Tackling Debt after Black Magic and Possession

When you are under a black magic spell, it can take time to pick your life up again once the removal of black magic has been achieved. Whether you had someone put a money curse on you or something unrelated to finances, you may find yourself in debt. It is likely that if you were under black magic and possession, everything in your life suffered. Perhaps the black magic and possession that had its hold on you was based on finances or you were just unable to cope at the time, letting debt grow. It’s not uncommon for a fraud that stated they had a black magic cure to charge an excessive amount of money by using fear tactics. Whatever your scenario was, it’s time to regroup and move forward to positive things in life. Now that you’ve experienced the cure for black magic, it’s time to start tackling the debt that you incurred.

It’s important to create a financial plan for yourself which may include budgeting and consolidating bills. Keeping finances organized will begin to break down the debt that was incurred during your black magic curse. It’s important to make a choice on how you’re going to deal with your outstanding bills but more importantly, stay positive. Even to say “thank you” for every check you have to sign over for a service you used is a powerful message of gratitude. Much of your success will be based on how you feel internally so stay positive.

It is far more powerful to see yourself with money in the bank and no debt than to take on a second job. See yourself receiving money and don’t question where that money will come from, just know that it’s on its way. Your intentions and positivity will see you through this rough patch and the miracles that can happen on a financial level will exceed all you thought was possible. Alternative healing therapies that will help you stay positive and in a place of abundance include visualization and meditation. Visualize yourself with money in your wallet or imagine your bank statement with an amount of money that makes you feel abundant. Keep believing that you will overcome the debt you have. Think more about the money you do have than the money you don’t have. Be unwavering in your beliefs that you will overcome the debt you currently have.

Spiritual affirmations for finances may seem far-fetched but you’d be amazed at what you can achieve when you are whole on the inside. Knowing without any doubt that you deserve prosperity in your life as a child of god opens you up to possibilities. When you get into this feeling place, miracles can happen. Honor your journey of getting through your black magic or curse, let this be proof that you are strong. You are unlimited and when complete spiritual healing takes place, you will have overcome so much in your life. Now that you have protection from black magic, you only need to focus on earthly problems. Think of the positive aspects and be grateful for every additional dollar that comes your way.

 Your success is an inside job so spiritual healing methods can assist you in tackling your debt. You may need spiritual motivation to guide you through the rough times. Emotional spiritual healing may just be the key to all of your success. Remember what you’ve already fought through to better your life and believe it’s possible.