UK Family | Two Families Affected By Black Magic Love Curse

Sometimes, black magic affects many people. This testimony is an example of how black magic symptoms almost destroyed true love and the families associated with it. The daughter was devastated and didn’t leave the house. This deeply affected the family around her that loved her very much. A mother writes her account of what happened to her daughter’s fiancé under black magic. The mother found a testimony online about Talal and his work as a black magic healer. She contacted him and he was able to remove the black magic love curse from both her daughter and her fiancé. The client is certain that her daughter would never be married if they had not found the cure for black magic

"I had heard of Voodoo and Black magic, It used to  make me laugh.
That was until it happened to me and my family!!  Talal is magical ! I
was lucky enough to speak with him also personally. He knew everything
and told us things that were so true, he is a deeply spiritual who has
devoted his life in braking black magic.
If you are wondering why things are turning sour in your life,
negative things going on for no reason then please email Kristin and
Talal to check you for BLACK MAGIC ITS FREE OF CHARGE!!!  some people
are found not to have black magic which Talal is always very clear
about and will pray for health issues or other negative factors in
ones life.


If it transpires that you have it Talal/Kristen  will email you with
when and why it was done and then make the necessary arrangements to
start breaking it.  the cost is small compared to what I have been
reading other people have been paying to conmen claiming they do the
same as Talal.  Talal is absolute 100% true.   Another thing I must
mention is Talal protected other members of my family for free and has
continued to help my family,  whenever something is not right in my
house I can contact Kristen who will always get back to me.
They are a fantastic couple who will be loved and cherished forever by
This is my story ;

My daughter had met a young man through family after the engagement
carried on seeing each other and were deeply in love., it was every

dream that her daughter be married happily.  a year after the
engagement ,
we were busy preparing for the big day.  we received a phone call from
fiance saying he didn't want to marry my daughter, l could not believe it such
without any argument or reason.

it was such a shock my daughter was numb, all her dreams and hopes
shattered.  I could not believe this young man behavior had changed I
to him  , he was stuttering and making up excuses  very rude to me I
knew it was not him. This was the man who came to my home every
weekend eating home cooked food going out and spending long evenings
with us he was planning and arranging for his wedding day with my
I cried so much I could not eat I was a mess my daughter was so upset
she stopped going out and eating too.
After a few months.....

I prayed and prayed went to church and temples met lots of people who
supported my family and I. I remember looking at a website where a
thing had happened to someone as I could not comprehend such a thing
wanted answers, I started reading about similar situations. I wanted
to know why he had changed like this...

I came across a testimony from someone to Kristen and Talal. after
reading lots of diffrent stories it was clear to see people had real
results from Talal helping them t.o get their lives back on track.

Talal breaks black magic. Black Magic is so popular in this day.
there is even a song in the charts by a group of female singers "
Little Mi"x in the UK.
There is so much jealousy and wickedness in families today it was
found my daughter and her fiance both had black magic done to them to
stop them from marrying each other, my daughter would never of married
if her black magic had not been cleared.

Talal is a God send !!! Please do not hesitate to give  Kristen  his
wife a call, In all the time whist Talal was working for us Kristen
would email me reply to every question without fail. after a while I
asked them to check if  my family had black magic too,  Talal is
continuing to work with my family to rid them also of a curse and
black magic.

My daughter and her fiancées black magic has been broken, he called
her  after a year of break up.

Things are back how they were thanks to Talal."