South America Female | A Journey of Love and Patience through Breaking a Curse

One of our clients from South America witnessed her once doting husband down spiraling in many ways and suspected black magic. She wrote about the miraculous changes that occurred when Talal began sending talismans to help the removal of black magic on her husband. The dedication and patience she had to save her marriage is equal to the powerful distance healing Talal is capable of. Once Talal was able to break the black magic spell, her husband became warm to her again. To further complete spiritual healing, she asked that Talal send more talismans to speed up the process. The talismans were very effective and resulted in her husband coming home. Breaking a curse helped her get her life back in order.

"I was married 2years and a had baby of 6 months when my husband and i started to have many difficulties.

He would fight constantly and get angry for everything i do. We would always argue. After a time He was not interesting in me anymore and only wanted a divorce. 

He just got irritated form any small thing. He suddenly hated all women.

He was also getting pimples all over his body and pain. He was getting tired very quickly en began to forget many things.

After a few months living so and trying to stay together. He told me a day that he doesn't feel anything more for me and he tried to love me, but he can't and is planning to leave me very soon. 

Just after 2 weeks he left our home.


Trough this all i was so depressed and though he had someone else. But didn't know how to be sure. 


I began to pray extra and talked to one of my husbands aunts and she told me that this all in not normal and It could be that someone has done something on us to break our marriage(black magic) 

After asking people in my country to know if there is something wrong with him or me. I knew no one could help me here. Everyone wants money and they don't know anything. Only lies.!!! 

So i started to look online if there is someone good. I was not sure i could find someone, but still looked and so i found Talal's website. I was not sure that he would able to help me, but still send a email to him with my husband information and our problem. 

After a day or 2 Kristen replied. And told that Talal has looked into my situation and there black magic on my husband for about a year. The black magic was created to divorce me and never to marry again in the future. After reading the email over 10 times i realized that i needed to do something quickly. So i started to read all the testimonies on Talal's website to know a little about Talal's work. I then replied on the email to know if there was any black magic on me. But thank God there was nothing on me. 

After that i send the money so that Talal could start the work. And he emailed me 2 talismans to use with a protection against black magic in the future and after 2 months he emailed me another one.

After the 3rd talisman my started to change.  All his pain stopped and he started to be more calmer. All the pimples on his body stopped. 


The love for was there, but because of the effect of the black magic it would take much time to get back everything normal between my husband and I.  So i asked Talal to do another work for me to make the love he has for me grow faster like it was before. 

As soon Talal started the work I began to see result. And after 2-3 weeks Talal emailed me the first talisman and later the 2nd. After using the 2nd talisman and following Talal's instructions i started to see my husband changing towards me.  He was just how i met him many years ago. And after a month having the Talisman my husband told me that he would come back home to give our relationship a try again. I waited couple of weeks more and then he returned to our home. 

My husband is changed entirely he is just like he was before the black magic. There is no hate anymore. He enjoys spending time with his family and me. I'm very great full with the help of Talal. He really helped me with my biggest problem. Everything he told me was true. I never saw Talal, but i still believed him and he really did help me. I'm great-full to God that he has send Talal to help me. Kristen is a very kind person she made me feel like i was her own family. 


Thank you for everything Talal and Kristen.

God bless.!!!



A client from South - America"