South Africa Mature Female | Life after Years of Black Magic Symptoms that Prevented Growth

Suffering a variety of downfalls from black magic, our client found us after a year of searching on the internet. She desperately sought out a cure for black magic as it quickly took everything away from her that mattered. She went to over 25 different healers which all said and done, she spent a small fortune on. Still, she was unable to get rid of black magic. Talal’s ability to remove black magic from her life was instantaneous. The energy in her home changed and every aspect of her life continues to get better as she undergoes complete spiritual healing with out having the black magic symptoms.

"Words cannot explain enough how grateful I am to have found Talal and for his work of breaking my black magic which I struggled with for many years. Thank you Talal for your blessed work – your honesty and beautiful spirit. Thank you also Kristen for your perception, compassion and sharing nature.

During my struggle with black magic I consulted many clerics, medics and so-called healers. The clerics either thought I was telling lies, exaggerating about the bad things that I was experiencing, refused to pray with or for me or handed me religious medals as a means to have me leave their premises.

I consulted many medical specialists, institutions and consultations, whom could not find anything wrong with me physically, in spite of me resulting in body pimples and a terrible itch from head to toe day after day. This resulted in an entire body rash, with skin sensitivity to touch.

With the so-called healers, I spent more money than with all of the more than 25 medical specialists and other doctors. Some of them disappeared with my money, others claimed that they could assist me but only made my situation worse, whilst at the same time exposing myself and my family to dangerous procedures that could have resulted in serious tragedy. As time went by, my days became dark with bad experiences and my  nights were a time that I feared  most, as I would not know what  bad thing would happen  to me next.

Months and years went by and I still had not found a solution to all this bad luck and bad experiences, and my daily life became a battlefield not only in my mind but it was my reality.  I started to notice how my family was experiencing almost similar bad and strange things.

I had a day- to- day lifestyle which was productive and well structured. This all changed drastically from being  a self employed very busy and successful women, to having lost every asset that I had worked for, owned and inherited  in a time frame of a couple of weeks.

My accomplished and structured lifestyle took a sudden downward spiral, and life for me changed completely for many, many years. A 50+ year- old successful and established business which I had managed most of my life, came to a complete standstill.  The house that I had lived in for 20 years and more had become a wreck. A securely wall-mounted unit, wrenched out of the wall and fell upon me. Every major appliance and electronic device within the house broke beyond repair. A fleet of vehicles that I had successfully managed for many years, became irreparable. I suffered many  losses, and I experienced many strange things like, large amounts of monies disappearing out of a locked safe. Keys disappearing without being displaced and being found in a locked vehicle 15km away from the original place of disappearance.  I battled  to sell a property that was once well sort after.  My home that always had a busy, pleasant and bustling feeling, became a cold, isolated and eerie place.

Day after day I would pray for God to lead me to the answer to my problems, and I believed that this would happen. After searching the internet for a year, for prayers against black magic, I came across Talal’s website where he tells what happened to him as a little boy. 

The day Talal started the breaking of my black magic a calmness and a homely smell came over my house. That night and since, I slept soundly which I hadn’t done in years.  The next day I noticed that the skin tone of my body had changed and was looking lighter and brighter. I feel like a heavy load had been lifted off me. I feel at peace, happy and hopeful. I am thankful that God has answered my prayer. I am so happy that I found Talal’s website and for the work that he does. Black magic is a terrible thing to have in one’s life, but God who is love provides an answer.

Thank you Talal and Kristen for your dedication, patience and truth.  God Bless"