US Female | Breaking a Curse for Good to Get Rid of Haunting Dreams

This client of Talal’s speaks about the horrors of her nightmares. Her life was falling apart and although she looked for magic protection, at first she only found fraudulent healers. She described it as mental and physical torture. She experienced dreams that had an obsessive presence to them. The dreams became nightmares that caused her to lose sleep. She looked online to find out how to get rid of a curse. This made things worse because the healer started to threaten her so she would pay his fees. Her nightmares worsened and this psychic would not free her despite her kindness towards him. Her family became affected too and her nightmares got worse. This is when she found Talal online and got in contact with him. She was desperate to get the right help to break the spells that were causing her life to fall apart. Her experience with Kristen and Talal were very different from her previous experience. This eased her mind quickly as Kristen patiently listened to all that had happened to her. When there were bad days, Talal would always take the time to pray for her. It’s been a year since she first got in contact with Talal for breaking a curse. Her life is going in a much better way and things are back to normal. Sadly, there are some people that are willing to take advantage of victims who are looking to get rid of a curse. The clients are often scared and willing to pay anything. When a healer turns around and then exploits the trust of their clients, this is when it becomes risky. Talal has helped many people and the testimonials show that he is someone who can be trusted.


“It took me a long time to write this testimonial. Reliving the nightmare is not something I don’t look forward to and to be honest, I am writing this because I owe it to Talal. When I first contacted Talal, I was on the brink of losing my sanity. Everything around me was falling apart without knowing what to make of it. It was both a physically and mental “physic” torture.

I was suffering from reoccurring haunting dreams that had an obsessive presence in nature. After almost 2 years, the dreams turned into nightmares and I was getting desperate as I was losing sleep. A close friend of mine suggested to look online for information and help. In a desperate and naïve need for help, I came across a “fake” healer claiming to have a legitimate practice. He gave me the “sell” that he has done this before and that he was certified and could easily help for a nominal fee. Three weeks after deciding to take his healing services, he started getting agitated when I mentioned that I did not feel a big difference. He started boasting that no other person/s out there could challenge his physic abilities. The initial discussion was for him to heal me and if needed, extend it to my family (his suggestion). When I mentioned that I only wanted to pay for myself and not my family, he started threatening me and used very aggressive negative energies to taunt me.  So, I had to pay. 

I tried ending his service formally and politely when he insisted that I needed his help indefinitely. He got very upset and my “physic” abuse and my nightmares became worse. How can you speak to anyone about something that is not of the ordinary and unfathomable?

When it started affecting my family, I began looking for help again and found Talal’s website. He and Kristen were patient with me. They made every effort to answer each one of my emails and phone calls to give me support. There were days during the treatment when situation got worse and Talal would patiently pray and give me feedback. Its been a year now and Talal’s remedy has given me back my own credibility to healing myself. Thank you, Kristen and Talal.

If you need healing and have no clear direction where to seek help don’t hesitate to consult Kristen and Talal. “