UK Female | Appreciates Talal’s spiritual prayers and is comforted by cured spell symptoms.

Client was feeling overwhelmed with her spell symptoms and how they caused problems in any parts of her life. His ability to cure black magic has allowed her to see the light as shes her voodoo symptoms fade away. She sends spiritual prayers to both Talal and Kristen for their kindness and support. She was skeptical of spiritual healers in the UK but was very happy when explained she could pay in installments. Not only did Talal cure black magic for this client, but also restored her faith in mankind.

“I wanted to write this after the black magic had left me a 100%. Where do I start Talal and Kristen are a gift from god. I was so lost for so many years feeling that something wasn't quite right. Whenever I tried to move forward I took 10 steps backwards. Never progressing always feeling scared about what would happen. My focus was on the negatives and a force on me that I could not explain. I was and still am in an unhappy marriage. But I was always led to believe it's was all my fault and all the issues were all in my head and not real. Always being controlled and manipulated by friends and family. My finance are a mess I have so much debt that I would and am loosing sleep thinking about it. I am still drowning but I feel like now there is a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Talal and Kristen. Issues at work never feeling appreciated and problems after problems. Making mistake after mistake, and forgetting simple things. Not sleeping, crying for no reason and getting angry. Wanting to say something but not being able to find the word to express my feelings. Even finding the money for this was hard but Kristen was kind enough to let me pay in instalments. At that point I knew they actually wanted to help me. You hear of these horror stories about people who take advantage of people who are desperate. But I can tell you that Talal and Kristen are not like that all. They treated me like family always replying to emails and calls quickly. No request or question is silly always very warm in there reply. Helping every step of the way making me feel like I was not alone. Please if like me you feel that something isn't quite right please please get in touch with Talal and Kristen and see the light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest I can not put into word how I feel as the emotions are so overwhelming I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Talal and Kristen. I will pray for them and there happiness, they will always have a special place in my heart forever.  Thank you so much. “