UK Female| Black Magic Symptoms Affect Everyone that is Around Those with a Black Magic Curse .

What is black magic? As demonstrated by this client, it’s something that creeps into your dreams and lets you know it’s there. Black magic symptoms often make people believe they’re going crazy and that it’s their fault. She was experiencing major problems in her love life. The people around her were also suffering. Talal gave her a free black magic check and concluded she was in fact in need of curse removal. He also gave her spiritual cleansing so she could begin to feel better once the black magic removal had occurred. The cleansing spell along with removal of black magic made even physical ailments subside. After she got protection from black magic, she could see that there was a lion roaring around her but it could not break through the protective shield Talal had created for her.



4 years ago I became a victim of black magic. The black magic almost ruined my life and the life of my

loved once. The black magic and its affect on us can be described as a weed takening over and destroying

our lives.

Everything started around July 2014. Around 4 o'clock in the morning I dreamed that black snake is

bitting my right hand and I woke up. My spirit was gone and I became different person who was not

eating, drinking and sleeping. I started seeing and feeling demonic forces every night and everywhere

around me. I was under attack every night and during the day I was tired. The nature of the attacks was

different such as sexual (raped and abused by demonic forces), drinking/drawing in a dirty water; eating

nasty things and overeating; attackes with poisonouse snakes and other creatures bitting me; travelling

and getting lost etc. My family and partner were olso attacked quite often and I noticed that problems

started developing with my partner and my family members. Things were getting worse every time we

were under attack. My father became unwell; I lost money and was about to lose my job and partner; my

partner got may problems at work and my brother almost got crazy and divorced. Problems were coming

one after another all the time and from every corner. My boyfriend was swelling really bad and it nearly

killed him. My cousin got divorced and her brother started hearing voices. He had to spent sometimes in a

mental health hospital. My other cousin interfered with some really bad people, gambling and got into

debt For two years I was looking for a church that can understand my needs. I sought help from different

places but not successfully until a Bible was given to me and I started reading and praying for saviour,

deliverene and protection. I was really blessed as I was given the vision and understanding about what

was going on in my life so I read and learned what is „voodoo“ „sorcery“ „witchcraft“ „demon worship“

etc. Last year was the worse of all years and things were getting really bad. Worse it was getting, more I

was praying so I found good church who was able to understand my problem and after one year of

praying for cure on Christmas Eve I found Tatal and Kristen who were able to help me. Tatal is trully

blessed and God's annoyting is upon him to heal people.

Tatal described the Black magic a s a formula which is opening the door for the demonic forces to come

to people's life. Tatal's work took approximately 3 weeks and then I had to do some work as well to bring

the work to a full completion. When I completed the instructions given to me the black magic started

living me. The process is slow but sure and the price is a price that you would spent on food, clothes

and/or holiday. However, you life is more important. It took few weeks for the black magic to completey

leave me. Almost immediately the problems that develepoed within the 4 years of tourment started

resolving themselves and thigs were getting better every day (i noticed positive move from the minute

Tatal started his work but please note this may have different effect on different people). Tatal provided

protection for me and all my family and partner. My enemy is “roaring around like a lion“ However, the

attacks are unsuccessful and unable to affect us and our life. We are all doing really well at present. My

partner's problems at work are getting resolved and he managed to keep his work; I was stuck to a job that

I really hated but soon after the black magic left me I started a new job; I am sleeping well every night

amd all my family member are felling better and doing better. At present I am working on relationship

retoration with my partner , building up my self-confidence and faith.

During the past few years, while I was experincing the witchcraft, I developed some problems with my

belly but the doctors could not establish what was the problem– my belly getting bloated and painful and I

put on nearly 10 kg. I felt like my body was not working properly and was completely shut. The only

person who managed to help me was Tatal. I am not getting bloated anymore and I feel like every day my

body is feeling better and energized.

In addition, Tatal did a spiritual cleansing for marriege for my brother ans sister in law and they are doing

really well now. I noticed a big difference in their communication and life in general when I last visited


Tatal possess true gift from God to break black magic and heal people. The black magic check is free. If

you are experiencing something that is tourmenting,please, write to Tatal and Kristen and check yourself .

Kristen was very supportive throughout the whole process and always encouraged and empowered me to

stay strong. She was keeping me updated on the progress of the work and was observing my healing.

Tatal and Kristen successfully helped some of my friends who were also victim of black magic but did

not know and did not have understanding of it. Other friends checked themselves but no black magic was

found on them. However, this gave them reassurance and peace of mind.


„Tatal and Kristen“ I am forever grateful for your help as you saved my life.



DK from Bulgaria (leaving in the UK)


Искам да ви разкажа моята история. Преди около 4 години станах жертва на черна магия.

Магията все повече завземаше моят живот и животът на хората които обичам. Действието на

магията мога да го опиша най-добре като плевел която взема живот. Всичко започна една

ранна сутрин. Около 4 сутринта сънувах че черна змия захапва дясната ми ръка. Тази сутрин

събудих друг човек. От този момент нататък аз спрях да ям, да пия и да спя. Всяка нощ бях

атакувана от дявола и неговите демонични сили. Атаките бяха сексуални, преяждане с лоша

храна, давене в мръсна вода, атакувана от змии и други отровни същества които ме хапеха и се

опитваха да ми навредят. Моето семейство, братовчеди и приятел също бяха такива. След всяка

атака нещо лошо. Нещата ставаха по-зле за всички. Майка ми се състари бързо, баща ми се

разболя брат ми започна да губи пари и да се кара с жена си, аз също изгубих много пари,

сънувах брат ми на смъртно легло.... Приятелят ми започна да се подува от нищото когато идваше

при мене и на няколко пъти беше на косъм от катастрофа. Братовчедка ми се разведе и две години

подред преживя катастрофа с кола. Нейният брат започна да чува гласове и лежа в болница за

психично болни. Другият е братовчед ми да бъда с лоши хора, хазарт и потъна в заеми. През

това време аз се борих с дявола и четири години не е имало нощ в която да спя. Търсих помощ от

различни места, от хора които казваха че могат да развалят черна магия. Аз сама учих и

прочетох много за черната магия която още се нарича "voodoo" "sorcery" "witchcraft" "demon

worship" и други. За съжаление повечето от тези хора ни взеха парите но не успяха да ми

помогнат. Изкуството на черна магия е сложно. Още по-сложна е Изкуството да развалиш черна

магия. Беше ми дадена Библия от мой познат. Не ми остана нищо друго освен да чета Библията.

Започнах да търся църква която да ми помогне но продължение на 2 години не намерих такава

църква. След една година молитва да намеря лечение за моята болест наречена "черна магия"

намерих помощ в лицето на "Tatal and Kriten". Неговата помощ дойде 24 декември 2017

"Christmas Eve". "Tatal" ми обясни че черната магия е формула която отваря вратата на

демоничните сили и те не влизат в живота ти през тази врата. Работата на "Tatal" беше около 3

седмици след което аз трябваше да изпълня неговите инструкции за да бъде магията напълно

премахната. Процесът е сложен, бавен но сигурен. Цената за работата е напълно приемлива. В

повечето случаи тези пари и харчи за храна, дрехи и почивка.

Демоничните сили оказваха много голямо съпротивление по време на на работата на "Tatal".

Имаше дни в които се чувствах много изморена и определено демоничните сили станаха по-

активни. Това беше тяхното съпротивление. Когато завърших моята част от инструкциите

"Tatal", демоничните сили започнаха да ме напускат. Почти веднага проблемите в моя живот и в

живота на моите близки започнаха да се оправят. И до ден днешен врагът ни атакува но не може

да ни навреди. Протекцията работи през цялото време и аз започнах да спя много добре. Tatal

даде протекция за мене и за моите близки за да сме защитени в бъдещe.

Tatal е човек с дарба от бога да разваля и изкоренява така наречената болест" черна магия".

Проверката за черна магия е безплатно. Моля ви ако имате някакво съмнение че нещо не е наред,

проверете се при "Tatal and Kristen".

Kristen беше невероятна и през цялото време ме подкрепяше в трудните моменти. Kristen ме"