US Female | A Daughters Love and How She Helped Her Father Find the Removal of Black Magic with a Distant Healer

This daughter’s love coupled with her dedication to find a means on how to break black magic saved her father. After speaking with many alleged healers that were trying to scam her, the daughter finally found Talal. She was surprised at how much a distance healer could know about her dad’s situation without her having to say anything. The removal of black magic was successful and life is beginning to get back on track for both the father and daughter.

"Kristen & Talal helped my dad. My dad lost everything. We lost our home, money cars etc.My dads health got really bad & weird things started to occur & we knew something was going on. I had reached out to plenty of people claiming they could help, but they were all scammers who wanted thousands of dollars to help my dad. I mean I told them my dad lost everything he literally didn't have a dollar in his pocket at times let alone thousands, it was very stressful. Then Allah showed me talals website as I was looking for someone. Talal was literally sent from God in every aspect. He knew exactly what was going on with my dad without me even telling him, he knew details NO one could know, & he knew how bad my dad was struggling, financially, physically, mentally emotionally. My dad is my bestfriend. He is the most genuine kind hearted and generous man out there. So seeing him lose everything broke me, it wasn't fair. Talal helped my dad and broke the black magic that was placed on him. My dad has definitely seen a difference financially and mentally. Our situation hasn't changed completely but it is much much better and I have faith that in time my dad will be completely back on track again. & my dad did pay the amount to the poor since he was able too. I 100% believe that Allah & Talal helped my dad. Kristen, Talals wife wrote back to me same day, she was so nice & helpful even tho I knew I was driving her crazy asking her questions all the time; I just really wanted to do anything for my dad I would cut off a limb for him. Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much helping my dad means to me. "