How to use Prayer for Spiritual Healing after Black Magic Removal

Whether you’re religious or not, prayer for spiritual healing is something that everyone benefits from. You can become healed when the power within you has faith that there is a higher being. God will help you through difficult times.  Sometimes this is just the glimmer of hope you need to begin again. If you’re not religious, you may tend to only address god when you are completely lost. It is believed that no matter how frequently you ask for healing from god, he is listening. It gives us something to believe in when almost all has been lost. If you are at your lowest point, reaching out for healing by god can bring you faith into your life. This could be a whole new beginning for you and a blessing in disguise.

Saying anything out loud that is negative is healing as you get your deepest fears out of your mind and out “onto the table.” If you feel guilty for things you did when you had black magic symptoms, you can ask god for forgiveness.  When you believe that this is possible, you begin to feel relief as the heavy guilt you felt subsides. After black magic removal, the person you once were surfaces. Things you did under a curse could make you question the person you are. Look into yourself deeply and find the place that allows forgiveness. It may make us emotional as we talk to god either internally or out loud. We realize what it is we feel and the story we are telling ourselves about the way things are.

As you continue to give prayer about healing yourself, remember those that you may have hurt before black magic healing. Give prayer of healing for others as this is going to divert you thinking about your angst. When you are able to feel compassion for those around you and ask for their healing also, you begin to feel connected to the universe. Feeling love for those you know will fill you up in immense ways. Instead of feeling guilty for things you did, take action and send love and healing prayer to those you hurt.

Maybe you require assistance from your religious group on how to pray for spiritual healing. You may not feel like you know how to ask for healing of god.  Again the feeling of community makes us feel less alone. We find greater strength when we have people that care and believe in us. Whatever your method of god healing prayer is, you will find something positive in it.

Ask god for the answers you require in order to move forward in a healthy way. Listen for the signs the universe will give you through his guidance. Forgive yourself for whatever happened before black magic removal. If you were under a spell, you weren’t responsible for the negative things that occurred in your life. Believe that you are good and that the darkest times are over. Breathe the light of positive energy in as you speak with god. Listen to the voice of yourself as you candidly speak to god, this will give you great insight as to what you want. Listen to what he will say back whether through the whisper of words or in signs the universe gives you. Lastly, believe that what you’re asking for from god is possible. Having faith in who you pray to is the divine reason you’ll receive all you need.