UK FEMALE | What is Black Magic & How to break a spell

A woman’s fight on how to break a spell with an expert in removing black magic, was the answer to her spell symptoms. Psychic healers were not the answer to this serious problem, our of all the spiritual websites the spiritual signs were to only go with an expert in spiritual healing and curse removal. Her long battle helped educate her on the black magic cure which allowed her to stay strong for her family.


"First time in my life I searched for someone who is an expert in removing black magic.! I was always told since the age of 18 years old my dads sister put a curse on me that I will never be happy in my marriage life or relationship with any man, as she wanted me to marry her son, anyway I married someone my mum choose, despite her kidnapping me when I was a few months old trying to get me engaged with my cousin who was 1 year old seems very stupid, but my mums mum, and brother had to run away with me and took a breath upon coming home, and called my parents.

Cut a long story short I am 43 years old never been happy in my relationship, in 25 years, Both of my proposals that ended up in marriage had been done through black magic too, hence ended up in divorces, first husbands mum put a curse on me as I left her son, 2 nd husband still puts curses on me for over 10 years, then every Tom dick and Harry, tried to put spells on me, to either destroy me or use me way financially or sexually, i never turned to anyone to get help, spiritual people always approached me and said God is protecting you and we can help, hence tried to use this situation to their advantage, again either financially or sexually, so I stayed away and continued with life educated my self, amd brought up my children.

I became accustomed living with curses, and thought it was a evil world and there is no genuine help out there apart from God.

Allah always helped and guided me throughout my journey, I am please to say my children are now 18-17 years old, even though their dad has tried his upmost best to cause problem and destroy me and his kids cause he could not get me back, every time I tried to move on meet someone he would do voodoo, last December I thought ok let me see what is going on with spiritual side of things in my life as by now my life should be easier and settled. So I started to approach ppl they told me all sorts of stories, which I knew about 3 people have done black magic on me 2 females and one male your kids father blah blah they will destroy you if you do not get help, I can help your life is over theses people will win in the end blah blah, this never worried me as Allah always saved me from calamities and death in the past my guiding and listening to my prays and people who prayed for me as I always helped, so I knew I was looked after.

In the back of my mind I thought I need to find someone who talks little and does the work once and for all as God never gives us problems without a solution, I knew there was someone out there in this universe all I did was pray Ya Allah guide me to that gifted human who can genuinely remove this magic and protect me and my children from the adverse affect of Black magic, now everyone is probably wondering why now?

Reason for this is I feel I could handle all the negativity, but did not want my children to go through negativity brought on by their own father and random people in the future and cause problems for them even though both of them say we have Allah for protection.

I contacted Talal, and Kristien to check they came back with what I was already told that this BM is still on me and I was lied to that the previous spiritualist took it off permantlyand no one can do anything on me again for the last 3 years so in December i confronted him, he failed to address my question and was be dazzled his lies came out, So I decided to speak to Talal instead and get it removed once and for all, as I knew deep in my heart that the Magic was not off till date I was lied to continusly so they get regular income and seek to take advantage of my struggles, once I spoke to Talal I felt straight away this way the right person, ? Why you may ask.

Reason was he never told me who has done this on me, how many people, never put anyone down just said the people who approached you to help you made your situation worse, also never tried to frighten me that your life is over, so you might as well give up. never played God said I he will save my life, change my world,?make it all go away, calm things down and bring peace into our lives forever.

So at the time I was struggling financially, so I arranged to start the prays at a later date they kindly accepted, once the prays began in February 2016, 3 days later I felt protected, peaceful, followed all his instructions religiously, prayed to God now I am 85% clear of black magic, it has been a long journey for me, I always pray for Talal and Kristien as they are a God gift to this earth, may God bless those souls for doing such tremendous endeavours in helping mankind, I highly recommend Talal for any spiritual work he charges near to nothing for the work he does and also Kristien is very supportive all the way, In the future when I sort my finances out a big present awaits these 2 kind souls as they have refused to take anymore money for their work, I truly am grateful for all their immense support through this removal process.

I have recommended a lot of people and alway will do without a doubt in the future, I can not stress more clearly, please leave all the liars, black magicians, money grabbing people, perverts that pretend to be clear your magic in exchange for sex, I hear a lot of stories from friends and family,  hence I steered clear and never got desperate to clear this magic properly as I have a strong sixth sense I knew deep down that these people were just lying to my face that they cleared all the negativity and everything is going to be fine, I do not like to disrespect spiritual people but I do question thier validity on what they claim and never afraid of what damage they can do if I do not pay them thier demanded sums of regular payments, at the end of the day Good always wins evil, no one is above the almighty, do not be afraid to get the right help for your life with whom you choose not the wrong help, also some people think if they pay thousands and thousands they will get the best help in the world, see in my experience the more money you give to the wrong people they will cause more havoc in your life so you pay them more money for the rest of your lives, they make 1 thing good and 10 things bad so you never get out of thier grip as you will end up paying for thier luxury lifestyles and in some cases exploits you sexually.

Women need to take extra care when looking for a person claiming to break spells. Talal is like my brother and his wife is like my sister, I thank Allah for sending these people into my life when I needed it the most and everything was coming to an end for me, they not only saved my life, but protected me and my children for the same price.

I will never forget this gift from them I can not wait for the 15% to leave, so me and my children can have a peaceful future, money comes and goes but we only have one life, I wish I looked for them years ago I would have not had to suffer for so long.

Removing Black Magic is not a joke this is serious and can have a adverse affect if instructions are not followed correctly, I refused to have any talisman from anyone even Talal, he convinced me his Talismam are made with no black magic and I should trust him once if I do not feel better then I can do what I like, I only have the  Talisman from Talal I never ever trusted to keep anyone else's talismans for this long I burned them or threw them away or they just got lost naturally, like I said no one is God, but Talal is blessed to remove magic permanently and protect you and your loved ones, just go for it do not waste time with wrong people and make your situation worse, I am a Lawyer in the UK and a living proof Talals prays work.

I hope this has helped clarify any doubts you may well have had in your mind in regards to removing your negativity out of your lives once and for all.

When I told my friend she rang a old guy up as she thought this is all too good give true, the guy confirmed it had left 65% at that time, I had no doubt in my mind to Talals work he tried to say my life is in danger I will end up loosing my my kids and homeless if he can not clear it all continuing to say even if Talal clears it My life is over, only he can pray for me instead, I said to my friend I will stick with Talal thankyou and why you put me on the phone with this man he had nothing good to say,I do not need anyone negative in my life as well as tried undermining Talal when he knows and can see he has cleared more that 65% be carful once you are getting the work done ppl are jeaulous and do not want you to be happy."