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The Life of Spiritual Healer Talal Zoabi
Discovering the Cure and Protection From Black Magic

Talal Zoabi learned at a very early age that he was born with a spiritual healing gift. This can best be described as extreme supernatural powers. Talal was born and raised in the Holy Land of Nazareth, Israel. At only seven years old he started having frequent visits by an evil presence on many nights. This evil being did not appear to be human. It looked like a demon with the face of a dog and it had an unusually long tail. Little did Talal know this would be the beginning of his spiritual healer journey on breaking black magic and performing real exorcisms worldwide. Protection from black magic would soon be spread globally with his spiritual gift of healing.
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The Early Life of Talal's Spiritual Gift of Healing

Little Talal was terrified each night when an evil presence would come and visit him. This led to many sleepless nights. All he could do was place his head under the covers and pray that this ugly evil presence would go away.

One night, Talal’s prayers were answered. When the evil presence appeared again, Talal could see a bright light behind the creature. A man dressed in white with a flowing white beard appeared. The evil presence was instantly defeated as it was then transformed into embers and slowly left the room in ashes.

After this incredible experience, Talal never saw the evil presence again. Receiving the Spiritual Gift of Healing from God after this life-changing experience, Talal realized he was blessed in a way different from other people.

Occasionally, he would experience visions of the future and then have these visions come to pass. Young Talal started having regular visits from the white-bearded man.

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