UK Female | Her Story on How to Break a Love Spell

This client’s testimonial is one of the tragic examples of a fraud taking advantage of people in desperate need to break black magic. The black magic that loomed was ruining her marriage so she found a priest for the removal of black magic within her husband. The black magic was not actually on her husband but herself and her situation was misdiagnosed. After being terrified by a message of death in the future if she didn’t pay money to the fraudulent party, she was left without resolve. She found us and we were the answers to her prayers. Talal was able to effectively break the black magic spell that was within her and help complete spiritual healing afterwards. Please see the complete testimonial to learn more about her journey of the removal of black magic. She now holds the key of how to break a love spell.

"Prior to coming across Brother Talal and Kristen I came across a few frauds, whom in the name of God and use of religion claimed to remove black magic. Scaring people into things through the process of breaking magic in order to generate money. I, for past 10 years experienced paranormal activities around me but never thought it could be due to black magic. Here is how it all emerged... I got married to my husband whom was deeply in love with me, a week after our wedding everything changed dramatically and my husband took a 360 degree turn from the man he was. I felt something wasn't right with him, he was destructing our marriage and a feeling suddenly came over me to think it maybe an act of black magic. Now my search began to save my marriage. Having no experience with black magic and been so naive I sought for help from "so called priest" to later discover they were frauds. I was told my husband was under magic and that I had 3 evil spirits living inside me. In order to break and take these evil away they would need to perform prayers. I was instructed to wear a top over night and wear it till they start ceremony. The next day I was told to get out of that top and wear another and then to hold down the top I wore overnight on the surface whilst they chanted. Few minutes on, my top set on fire on it's own! I was terrified as these priest then began to chase smoke using a jar. They told me that 2 evil spirits escaped and they caught their baby in the jar but now my life and my husband life is at risk of death because they will come back for the baby. I was very scared and never heard of these things before but now I was told to save my husband life and mine, I would need to pay £7,000 ($12,000) for them to conduct a ceremony!! Days went by I was scared till I came to my senses that this was a complete fraud and I stopped there. Months on I hear from a friends friend that she had similar issue and was told to perform sexual acts to take the evil away by the same people and she did! There's devils living around us in the form of humans now.
After all this I felt helpless to save my marriage, i found myself crying, begging to God for Mercy. I prayed to all Gods that people believe in, I went to church, temples, mosques for God to send someone to help me and seriously, honestly... Finally my prayers were heard and Almighty sent not 1 but 2 angels in the form of Brother Talal and Sister Kristen :) 

After all my bad encounters I experienced I was initially scared as anyone would be but when I approached Brother Talal I did not disclose anything to him till he told me I was the one who had black magic on me not my husband! Black magic was put to affect every aspect of my life. Everything I was told made sense, the 10 years of nightmares etc. Brother Talal has broken the magic and since then I have not experienced anything like I used to, I feel secure now and fearless. These 2 people have gone beyond there way to help me not only just breaking the magic but months have passed by and they continue to support me and reply to my messages, a fraud never does this. A fraud takes your money and vanishes or scares you further to push you to your limits to take everything away from you but these two noble souled humans are angels sent from God in the form of humans. I could not thank them enough as thank you does not justify my appreciations. As for my marriage, Brother Talal revealed that the black magic was put to make me marry the wrong person, a person that would not be suited to me. Brother Talal continues to support me and guide me to repair my marriage. Brother Talal is very knowledge and caring man, so is Kristen. He is genuinely there for the best of interest of those people affected by magic and through time and communication I realise this even more. They both have comforted me and given me strength to recover my life although it is difficult but if they didn't genuinely care they wouldn't just stop at breaking the magic for me but they Continue to show humanity that we should do for one another. Thank you so much

God Bless you Both"