US Female | A Heal Prayer to Remove Black Magic Resulted in Curse Removal

Angela and her family are a perfect example of how black magic can indirectly affect others in a family. Removing black magic from her mom is what she knew she had to do deep down. This had her searching for curse removal since a young age through many spiritual advisors resulting in no cure from black magic. Finally her heal prayer to remove black magic was answered. God works in mysterious ways and this healing from God was successfully accomplished though Talal. Talal is born with a gift from God that allows him to do what he does.


It was December 2015, and I was at my wits end with this terrible energy that had plagued me most of my life, but amplified since I allowed my mother to move into my home in 2004.  I had long had this inner knowing that my mom had this very negative energy that she brought with her into my home when she came to help care for my youngest child.  When she arrived I was married with some issues, had a beautiful home, cars, and savings.  Shortly after she was living with us, my marriage broke apart; I lost the beautiful home that my ex-husband and I built, and the money I had saved over the years quickly vanished.  Little did I know that her coming into my home and life at this time would prove to be both challenging and eye-opening at the same time.  I had no idea my mom was bringing with her the many “demons” that the black magic placed on her when she was a young adult, and I was a little girl.  This revelation now explained why my childhood was a nightmare during sleep and waking hours. 

Since my mom was now living with me and my young children, it was clear that something had taken over her as she had previously been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders such as depression, bi-polar, paranoia to name a few, and she was also diagnosed with several unresolved and medically unexplained physical disorders.  She was prescribed bags and bags of medication, which she took religiously, but the meds didn’t work.  She continued to function as a “semi-normal” person outside the home for many years, but has been confined to mostly my home that last 5 or so years.  This is where she would turn into a monster almost daily, and constantly had conversations with beings that neither I nor my children could see.  My mother would say and do some of the most hurtful and hateful things towards me.  I couldn’t understand how she could say or do these things when she was living in my home and being supported by me.  She had nowhere to go and no family wanted to take her in including my younger siblings.  The repeated monstrous verbal attacks launched on different family and friends had pretty much isolated to the 12X12 space she was assigned in my home. 

Her constant bad luck and struggle that I remember from childhood was now reappearing in my life.  My mom’s black magic curse was now affecting me and my three children even more!  It seemed as time went by, things would be good for a brief stent, and then they would be extremely bad for a long time.  Over the course of the past 12 years, I have had several psychics and spiritual advisors, some solicited and some not, to tell me that there was “someone” living with me that was causing all of my bad luck.  I had that feeling that my mom brought her negative spirit into my home, but I didn’t want to believe that it was causing all this turmoil in my life.  As things progressed, she lost her job, she has lost all of her jobs, all of her cars broke done or was repossessed, and she never had any money or savings.  To make matters worse, I was fired from my job without warning, and prior to this I was just commended on the great job I was doing.  At this point, I had no way of supporting any of us.  I prayed and prayed, and God help us through that difficult period.  It was during this time, I was told by a spiritual advisor that I should put my mom out of my home, so I could rid myself of the negative spirits, which had now taken over my home and were affecting not only me, but my children now as well. 

Although, I was struggling and suffering with issue after issue, I didn’t have the heart to put my mother out on the street.  I knew she had nowhere to go.  Once she went to live with both my brother and sister, and the negative energy she carried into their homes caused them both to lose everything as well.  I couldn’t dare have them go through this with her again as I knew they couldn’t handle this type of evil.  They were very clear that she was not welcomed back, they didn’t want that bad luck again.

All of 2015 was extremely challenging for all of us.  I felt I had become stuck in quicksand, my kids weren’t thriving, and my home had a constant feel of tension and negativity. I was ready to give up everything I had including my home, because I felt it was the only way I could get my mother away from me without feeling so guilty.   I was so desperate to be rid of this that I had briefly considered putting my mother out on the streets, but God spoke to me through a Christian lady and said be patient, the help we needed would be here soon.

I awoke 4:56a on December 13, 2015 with the anxiety that had begun plaguing me when my mom came to live with me.  For years, I was constantly anxious around here and couldn’t sleep through the night due to frequent night terrors.  I prayed and asked GOD for help as I couldn’t take this situation any longer.  I knew if I didn’t find help that things would remain awful for me, but at this point I was concerned about my children, who seem to have been stuck in place, and were not making any positive progress in their young lives.  It was this morning that I realized that in the last 12 years since my mom arrived in my home that I constantly had no money, mounds of debts caused by making poor decision due to being in a state of mental chaos, no loving relationship since my divorce, anxiety, and depression was looming.  It was clear that whatever she brought within her was now in my home, and was now affecting me as my life was starting to mirror hers, and at that point I knew I had to fight for myself and my family! 

After waking with an intense urgency to find someone to help me, I took out my laptop, and I began to search google for someone who could help with “curse removal”.  I searched for a while before I came across Talal’s website, and I knew it was divine, because I didn’t skip over reading his information like I had done with the many other sites and people I came across.  I had a surge of relief to come over me while I perused Talal’s site and even more relief after I read the testimonials of other individuals he has helped to be freed from the destruction of black magic.  I immediately contacted Talal, and received a prompt response from his wife, Kristen.  After speaking with them both to discuss my situation, and what could be done, I knew that God had sent his angels to help me and my family.  Talal confirmed that it was indeed black magic causing the issues that I was experiencing, but it wasn’t black magic on me or my children, but black magic placed on my mother many years ago that was still powerfully affecting not only her life, but the life of her children/grandchildren, so my siblings, myself, and our children were all being affected by this curse almost our entire lives. This magic was affecting all areas of our lives, specifically in the areas of money, relationships, and spiritual growth.  None of us had relationships.  My sister and brother, both in their mid-30s couldn’t maintain any relationships, always had bad luck, and money problems.  Our lives were the mirror of our mother, whose life was marred by this negativity.  Talal was also able to confirm that this magic was having very negative affect on my children, but especially my middle son, whom changed overnight from a sweet young man to one with anxiety and anger almost daily. 

I immediately requested that Talal begin the process of removinge black magic.  Talal and Kristen worked together as a team of Angels to ensure all of my questions and concerns throughout the process were answered in detail.  Kristen would take every request and concern I had to Talal, and would respond with urgency each time.  Once Talal started the process, in a matter of a few days, I witnessed what I had not seen ever with mom, and that was she was calm, and NOT talking to herself!!  This is monumental, because as long as I or anyone could remember, my mother would have conversations with some invisible being.  These conversations would sometimes be loud, and often times involved arguing with herself or the being.  I was careful not to get too excited, because I had witness her doing well after a “cleansing” session, but only to return to her original behavior, and sometimes worse than before.  It has now been over a month, and I can happily report that my mother behaves like a normal person.  I nor my siblings or her family members would talk to her, because the conversations would be extremely negative, and end in her saying very hurtful things.  Since Talal has completed his work, my mom is positive, and very nice.  I feel as though I am just getting to know my “real” mother after all of these years.  I also notice since Talal completed his work on my mother that mine and my kids’ energy is renewed and our house no longer feel negative and tense.  We all interact like a healthy, happy, normal family.  We no longer talk about wanting my mom (their grandmother) out of our house, so we can be happy again like before she came.  I was indeed happier before she came, but I was always affected by the magic that was wreaking havoc in her life.  I am naturally a fighter, and was determined not to have my life turn out like my mom’s, which helped me to avoid some of the same fate such as homelessness and complete joblessness. 

I am forever grateful for the amazing and divine work Talal has done to help  heal and restore my family.  I am so hopeful and positive about the future of all of our lives.  I am fully confident that all that was “taken” from us over the years will be restored.  The peace and happiness that I feel is beyond words, and I know that was my main prayer over the last few years, and GOD answered me via the gift of Talal, and his wife, Kristen.

I am willing to share my story with anyone who may have any doubts about how Black Magic can rob you of your destiny, mental and physical health, finances, job and relationships, and how with the help and gift that Talal possess, you and your family can be living the destiny and purpose designed for you instead of a life manipulated by the spirit of evil.   I am a first hand witness of the damning effects this type of evil can have on a person’s life, and the longer it is there, the worse it becomes over time.  I am also a witness that there are very few Talal’s and Kristen’s in this world.

A gift used with divine integrity and authenticity is indeed the greatest gift of all, and that is the gift God has blessed Talal and Kristen with, and I am eternally grateful that they together used this heaven designated gift to help my family!

Atlanta, Georgia USA”