Canada Female | A Mom’s Spiritual Prayers on How to Remove Black Magic

It is always nice working with people from all walks of life. The love that this client has for her son and her family is so unconditional and very touching. It was her spiritual prayers for spiritual healing that helped her find the answer of how to remove black magic on her son. Because of this super mom’s determination his spell removal was a success. Now with protection from witchcraft we are happy to say he is walking up back to his regular self and beginning to focus on the important things in his life.


“I truly believe that it was by God’s guiding hand that I found Talal’s website on a day of extreme anguish and little hope that I would ever find someone who could tell me what was wrong with my son.  After two long years of confusion, frustration, daily tears, stress, anxiety, and desperation to help our son, we are so blessed to have found Talal and that he was able to find the root cause of my son’s many unexplained and bizarre mental and physical health problems that have plagued his life for the past two years.

Here is a brief summary of my son’s experience:  After spending a period of time overseas, my son returned to Canada and back to his family a very sick, broken man.  He always looked pale, with red eyes, lack of appetite, apathetic and angry towards people and life in general, kept himself isolated in his room with the blinds closed, playing the same computer game over and over again.  When he finally found a starter job related to his field of study, he would miss a lot of days of work due to his extreme lethargy, headaches, stomach aches, feeling completely drained of energy, and inability to remain focused on a task or set goals for himself.  His life seemed to be spiralling downward and out of control, with extreme inability to manage his life independently and move forward.  For two years we watched my son’s personality continue to change for the worse and his health continue to deteriorate.  In this time period, I constantly searched for help and guidance from doctors, clergy, talk therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, psychics, and astrologers.  Doctors and psychiatrists would recommend and prescribe anti-depressants, clergy would tell me to pray for him and give him a bible, therapists and counsellors told me that there was nothing they could do to help him if he did not want to book talk sessions with them.  Psychics and astrologers were not able to find the real cause of my son’s bizarre symptoms and behaviour- they would simply describe the symptoms they saw in their visions and give me suggestions on how to help him change his behaviour for his future.  I kept praying to God to help me find the right path to help my son to get his health and his life back on track, because my intuition told me that there was more to his bizarre situation and that I needed to keep searching.  I could not bear to see him this way anymore knowing that he used to be a highly intelligent, energetic, very ambitious and motivated young man with a bright future.  God answered my prayers on a day when my thoughts were truly in despair, and when I did a search for spiritual healers on the web, that is when I found Talal.  I briefly navigated through Talal’s website and then I sent an e-mail to request a black magic check on my son.

Kristen responded promptly to my e-mail and I felt welcomed and cared for from her first response to my request and concerns.  It was soon confirmed to me that my son was a victim of black magic.  Talal was able to determine the true cause of all of my son’s recent problems in his life through his picture and some basic information.  I followed all of the advice and the process needed to help my son’s black magic to be broken exactly as Talal recommended.  We are extremely grateful for Talal’s kindness, gentleness, patience, and precision in meticulously preparing the talismans specifically for my son’s situation.  It is with much gratitude in my heart and tears of joy that I am slowly seeing positive changes in my son’s health and behaviour since the black magic was broken and is slowly leaving his body and mind.  I know that it will take time for my son to make sense of his life and put the pieces back together, however at least now he has the opportunity to eventually get his life back to normal with our continued love and support in his healing journey.  Talal informed me that my son was an unwitting victim of a black magic voodoo hex that had caused all of this oppression and chaos in his life for two  years. 

Talal is truly a gifted spiritual healer from God. He is uniquely favoured by God to help people on Earth to be freed from evil and be embraced once again by the light, love, and protection of God.  Kristen was always very prompt, professional, warm, caring, patient, and compassionate in responding to all of my questions and concerns throughout the process.  Talal and Kristen are two very special people with a heart full of love and genuine concern to helping people heal spiritually from all around the world.  If you are searching for an authentic spiritual healer to help you identify the possible cause of your life problems and also help you to find your true path in life, you can be assured that Talal is the spiritual healer you can trust with his many years of experience and with his incredible and powerful God-given gift to spiritually heal others.  “