem all over the world.

A few examples.
•    Someone is in love or obsessed with you or your spouse and is jealous of your relationship. They go to a black magician to try to have control and break up the marriage.
•    A family member of you or your spouse does not want the marriage for several reasons. They go to a black magician to break up the marriage.
•    The above two reasons were done to one of your parents or grandparents. It is affecting you or your spouse because you are part of the future generation of the bloodline.

Spiritual problems can lead to change in appearance and behaviors. Partners can change behaviors and start hurting their significant others. Negativity will creep into the relationship, and they will not be able to stop fighting. Relationships must be free from such influences to move on. Any spiritual problem left unattended can destroy the marriage.

Lack of Boundaries and Respect

Although marriage is a union, couples still have their unique personalities. We all know what boundaries are even though we hate talking about them. People have different boundaries and definitions of respect.
Constantly not recognizing or ignoring your spouse’s boundaries spells doom for a marriage. For instance, you might like having casual friends of the opposite sex. And your partner absolutely wants none of it. You may also like loud music, while your partner may prefer novels when bored. Your partner may also see chatting with people online as a lack of respect.

It is necessary to verbalize boundaries in relationships. Couples must discuss sensitive areas such as friendship, relations, and the raising of kids. Resentment arises when partners ignore boundaries. When resentment is left to build up, it leads to separation.


Incompatibility is another big marriage killer. As stated earlier, couples are different people with diverse backgrounds. At ties, the issue is not a lack of commitment or boundaries or the presence of an affair. The problem is just that the couple is incompatible.

Certain behaviors complement each other, while others do not. Partners that are compatible struggle less with each other. Partners need to have complementary habits in various aspects of their lives. For example, problems can arise from a mismatch in couples in financial or sexual skills. When there is an incompatibility, the resulting friction will only result in conflict. Petty disputes between the two of you lead to arguments.

The good news is that partners can work on compatibility. If both partners are stubborn, they can learn to be more empathetic and gentler with each other. Talal offers a compatibility check service to see how compatible two people are based on their personalities.

How to Fix a Broken Marriage

Now that you know what breaks a marriage, here are our recommendations. Here are the top ideas on how to fix a broken marriage.

Have a Spiritual Reading & Black Magic Check Done

Having a spiritual reading should be your first step. Spiritual afflictions can cause serious problems if left unattended. You want to be sure your problem is not caused by witchcraft or the evil eye. Talal Zoabi currently offers a spiritual reading that helps with this. This examination can help detect afflictions such as symptoms of black magic and the evil eye symptoms.

This reading is extremely accurate and will reveal if there is any type of black magic and curses. If this reading indicates a curse, you will be needing spiritual healing. Talal Zoabi can also help with this. As a leading Spiritual Healer, he has helped thousands of people. The free black magic check has no strings attached. 

If there is any black magic present on either spouse, it must be removed. This is the only way to save the marriage. If black magic is present, it can also affect children and future generations. If the curse is left to stay, the conflicts will keep happening and the quality of the marriage will fade away. Getting true spiritual healing will make this go away. In time, relief will be restored to your life. 

Spiritual Work on How to Fix a Broken Marriage

Talal currently offers a service that can help you with your marriage. Even in the absence of a spiritual affliction, he can help. Our first service is our love compatibility test. This evaluation will give your relationship a compatibility score. The higher the score the better your match. Any score above 80 means you are right for each other. A low score does not signify the end, however. 

Compatibility can be worked on, and this service offers advice on upping your compatibility score. You will get suggestions on new behaviors and habits to develop. This will help you understand your marriage more helping you to improve your relationship. 

Apart from this, the second service we offer is spiritual help. This service helps in adding positivity to your home. It makes it easier for the both of you to come together again. Life gets busy and can be stressful leaving you with a million things on your and your spouse's minds. This service helps to file the thought of your marriage and love for each other at the beginning of those million thoughts. This allows for more focus on the marriage. This tool will help you to resolve matters and how to fix a relationship

Come Together

No progress can be made unless both partners work together. Another big reason marriages fail is one-sidedness. You must work together with your partner to save your relationship. Do not play the blame game or wait for them to come begging.

Make the first move and verbalize your desire for togetherness. Marriage is hard to sustain and even harder to fix when there are serious issues. If there is a lack of commitment from any partner, your chances of saving the relationship are slim. You both have needs. Unless you come together to address these needs, you will only keep fighting. 

Work on Communication

Communication is paramount to every relationship, and you must work on this. You must communicate with your partner to avoid resentment. We all get hurt in our marriages and unless we voice it, it will not be addressed. Work with your partner to create an open environment. 

Learn to always communicate your feelings. Tell each other when you are hurt, and boundaries are being crossed. Stop keeping things from each other. Communicate and work hand in hand with each other. This is how to fix a broken marriage.

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