US Female | A God Prayer for Healing Lead to the Cure for Black Magic.

This client took all the proper steps to be careful during the search for her cure for black magic. We are always happy to see people asking proper cautious questions when they are looking for help because there are so many people out there that take advantage of victims of black magic who are trying to find help. After she tried many types of spiritual healing and psychic healing, her true God prayer for healing lead her to Talal. She is now happy she decided to listen to her inner instincts because it helped her get her life back and save her family.


“Over 8 months ago I found myself at rock bottom emotionally, financially and spiritually. I had spent countless dollars on psychic readings and therapy.  I had been told black magic was hex on me with little to no details. I remember praying, asking God to help me and save my family. I prayed everyday and every night. At the point that I searched the internet for hexing a curse with love and light Talal Zoabi was the second link to appear on my google search. I read the testimonies and his life story and slow my faith in God begin to strength. I sent my picture and Talal looked into my situation. He told me exactly what I had been experiencing in my personal and professional life just by looking at my picture. I could not believe this God had answered my prayers.  With all of this knowledge I decided not to go with Talal services due to my financial situation.

Two months went by and I was in an even lower place emotionally and spiritually. My husband and I had a major fight and I was on the verge of losing my family and friends. I received an email from Kristen simply asking "how are you doing?"  It was as if God and my angles had her email me at that time. I responded a bit of unsure stating that Talal services must be a scam....Kristen replied kindly using an analogy that doctors who perform surgery can not do their work for free. I agreed with Kristen and realized as a patient I was frighten of the news I received from  Talal and recognize the work was necessary or else the Black Magic would get worse.

It took over 18 days to complete the instructions. I had to be true to my beliefs and rely on faith to follow all the instructions.  I know Talal is not a fake because he was thoughtful, kind and sincere. I know God sent his angel Talal to help me.  The Black Magic I had was well made and only Talal's experience and knowledge could break it.

Talal and Kristen; may God continue to bless you both. I am forever grateful for the both of you saving my life and strengthening my faith in God.”