Canada Male | A Positive Future through the Breaking of Black Magic and a Spiritual Cleanse

A male client from Canada speaks about his experience with the breaking of black magic as well as a Spiritual Cleanse provided by Talal. After the removal of black magic, he decided to do the spiritual cleansing from negative energy. Talal sent 12 Talismans that rid him of the stress and negativity that had taken his life over. Monthly cleansing of further stress to come along with the removal of emotional obstacles transformed this client’s life. His breaking curses and spiritual cleansing were great tools to help him get his life back on track.

"I had contacted Talal Zoabi to remove Black Magic, which he did successfully, changing my life for the better. But, much stress has happened from the Black Magic. He explained, he could do a Spiritual Cleanse which would "drain" negative energy from my Body and Soul.

Talal had worked for 10 days, and had prepared 12 Talismans (one for each month), which would work to cleanse the negative energy that had accumulated in my body. The Talismans would also work to prevent any on-going stress.

After 3 months, I feel a great release from my past. Some problems I was unable to move-on from, seemed to lessen. Slowly, I began feeling less tension and hurt, and I found myself not as frustrated and in-stress. Having had been under much stress and almost anger, I am able to move-on (without regret) toward my future.

Sometimes I feel like a new person, the "old" positive me - !


It's hard to start anew, but I am greatful that I had such help and guidance from both Talal & Kristen - !"