CA Female – Spell Symptoms and the Remedy for Black Magic

A beloved brother who was exhibiting spell symptoms & signs of being cursed became dangerous to himself and his family. The signs of black magic lead them to believe that he had a mental illness. As medical teams aren’t proficient with what is voodoo, they were unable to help. The family hired a psychic, along with a variety of medical professionals with the hope of finding the remedy for black magic to break a spell. It wasn’t until they contacted Talal that they were successful in breaking black magic.

“Talal and Kristin are the two most wonderful people that I have ever known.  This is how my story follows: My brother has been acting extremely strange for the past 6 months to a point that me and my parents had to call the police on him several times. We as a family thought he was possessed with Demons. What we experienced as a family was something you would see only on movies such as Exorcism but with milder variations. My brother use to claim that he sees or talk to demons to the point that he was writing on the walls with witchcraft numbers and putting hols in the walls believing in his mind he was making a castle. He damaged our entire property. He was performing such activities all night till morning and talking to strange beings. His voice would change and he started talking Latin . His behavior was extremely severe and dangerous. He was dangerous to himself and my parents. He did not recognize my parents any more and started taking dangerous drugs. He did beat up my old parents that I had to call the police on him and he was arrested.  My brother  used to claim that he is God and Jesus and his mission was to do all those writings on the walls in order for us to be cleaned by him !!!. He was acting crazy, dangerous , out of control ,as well as self destructive. We tried all kinds of Doctors such as drug Recovery  specialist and Psychologist. We thought he was Schizophrenic. Unfortunately no Medical Team was able to help him. I also contacted other psychic but could not help my brother. We were very disappointed until we found Talal who I feel was an angel sent from God. Talal told me that a black magic was put on My Brother from 6 years ago and as the time goes buy it was getting worse. So I asked Talal to break this spell since this was our last hope. The process took about 3 months all together and My brother is 100 percent cured now. He does not act Schizophrenic or possessed anymore!!. He is back to  who he was many years ago. He got a job now and back to work. I think Talal saved My brother . Talal is very honest and sincere person and his work is excellent.  I am thankful to Talal and his wife Kristina for their wonderful work. “