Methods to Use Healing Through Meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries as a means to finding enlightenment. Not all of us have the ability to sit under a Bodhi tree like the Buddha in order to find it but we can still benefit. Countless ways in which meditation helps are felt in the body, spirit and the mind. You will be more relaxed, think more clearly and from this, you’ll heal many ailments that come from disease of the body. When we pull the word disease apart, it can be seen as dis-ease. Famous spiritual healers believe that disease comes from a body that is not happy, not at ease. When we repress our emotions, we eventually see negative manifestations in the body. Meditation allows you to touch upon uncomfortable emotions and see where your pain is coming from. This doesn’t allow negativity to live in the body and this is what healing through meditation is about.

Meditation can be subtle in that you can just sit and watch ripples of water on a lake or watch your child play. When we stop worrying and begin focusing inward, that is meditation. Some of the most popular methods of meditation include guided meditation which is easy for those that are just beginning. The meditation master asks you to focus on your breath and takes you on a journey of relaxation and contemplation. If you’re able to just sit in silence on your own while you pay attention to your breath, you can look into your body and feel what exists there. This is how to do spiritual healing for yourself on a daily basis. If there’s sensations that arise, you can feel them openly and allow them to be. When you don’t resist your experience, you allow any negativity to be released. This is where meditation affects you in the most positive ways. A way to bring added positivity into your meditation practice is to conjure up spiritual affirmations. As you sit, think of the beautiful things you believe about yourself and life and your place within it. Chakras healing can be done either guided or on your own. This is where you intentionally breath cool, clean air into each chakra with the intention of cleansing and activating them. The chakras hold energy that affects your health and your spirit so paying attention to them from time to time is necessary. When you nurture the chakras, you deeply heal every aspect of your being.

It’s the simplicity in healing through meditation that makes it difficult for many. The lack of challenge makes it the most challenging thing to do for some as they attempt to simply be. Everything in life tells us to strive for something, to keep moving forward and meditation asks us to stay still and feel our inner longings and truths. If you let meditation into your life, you will experience emotional spiritual healing. What this really means to you is you’ll feel fulfilled and at peace. Your internal voice will stop speaking negatively. Your life will become more open to positive outcomes as you begin healing spiritually.

The more you find out about how to be a spiritual person, the more you’ll feel love and bliss in your heart. When you heart is full of love, there’s no space for fear. Fear can no longer debilitate you and cause you to hurt yourself. Fear is the root of all of our mistakes and makes us shut down. Healing meditation techniques allow you to face the fears as well as show you how to heal yourself spiritually.