US Female | What is Voodoo Spell Symptoms and How it Can Suck Happiness from You

This female client was subjected to a spell that was explained to her as a voodoo spell by Haitian police. Due to envy, a relative had put a spell on her and then charged her money stating that she knew how to remove a curse. Spell symptoms were destroying her life. She sought out Talal while looking for spiritual sites. After so many phony psychics who didn’t know what is voodoo, she finally found someone who knew how to remove a curse. Talal changed her life for the better.

“Thank God He sent Talal.

I was under black magic attack from a persistent evil relative who envied me  and msmy others whose paths I had crossed for more than 20 years. Started when I was a teen and woke up to find lengths of my hair gone. Years later a strange ring was left upon my bed pillow with my birth stone in it.

I was told by police (who were from Haiti) that this was from voodoo and that I should not touch the ring or my things. Slowly I began to have hurtful misfortunate  things happen to me. I began to receive warnings from psychics that things would continue to worsen and I would have no luck and my life is not what it should be. I knew this already. Too many bad things were happening to me and I could not get anywhere with relationships, work, career, money, etc. 

My luck was horrible. I would pray for God to take me as so many bad things were happening. I got water baptized,  Holy Ghost Fire baptized, paid what tithes I could when seldom I could get money. Nothing helped. I even felt pushed away from God like I was hidden in a tomb and my prayers could not be heard. I began seeking healers to help. Shamans, reiki, spiritualists, everything. Nothing worked. I did warfare prayers and that kept me alive, but did nothing to stop the curse of misfortune.

I went from healer to healer with them taking my money and making promises. The last few, instead of helping me they kept giving me more bad news and forcing me to give them what money I had. They never got rid of the evil that was hinting my life and constantly attacking me, just kept taking my money.

Since God kept me alive I knew I had to fight with all I had to find a way out. One day I discovered that it was safer to ONLY pray to God in a church with good Holy energy. Never outside of the church nor in a home. The attackers pick up on it and send evil to prevent your prayers being answered. I got in that church and prayed real hard. I felt a peaceful energy
coming over me. 2 days later God sent me Talal!!!

I was on the internet as I had been many many times looking for help ( even churches had turned away from me when I asked for help before). I had to be careful so as not to let on to the lady who was holding me hostage (things would get far worse and even deadlier if I did not pay) to her for money and claiming she was going to help me when I paid all the money (thousands she demanded). 

I came upon and read Talal's site and I felt in my gut that I should make contact. At NO COST I was given a consultation. I knew then that I had found the right person because he had sent me a list of all that he saw working against me and it was absolutely correct. I had not given him details at all.

From the time Talal began to do the work for me there a great many wonderful changes. First of all, I walked away from the other con artist liar healer (was more likely a witch) and she was IMMEDIATELY stripped of the evil hold she had upon me and my life. Was I ever so HAPPY!!! This woman had held me in captivity and debt to her for 4 years-and just like that she was gone!! I faced no more danger because I did not give her money.

Talal charged a blessed small fee that I could afford compared to the thousands and thousands the con artist healers had demanded from me. Immediately things began to clear up and change for the better. After 17 straight years of bad luck, I began to be lucky and see good happenings. I was no longer vulnerable and helpless to attacks. The evil began to leave. Change began to occur-good positive changes. Also, intuitively I was able to give input when enlightened. 

Life has made a complete turnaround.  I was set free finally after 17 years of hell from evil  swindlers posing as healers and from the black magic attacks. My prosperity , progress, opportunities, future plans and most important my connection to God is once again intact.

God sent me Talal and my life has been set free!! Talal is kind, gentle, honest and tells the accurate truth. He delivers on his promises and I am so blessed that God led me to Talal.


A grateful soul “