Symptoms of Black Magic When You Have No Curse on You

Black magic can affect you in many ways. You might not even have a curse on you but still you experience black magic symptoms. You may be convinced that you are victim to a black magic spell due to strong feelings that something isn’t right. You may hear strange noises in your home or experience nightmares every night. You may want to sleep all the time or not be able to sleep at all. All of a sudden your life has changed and you want to eliminate the dark feeling that exists around you.  The black magic symptoms you are experiencing are exactly the same as if you had black magic yourself. You are convinced that a curse has been put on you. If this is the case, it’s important you find a black magic healer to confirm. As you begin to work with a black magic healer, you might be surprised at the information that unfolds.

If you do contact a black magic healer in hopes of getting curse removal for yourself, you may be surprised when they tell you you’re not affected. You were looking for insight about the curse that was affecting you. The answer you were seeking for a black magic solution for you turned into an opportunity to help someone else. You were able to feel that something doesn’t feel right in your life and yet the curse doesn’t exist in your name. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t affect you directly. The black magic healer you’re in contact with is likely going to advise that they do a check on your family or people you live with. When you give information to the black magic healer about the people you live with or family members, they can then find who has been directly affected.

If one or both of your parents are currently being affected by a black magic spell, this could be what you’re experiencing in your life. You may feel all or some of the black magic symptoms that your parents or roommates have on them. Although the spell was not written with your name attached to it, you may suffer because of your close connection. Whether due to your living situation with the person who has black magic on them or your family attachments. You are essentially feeling what they feel.

When you find out who is carrying the black magic, you may want to address them with the information you have received. As you offer them the information, you can also let them know you have found a black magic solution for them or break it on their behalf. Some of the things you can do to begin helping yourself and the person/people with a black magic curse include spiritual healing methods. There are spiritual healing techniques that allow you to feel a little more grounded. The black magic healer may recommend doing a spiritual cleanse on you. A spiritual house cleanse could also be effective. Anything that cleanses your soul and the home you share will help you feel better.

While this information may seem bleak, there are some positive aspects to it. You are in a position where you can help someone in your family or someone you live with. It’s in your favor to help people you care about because the curse on them is also heavily affecting you. They are too disoriented from their black magic symptoms to see clearly. They aren’t able to process the evil that is taking over their lives. The person or people you care about could be unable to help themselves. They can decide whether removing curses that are put on them is necessary. You can give them the valuable information that gives them a choice. Ways to help yourself largely include receiving a spiritual cleanse which should offer some protection against black magic symptoms.